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    Altamir by Ted Lapidus

    Not very inspiring or original, but easily lovable. An elegant, refined fragrance that falls in line with Gaultier 2 and maybe even Versace Blue Jeans, the more powdery and tad bit sweeter counterpart. I like it, but somehow in this instance I can't give it thumbs up even if it pretty much deserves it.

    12th May, 2014


    Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy

    Ironically, weaker than the original. Intense version is quite an uninspiring, albeit modern, contemporary woody oriental fragrance. There is some beauty in it, I'll grant it that much, however no originality. The "beauty" mentioned is that none from the heart but the beauty from the unsatisfied ego. This fragrance is for those who lack the depths of inner self, but look lovely on the outside. Shallow is so unlike Givenchy, but times have changed, obviously not for the better. Too bad, Givenchy used to make them real good. In some instance this house was my No.1 house, but with this fragrance I'm afraid they've taken a wrong turn.
    I'm rating it neutral only on account that this fragrance, at moments, manages to make a little spark, almost as if it make me think it could strike the right chord, but fails. I will not rate it "thumbs down", for now, so I better submit the review before I change my mind.

    10th May, 2014


    Kenzo Homme Night by Kenzo

    Unique in a weird, unoriginal fashion

    There is a connection here with CK Obsession For Men Night. Kenzo Night has this weird invasive coconut/almond liqueur fling about it. Reminds me a bit of sun tan lotions with coconut smell in them. Each time I stuck my nose to my wrist, I find myself wanting myself to want it. It is not very original, but it's also not a typical fresh fragrance, au contraire it isn't fresh at all. It is quite heavy in a way and does contain that certain Kenzo vibe, typical for all the fragrances of the house. I have to admit that it did strike a chord in me, brings up some sort of elating, summery emotions

    Pros: very subjectively everything, longevity and projection
    Cons: very subjectively none

    28th April, 2014


    L'Homme Sport by Yves Saint Laurent

    Generic and uninteresting

    Another disgrace, after EDP version of course. Why? Why this? But not just this, but yet another flanker. Sport? Ahm, yeah, sure, sport it is. For this house, I find it to be characterless and bland. If it was a creation by, for instance, Bruno Banani or even maybe a CK Free flanker, then I'd say it's an improvement for those houses. This way it is just yet another in the sea of many in the market, as if there's not enough flankers of it already, as if the market is not saturated by other similar fragrances (Burberry Sport, Dior Homme Sport etc.), as if EDP version was not enough of disgrace.

    Pros: projection, longevity
    Cons: everything else about it

    28th April, 2014


    Uomo by Valentino

    A good copy of Dior Homme or D.H. Intense

    Shameless copy, regardless, very good, quality fragrance. I mean it has to be good. Components and the formula are here. But, why copying? Silly. The bottle is quite tacky, though. When a person sees a bottle it expects it to contain a fragrance from Gucci Guilty line or something like Gucci Made To Measure.

    Then come a moment shame on me to praise it, shame on me for not giving it credit.
    I really like Dior Homme and the Intense version. Now, Valentino Uomo comes and creates a commotion. Paradox is in a sense that I'm baffled, not knowing should I bash it for being a copy or praise it for smelling so good.

    In the end, I despise it for being a shameless copy and at the same time I really love the way it smells and develops on my skin.

    Pros: quality, refined, fragrance, longevity, projection
    Cons: originality, packaging

    28th April, 2014


    A*Men: Le Gôut du Parfum / The Taste of Fragrance [hot chili pepper paste] by

    In the spirit of Pure Havane...

    Minus the honey and tobacco, plus coffee and supposed chili pepper paste. Chili Peper Paste is an idea here, the package, the name, the overall feel, not really that you'll specifically feel the smell of pepper paste here, well not me at least, subjectively. It is a subconscious, subliminal message that the marketing sends you, thus lo' and behold, you really "feel" the chili pepper paste smell in it.

