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    Héritage by Guerlain

    Rich, refined, velvet like fragrance!

    Heritage must have been a muse for V&R Antidote which is a bit more spicy and harsher.
    Heritage is a very complex fragrance with notes being so well blended together that one can't exclude any particular note in it. Citruses, wood, flowers, musk - it's all there and yet you can't say are they. It's that good. Fragrance for the aristocracy I dare say as it is so formal, dignifying and regal smelling.

    Heritage isn't easily obtainable these days it'd seem, but weirdly enough, liking it as I do, I'm not surprised that it's production might be limited or even discontinued. If I'd own it, I can't imagine for what occasion I'd wear it and how would people perceive this fragrance on me. I just don't see it on me, a part of me, my style etc., however to call it an ingenious classic for formal wear, I'll grant it that much and put it on top 10 of that type of a fragrance any time.

    (worn first time 02.06.2014.)

    03 October, 2014


    Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    It's been quite a while since I've tried it and worn for couple of times. Completely forgot to write a review, shame on me indeed. What a lovely fragrance, hard to obtain for reasons unknown to me, and a double shame for that.

    In spirit of Azzaro Pour Homme and maybe even Cerruti 1881. In spirit and style, yes, but with it's own character. Very refined fragrance, well balanced and more in tune with the time, 21. century. However longevity and projection seem to be a bit of an issue here. In fact, Rive Gauche can make love Azzaro Pour Homme even more. Difference is there, but the style says it all. Creamy, refined and elegant is the shortest description of YSL RG.

    (tried for the first time 30.05.2014.)

    02 October, 2014


    Cool Water Night Dive by Davidoff

    Unoriginal in a unique way.

    I myself am surprised how much I actually like this fragrance. Successfully emulates the depth of a sea, not too cold, not too warm. Invasive in it's syntheticity but only from up close. As the energy of it is dissipated in the air, it shows its simple magnificence creating the aura of bitterness, because of the dominant note of sage. Musk and woody notes balance it nicely, amber is quite potent more or less.

    22 September, 2014


    Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari

    This fragrance is not original whatsoever, albeit it is quite nice and I dare say also quite refined. This is a hybrid of Gucci PH II with a little touch of Spicebomb. It is nice to know that somebody got an idea, since GPH II is discontinued, to blend the spirit of that fragrance into this one, and successfully at that. It is not synthetic, it has a tea note, it is also spicy and smoky at the same time. I'd say it's a pretty good fragrance. Albeit not a masterpiece or even less original, however regardless of that, a very, very fine work.

    18 September, 2014


    L'Homme Idéal by Guerlain

    I approve. I can't believe that noone has actually noticed that L'Homme Ideal is an unoriginal fragrance, but from an instance that it is a copy of Pure Malt and Pure Havane. A good quality copy at that. So, why all the negative reviews I wonder? Almost everyone loves Pure Malt and Pure Havane. If you people would bother to side test them with L'Homme Ideal, you'd get it. I do not approve the fact that they've made a copy, however they've made a good fragrance non the less.

    18 September, 2014


    Nuit d'Issey by Issey Miyake

    I don't know where exactly to start, but I'll try. There is this hybrid thing about Nuit, between Encre Noir vetiver not being dominant, quite inhibited and so Nuit is warmer. Strong echo of woody notes, very dry. There's also an echo here of La Luna Rossa/Prada Man and maybe even an echo of Azzaro Night Time. Nuit also somehow slightly touches the gourmand character and the suddenly runs away from it, thus confusing the wearer and maybe surroundings too.

    Incense is strong, the echoes of the mentioned fragrances remain, but are no longer dominant, albeit enough to be noticed. The most dominant fling in this fragrance is dry wood that is almost like just about to start burning

    This is not a fragrance I would've expected from this house. It was a surprise though, that they even make something named Nuit, then they actually make it the way they make it and there's surprise again.

