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Versace by Versace

This Versace reminds me very much of a much lighter (and nicer) Laila. The fruity opening is not as strong and long lasting and it settles into a lovely powdery floral. Although nothing special, it is quite nice and definitely perfect for office or daily use.
23rd October, 2010

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Both my husband and sons remarked "what is that smell??" Told them it was Paris to which they added "could you take that off before we go out." Enough said. Thumbs down for sure.
23rd October, 2010

Jivago 24K Women by Jivago

I truly love 24K, it is my "romantic" scent. Reminds me of fine wine and candlelight. My husband, ever the mood killer says it smells nice, just like soap. Not the reaction I was hoping for but 24 still does it for me. Wear it when I want to feel sexy and alive.....
23rd October, 2010
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Laila by Geir Ness

Find this one so different from the other reviewers...strong, strong, strong watermelon opening that last forever and is headache inducing. The drydown is nice but on me it takes hours...not worth the wait. Best part of this one is the lingering smell on clothes the next day. Lasts forever which is wonderful if you like Laila. I do not.
23rd October, 2010

Purplelight by Salvador Dali

Purplelight is lilac heaven in a bottle. Beautiful, I just love this one.
20th June, 2009

Nina (new) by Nina Ricci

Bought this based on reviews and so wanted to like it, but I do not. Loved the opening notes but drydown smelled like locker room. Maybe a bad batch.
18th June, 2009

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

My goodness, this is probably the worst smell ever. My husband walked into the room after I had sprayed it and asked what that awful smell was. Can't see how anyone could wear this.
18th June, 2009

Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron

This perfume belongs in 1934, Grandma in a bottle. Musty smelling
18th June, 2009

Angel Schlesser by Angel Schlesser

I do not understand the popularity of this scent, it is awful. An old, musty sort of smell. I only knew one person on whom this scent was tolerable. Do others a favor and skip this one.
22nd February, 2009

Clean Perfume by Clean

What is the point! An expensive way to smell like room freshener, shaving cream, and soap. Buy some Febreze, Barbasol, and Dial and you'll smell better than this.
22nd February, 2009

Tea Rose Eau de Toilette by Perfumer's Workshop

Tea rose is such a pure rose scent that lasts forever. Unfortunately, it so reminds me of a funeral parlor smell and gives me a raging headache, but if you love roses and can find the "right amount" to use, this one is for you.
22nd February, 2009

Paul Smith London for Women by Paul Smith

London is in the same category as Angel....Horrible to my nose. Strong, with a strange cedar scent that never seems to go away. Takes hours to drydown to a tolerable powdery scent. Very reminiscent of hamster litter.
28th January, 2009

L'Eau par Kenzo by Kenzo

Not really thrilled with this one. To me it smells like cucumbers but I receive so many compliments when I do wear it that I think its just me. Worth a try as everyone seems to like it.
28th January, 2009
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Noa by Cacharel

Was looking for something a bit different. Noa isn't that "different" perfume, but it is lovely. Pretty and feminine. Had a 20 something male at work ask me what I was wearing so he could buy it for his girlfriend. Noa works!!!
28th January, 2009

AV by Adrienne Vittadini

Better as air freshener than perfume. Skip this one.
19th January, 2009