    The supposed pepper don't have a strong effect, a bit placid, however overall fragrance is not bad, on the contrary. Underrated flanker, not nearly spoken of unlike Pure Malt and Pure Havane with which Taste Of Fragrance shares the vibe.
    Pure Havane really kicks in here, but coffee note is present unlike in Havane where honey note dominates. Regardless, Pure Havane feel is here. You just can't escape that cherry liqueur vibe that is present.

    I believe that The Taste Of Fragrance isn't much of the hype simply because it followed soon after Pure Havane that just got all attention, quite quickly after Pure Leather ensued both with Pure Shot and somehow Taste Of Fragrance became a victim of a sort.

    This fragrance, albeit not too heavy, seems to give its best in winter despite the obvious fact that due to it's lack of invasive potency could easily play the role of the whole year fragrance.

    I don't think it's unfair that this fragrance isn't the hype, however it is unfair that it got under the radar, seldom mentioned or spoken of. It's a really good fragrance that didn't get to the audience like the previous flankers.

    Thumbs up because I really like the idea of the entire line, otherwise neutral about it by a small margin.

    Originality: 3/10
    Fragrance: 8/10
    Longevity: 8/10
    Projection: 6/10

    09th April, 2014


    James Bond 007 Quantum by James Bond

    Although an echo of previous versions is present, of which I really like Ocean Royale version, this version is also, sort of, a more synthetic copy of Gucci Made to Measure. Too strong, too loud, unfurnished. Juniper berry note is dominant, bergamot just a bit, the rest of the base is lost, don't sniff for it - g o n e. I'd almost dare say that this fragrance is poorly made but with good ingredients. If you're out of cash but do like this type of fragrances, it could be a good return of invest.

    01st April, 2014


    Aramis by Aramis

    Incredible in fact I haven't written a review. I've tried it in 22.06.2013., last year and seem to completely forgot to write something about this classic.

    Retro indeed but in style and fashion of its own, incomparable with others. Citruses and vetiver are strong with the hint of patchouli. I tend to be of an opinion that the citruses play a key role in separating Aramis from the rest of the fragrances of that era, that is, citruses give it a certain different dimension. I could compare it though with Lagerfeld Classic, however Aramis is not that much thick, although it does contain this hint of powderiness. Powdery maybe but also quite sharp unlike Lagerfeld. Higher pitched tones of fragrance notes are present, everything is neatly cut about it, nothing is round or smooth, but sharp and rough, just the way it's supposed to be - manly but also formal and elegant.

    Being sharp, Aramais does contain certain amount of warmth about it. It is the sharpness in fact that actually makes it strong and potent, yet not in a manner to suffocate the wearer and his surroundings. Formal attire is required if you want this fragrance to give your style a full backup and show its own potential, otherwise you're just look and smell weird. (worn/tried 1st time 22.06.2013.)

    Scent 10/10
    Longevity 7/10
    Projection 7/10

    29th March, 2014


    A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

    Cherry, caramel, vanilla and bit of tobacco. Winter fragrance to the bone.
    Most importantly, finally in my possession as the demand is high and supply quite poor.
    Incredible how fast it came from "in stock" to "only 10 left" and in 2 days "out of stock".

    The scent, like B*Men and A*men has this strong "winter drang" so it makes you wish it's at least -5°C outside so that you can wear it in it's full gear. Now B*Men and the original, A*Men are thick and invasive, whilst Pure Havane is mild, airy however not weak. This doesn't mean it lacks potency. As it develops on my skin, more I see a bit of a connection with Givenchy Pi but only when I shove the nose on my wrist. The fragrance glows its own character on the outside and that is its argument against givenchy pi notion or potentially that of other candidates.

    It is difficult to say if I really like Pure Havane for its scent or is it more that it is such a hype, talked about a lot, glorified in a way just like Pure Malt and not that easily available. I tend to think that both reasons partake in my enjoyment of owning it and wearing it, being in that club of people who like and practice this hobby.
    Now I need to get my hands on Pure Malt and my ego will be completely satisfied.