    No disappointment, no lamentations and yet no thrills either. Nuit is like a strange book that one needs to read over and over trying to figure it out. After a while one does not want to read it anymore as each passage is remembered, only contemplation which tries to lead to understanding remains. For how long and how persistent, depends upon the individual.

    In dubio pro reo, that's why I'll rate it positive.

    29 August, 2014


    Bulgari Man Extreme by Bulgari

    Fresh, green, soapy fragrance. Nothing extreme about it. Bottle is nice but that's about it. Spring, sunny day, for the office type of a fragrance. If it'd be a bit stronger, ironic since it is "extreme" version, I think I might say a bit more and also in a more positive tone. Neutral.

    29 August, 2014


    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

    A crossbreed of JPG Le Male and YSL Body Kouros, however much lighter and more wearable than the former mentioned. Strong note of licorice, that is aniseed note and rum Indeed it smells like some sweet candy that would give its best during milder weather seasons, such as spring or autumn, maybe even winter but not the summer. Two main reasons why I bought Au Masculine is that I wanted to try it + I got it quite cheap. Now that I have it, considering the extent of my collection, I find it to be somewhat redundant, but something makes me smell my forearm every then and so, thus it'll get its chance. I am looking forward to autumn when temperatures and occasions will be in favour of this well blended fragrance.

    08 August, 2014


    Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

    Utterly uninspiring, bland and weak fragrance. A meager copy of Bvlgari PH, but on a lower scale in terms of quality. Nothing more to say, would be a waste of energy.

    06 August, 2014


    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

    Sure I'll rate it positive but I must stress out that I don't get the fuss, however I do sort of like it. There were talks about it reminding of Burberry London - maybe in style yes but most certainly not in character!

    Spice Bomb is a hybrid of several fragrances in my subjective opinion. These would be: Givenchy Pi, Burberry London, Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit, Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time and a tad bit of Gucci Pour Homme II. They successfully blended it all together but not entirely in the sense that they created a true masterpiece, not even a fragrance that stands in itself as something that can easily outshine the mentioned frags.

    Spice Bomb is all about good marketing. Sure it's quite a nice fragrance, I in fact like it, but I also have to be subjectively objective about it - whatever that means.

    This fragrance is not what it's marketing implies it is. In a way it has this glimpse of reminiscent sadness in it. I'll try to explain more or less - today is a not too cold, but not nearly a warm day in Zagreb. It's a bit windy, the sky is gray, however the energy of summer is about. Perfect weather for Spice Bomb and a walk in the city maybe with your girlfriend, holding hands, but are silent, both of you with your own thoughts, together but somehow alone - that is Spice Bomb!

    This has to be the first fragrance that I want, but not the whole bottle. 5-10 ml would be enough for me, considering the size of my collection, just to have it here and there for such days described.

    Positive, not completely by a margin, but it could have been so if I were maybe in a different mood or setting.

    22 July, 2014


    Legendary Harley-Davidson by Harley-Davidson

    A very good cheapo.

    It reminds me a bit of unrefined version of Michael Kors Michael (2001.) which I really like, however not to a point I must own it a.s.a.p. Thus it stays on my wish list for years now, albeit not the least forgotten. Harley Davidson, although bashed here, is not all that bad of a fragrance. The circumstances in which I tried it give a notion that the fragrance I've tried might have turned but intuitively I think it was not the case. Somehow I'd know. It wasn't properly stored, but then again it was not exposed to direct sunlight. Heavy, spicy, thick daytime fragrance that gives notion of the 80's in first, initial wave, and settles down quickly to more contemporary fragrance. I can't be to harsh on it despite all.

    15 July, 2014


    Chrome United by Azzaro

    Reminds me of Chrome Legend, but Legend version was sharper whilst this one is more creamy. From the simplest point of view, this is a nice fresh, spicy fragrance, but all in all I can only say "just another in a row of many". I concur that the original Chrome is unsurpassed when it comes to this type of fragrances.