    Pure Havane is an excellent designer work full of life and character that bring enjoyment to the wearer. It is one of those products that inspire emotions and makes a wearer content, happy, and that matters a lot.

    28th March, 2014


    Encre Noire by Lalique

    There is a slight connection with Gucci PH I and Chopard Noble Vetiver, however it's a style matter, not a scent per se. Encre Noire has a character of its own and quite a noble scent this is, warm in its coldness and cold in warmness. Vetiver is dominant in it, refined and rich, also quite cold and distant, like an echo of the spirit of time. Linear like Terre d'Hermes but in its own league. Encre Noire won't be liked by the masses because it's too sophisticated and it takes experience and certain love for this hobby so that one may recognize the potential and the story this fragrance tells, albeit the fact that the person doesn't actually like it. Dark, cold, mystical and yet pleasing, accommodating and warm. An excellent creation indeed.

    18th March, 2014


    Absolute Man by Bruno Banani

    Mild and airy, but quite pleasant. Nice surprise and good on terms of return of investment. Spring fragrance for a sunny, however cold-ish day. In the initial spray it reminded me of Boss in Motion Black, but soon after that initial blast dissipated, Absolute Man started to show its face. Floral notes are very present, but being an airy frag, not strong or potent, it doesn't gain femininity. Woody notes are complementing the floral notes rather than other way around. Overall a subtle fragrance but that was the idea or intention it would seem. I was expecting a load of synthetic citruses but it turned out a bit more interesting, almost refined. Not bad at all, albeit also not memorable.

    I'll give it thumbs up due to previous very low expectations.

    10th March, 2014


    Fahrenheit Parfum by Christian Dior

    Objectively - that's not it. Subjectively - very nice job!

    It didn't completely satisfy my expectations but it is a pleasant surprise non the less.
    There is quite a bit of the original Fahrenheit here but also Fahrenheit Absolute in a much brighter, higher pitched tone fashion. Quite good quality, no problems with longevity or projection, no harshly synthetic but not that you'll smell very natural.
    Regardless of connection with the original and Absolute version, Fahrenheit EDP does give off its own, specific, unique aura that makes it distinguishable.
    Considering the house and its tradition, this could have been a bit better, but also taking the prospect of time and values that we live in - it could have been a mess like Gucci Guilty Line.

    Dior, unlike some, is consistent at least and keeps its old gems, not trading them for trash that has no value whatsoever, at least for now.

    Fahrenheit EDP is not a grand success but far from it that it is failure that should be bashed and shunned. Give it time for it is a fragrance that deserves it.

    24th February, 2014


    Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

    A lighter version of Dior Homme Sport. Not bad, but, I mean really? A lighter, more airy flanker? This is just marketing and for the masses. Btw. Chanel already did it with their sport version and I don't mean the Allure Homme Sport Extreme, but the cologne version of the original Allure Homme Sport. This is nothing but a trend.

    (tried 15.03.2013.)

    23rd February, 2014


    Potion Royal Black by Dsquared2

    Fickle. I'll try to explain. In some moments it is commercialized and frivolous whilst in other moments it seems completely the opposite, distinct, dose of seriousness etc. In any case there was some work over this fragrance, an effort, that can't be denied. There is quality here as well but that attrited/rubbish commercialism is in the pores of the fragrance and unfortunately quite notably so. A bit dark and sweet - indeed we've smelled it before in many similar forms of many brands. However it is not that much characterless, well not as Gucci Guilty line of fragrances is. Potion Royal Black wants to be a good quality fragrance but also trendy. It most certainly succeeds in this, however not completely. So it has character, quality and is also trendy however not the least bit originality in it. It is hard to make anything revolutional these days and sometimes even some niche brands have difficulties in that, so Potion Royal Black does get my attention to a degree however not a deep bow. A very nice try.