    15 July, 2014


    A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

    Ingenious. Whisky, indeed and those refined fruity notes which are more potent, in the background there is this distinct, classic A*Men note. Pure Havane and The Taste Of Fragrance follow Pure Malt story and style but are different in character. Pure Leather is something like Pure Malt stripped of its fruitiness and booziness and more like a toned, refined A*Men.

    Aside the flanker that followed Pure Malt, and they're great as well by the way, Pure Malt is unsurpassable in design, style, character, the work on it. To Me Guccy Envy For Men is number 1 fragrance, but Pure Malt might stand by its side anytime.

    I've been reading about Pure Malt for a while now, as well as other flankers, so I bought them all blind without a question. Each in its own right is an exquisite fragrance and I really love every flanker, however Pure Malt owns them all completely. But, now there's this B*Men "story". Incredible as it may sound, B*Men is my No1 flanker. Even though, however mayhaps questionable, B*Men can't compete with Pure Malt, B*Men has this certain mesmerizing effect on me on both conscious and subconscious level in an incredible way. Really if I had to choose between Pure Malt and B*Men, I'd choose B*Men. Sounds almost like blasphemy, but there it is.

    Pure Malt, when it comes to both the entire A*Men line and the whole designer perfume world, is truly a force to be reckoned with in all aspects. Only now that I finally own it and smell it on myself do I understand why is this almost a holy grail on this site, why is it among top worn, often mentioned etc.

    Scent: 10/10 - masterpiece
    Originality 10/10 - unique
    Longevity 8/10 - 12+ hours
    Projection 7/10 - above average

    (edit due to lapsus calami)

    02 July, 2014 (Last Edited: 28 August, 2014)


    Lacoste L!VE by Lacoste

    In the initial spray it is similar to Dsquared Potion but as the heart of the fragrance comes, and later dry down it's all just downhills. In some instance there is this peppery approach to things, I'm sure that rhubarb note combined with woody notes gives off such impression, which makes this fragrance more peppery than Marc Jacobs Bang. That peppery note is quite short-lived and the story continues with this mish-mash that is all the notes and nothing about those notes could be, but what they unfortunately are - a mess. In the end it is just a synthetic mess with a cool bottle. Shame.

    21st June, 2014 (Last Edited: 30th June, 2014)


    Boss Bottled Unlimited by Hugo Boss

    Unoriginal, bland scent with a poor performance. Watery apple cider, fruity smell that hardly projects, if at all. Reminds a bit of Lacoste L.12.12. White, but Lacoste has more game in it, smells more potent and, I'm not saying it's not synthetic, but has more refined approach than this poor try wannabe.

    21st June, 2014


    Baldessarini Nautic Spirit by Baldessarini

    Similar to something I already tried, but can't remember what it was. That says a lot about both. Nautic Spirit they call it. Nothing nautic about and even less spiritual. Bland, characterless scent that offers nothing.

    21st June, 2014


    Gris Clair by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Quite an ingenious lavender scent.

    I have to admit I don't know where to start, what to write except - lavender, lavender, oh refined lavender. Incense is also dominant, with a touch of woody notes, but lavender smell is zealously dominant. It emits to me a field of lavender near the forest, on a high mountain top, bombarded by the sun rays, bees buzzing about and ravaging the rich lavender fields. The smell is quite sharp, which is enjoyable to me, as few fragrances are able to provide sharpness and not only a sweet one, but refined one as well.

    Albeit the fact it is not my cup of tea, this scent, I pretty much enjoy it. It's the occasion and attire that bothers me in this story. One cannot be properly attired every day, not every day there is a special occasion and not every day is a perfect, sunny spring day.
    However if one simply wants to feel special, if someone wants to smell a bright sunny day on the mountain range lavender field, if someones goal is to radiate this way to others, then this is a perfect fragrance for that.

    15 June, 2014


    Serge Noire by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Wow, very refined Coca Cola smell. What can I say? I didn't expect this from this house, albeit the fact this is the first fragrance I'm smelling by them. In a way it takes some guts to wear this one, smelling like boiled coca cola.

    As time passes, coca cola smell subsides a bit, but not completely, and fragrance starts to smell a bit like a burned paper/wood. It is the strong clove note, which is not listed, but clove it is and it is strong, that actually creates this "distinct" coca cola note I'm feeling.

    A fireplace, letters burning in it, also a shattered glass full of cognac...and some clove. That's the best description I can come of at this moment.

    06 June, 2014


    Patchouly by Profumum

    Warm myrrh type of smell indeed, poured all over the nice, refined wood. This is quite an particular fragrance, very rich and heavy but also refined. It is a bit too heavy and too warm to be worn in general except for winter. Definitely not your whole year rounder.

    Impact it might create is a double edged sword. If you should wear it on a date, a girl/woman you're with might either give you "evil eye" or wouldn't leave you alone for a second, being quite mesmerized by you. Definitely not your family meeting fragrance, or for clubbing, even less for a casual drink with friends. No occasion for this one, except for wearing it in privacy, enjoying it for yourself like a selfish hedonist.

    06 June, 2014


    Tumulte pour Homme by Christian Lacroix

    A well refined, fresh, spicy frag. However not my cup of tea whatsoever. Diptyque Oyedo, Timbuktu, Guerlain Boisee and now Tumult - that line or better yet type of fragrances just don't sit well with me. Tumult is a powerful name, however a scent of a sad reminiscence of the past times.Woody notes are prominent, plum note is quite generous and I'm really a plum note fan in general. Tumult is more modern approach to this particular style of fragrances, so to me it is not in the thumb down zone like the former mentioned. I might in fact occasionally see myself wearing this fragrance, but too occasionally to own a full bottle.

    (tried 01.06.2014.)

    02 June, 2014


    Azzaro Aqua Frost by Azzaro


    A good "bla/bleh", though. You've smelled it hundreds of times before under different names and brands. Semi green, fresh, aromatic tad bit aquatic, typical in the sea of the similar oversaturating the market. Regardless, it is easily likeable but not to a degree I give it a thumbs up.

    27 May, 2014


    Armani Eau d'Arômes by Giorgio Armani

    Unoriginal and weak

    Well isn't this sad? Light version of Davidoff Adventure. Put that aside it is also quite weak.
    I wonder who will be so naive to add this bland and characterless fragrance to their collection. Gucci ruined its image with Guilty line, Armani obviously wants to follow.
    Disappointing even to me who is not an Armani fan, God bid how will it disappoint fervent followers of this house.

    (worn 10.05.2014.)

    Pros: none
    Cons: everything - longevity, projection, fragrance, quality etc.

    26 May, 2014


    Happy for Men by Clinique

    Summer is fully complemented by "Happy"

    I can't believe I've never written a review. It's been 2 years since I've tried it but the memory of it is strong, so is the impression.

    Wonderful creation. Reminds me of the sea resorts in Croatia, but not only that, but also of that happiness because the school is over, no longer must I get up early in the morning to go to school, no more studying and of course, for 2/3 of population that period of the year - everyone goes to the sea. This fragrance is linear but it never bores you. It's whiffs constantly tell you "relax, it's summer". A scent that makes you appreciate every bit of a sun ray there is, even the scorching, dangerous ones :))
    A must have.

    Pros: the fragrance
    Cons: sillage and maybe longevity - it is quite fickle in this aspect, sometimes it evaporates quickly, sometimes it lasts longer. (worn 28.06.2012.)

    24 May, 2014


    Ferrari Uomo by Ferrari

    A good and worthy, representable copy of Fahrenheit

    Dior Fahrenheit is the first scent this scent reminded me of. Here it is quite bashed which I find surprising and also quite unfair. Fahrenheit is tad bit more sharp, aggressive and Ferrari Uomo is milder in character, not in potency. There is a creamy notion about it, such as those creamy leather seats in a red car. There is elegance here, manliness, determination, all those character marks that Fahrenheit also contains.
    Bottle and box are cool.

    Pros: smell, bottle, box, longevity, projection, style
    Cons: unoriginal

    21st May, 2014


    Les Nombres d'Or - Oud by Mona di Orio

    Spicy dryness in its glamour

    Heavy and spicy but just the way I like it, dry and warm to a point you'll feel dry even in the strongest rain showers. This is not your regular oud, more spices here and oud simply serves as a complement to the rest. It takes certain guts to wear this one. It is not some "regular man/woman from the streets" fragrance. Either one is aristocracy or quite well eccentric, or maybe even both - and then - and only then does this fragrance come to its fullest potential. It is so strong and potent, yet not invasive but in a way decent, however also naughty at the same time. Rich and complex as it is, if you're a casual wearer, you'll never need a full bottle even if you come to adore it.

    Pros: longevity, sillage, complexity
    Cons: subjectively - none, objectively - zealously potent, extravagant

    12 May, 2014


    Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Just like Diptyque Oyedo and Guerlain PH Boisee, I just don't like that gloomy mood it sets me on. A sad fragrance for a funeral or sad reminiscence of the past times gladly remembered, but long lost. Timbuktu is a refined fragrance and does have it's merits, I'll grant it that much of credit. In first instance I thought I might actually like it, but as dry-down came it just went downhills for me. Not because it smells bad but because it influences me negatively in emotional way. Although I find it conceptually intriguing, something like entering an old attic, drenched by the sun and cooled by cold nights, my mindset doesn't allow me to actually like and enjoy this type of fragrance.

    12 May, 2014


    Sun Men Fresh by Jil Sander

    There's your typical, daily, fresh fragrance. It does live up to its name, "Sun Fresh" as it really is a fresh fragrance.
    This type of a fragrance permeates the market, it is saturated by the type. Versace Man Fraiche, Versace Pour Homme, Chrome Legend, Eternity Aqua, Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction. However, regardless of the saturation of the market by this type of smell, I have to admit that Jil Sander Sum Men Fresh has certain vibe of refineness, sort to speak. Well of course it's not niche, or original. It is a daily, fresh, designer fragrance, but despite that it is able to create a certain spark in its lack of genuinity.

    12 May, 2014


    Altamir by Ted Lapidus

    Not very inspiring or original, but easily lovable. An elegant, refined fragrance that falls in line with Gaultier 2 and maybe even Versace Blue Jeans, the more powdery and tad bit sweeter counterpart. I like it, but somehow in this instance I can't give it thumbs up even if it pretty much deserves it.

    12 May, 2014


    Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy

    Ironically, weaker than the original. Intense version is quite an uninspiring, albeit modern, contemporary woody oriental fragrance. There is some beauty in it, I'll grant it that much, however no originality. The "beauty" mentioned is that none from the heart but the beauty from the unsatisfied ego. This fragrance is for those who lack the depths of inner self, but look lovely on the outside. Shallow is so unlike Givenchy, but times have changed, obviously not for the better. Too bad, Givenchy used to make them real good. In some instance this house was my No.1 house, but with this fragrance I'm afraid they've taken a wrong turn.
    I'm rating it neutral only on account that this fragrance, at moments, manages to make a little spark, almost as if it make me think it could strike the right chord, but fails. I will not rate it "thumbs down", for now, so I better submit the review before I change my mind.

    10th May, 2014


    Kenzo Homme Night by Kenzo

    Unique in a weird, unoriginal fashion

    There is a connection here with CK Obsession For Men Night. Kenzo Night has this weird invasive coconut/almond liqueur fling about it. Reminds me a bit of sun tan lotions with coconut smell in them. Each time I stuck my nose to my wrist, I find myself wanting myself to want it. It is not very original, but it's also not a typical fresh fragrance, au contraire it isn't fresh at all. It is quite heavy in a way and does contain that certain Kenzo vibe, typical for all the fragrances of the house. I have to admit that it did strike a chord in me, brings up some sort of elating, summery emotions

    Pros: very subjectively everything, longevity and projection
    Cons: very subjectively none

    28 April, 2014

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