    12th February, 2014


    Narciso Rodriguez For Him Eau de Parfum Intense by Narciso Rodriguez

    What a musk bomb indeed. I agree with the unisex notion but that's not a problem at all. It is quite a powerful scent but also mild in character, unobtrusive in its strength. Worn by the strong regardless of gender and by those in search of peculiar style which will express their presence further more. Quality of the fragrance is almost niche and the price is not that of the niche at all, so you also get a significant return of invest with gorgeous fragrance.

    12th February, 2014


    Luna Rossa Extreme by Prada

    Incredible how it varies in the first hour on the skin. Firstly it is Fahrenheit Absolute + Prada Man only to become JPG Le Male + Prada Man in 60:40 ratio and to finally succumb completely to Prada Man with just a tad bit echo of the previous mentioned.

    Quality is here but zero originality. What I also would like to mention that it doesn't project well for this type of fragrance.

    06th February, 2014


    Aqua Amara by Bulgari

    Fresh, full of life. It has strength, quality and character, albeit no originality whatsoever. Indeed there is remote, but clear note of Bvlgari Aqua Marine which I dislike and a tad bit Boss in Motion if you carefully search for it.

    If you really love this house and its line then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed as this is nothing new, nothing special. If you're the one from the masses, and a newb, then this will be more than fine.

    I'm no longer a newb but I really, really appreciate this scent and how it glows on me. It didn't actually captivate me but I have to admit I find it rather pleasant to a point I might consider it more seriously.

    06th February, 2014


    A*Men: Les Parfums de Cuir / Pure Leather by Thierry Mugler

    Well, this is indeed A*Men without the tar note, however the leather I'm not feeling at all. The DNA of the original A*Men is too strong here. With B*Men, for instance, the DNA was there but B*Men had a character of its own, LPdC barely manages to radiate somewhat differently than the original. LPdC is tad bit more refined, that much I'll give it credit. The first day I sprayed it on, I thought I just wasted my money. The 2nd day, I was almost relieved, but I still need some convincing, that is I need to wear it more. Coffee note is more prominent here whilst chocolate is more prominent in the original. What "saves the entire story is that on the outside LPdC emmits in tad bit different way, however not fundamentally different. I still don't get and "get" that leather note in it. I was really expecting something truly formidable like B*Men which I really like, or maybe even love, or Pure Havane (Pure Malt I never tried unfortunately). I see it gets a lot of positive ratings here, however I'm not completely impressed, albeit I have to admit I do like the fact that I have it in my collection. This one is, in fact, made for those who truly love and adore this brand and I have to respect that fact.

    I'll rate this positive for a very, very, very thin margin.

    17th January, 2014


    Armani Eau de Nuit by Giorgio Armani

    I'm not thrilled, however the longer it stood on my skin, the more I started liking it. There is a certain vibe/connection with Dior Homme here, however far from that I'd say they're the same. Albeit the fact that Armani Eau de Nuit is not original at all, it is not completely without character. So, it's not strong or "strong" but it has something that lifts the eyebrow up in "interesting indeed, Watson" fashion. Initially I was sure it'll be weak but it showed in way it is a quite "determined" fragrance. My liking aside, unfortunately it is attrited even in a sense of marketing, but then again it is not bland. In one moment I agree it is unrefined, unfinished even, but then again everything is somehow here. Indeed it is also quite artificial, unnatural, but then again what is natural these days?
    Suma sumarum - quite solid, not for bashing around, however neither is it near for pedestaling. (13.07.2013.)

    05th January, 2014


    Made to Measure by Gucci

    Follows the Guilty line of scents, but a bit richer. Despite being rich it is of an insipid character, thus for a crowd that wears it. Imagine a brat in his early or middle twenties, dresses like he made it all, drives a good car too, but his only background is his dads money. Loud brat lacking in eloquence, books are an abstraction, good attire is a must - he is one of the "what's wrong with this planet"...and so is this fragrance.

    26th December, 2013


    Brit Rhythm for Men by Burberry

    Not something I'm used to from Burberry. Original Brit is, well, original. New Year Edition 2010 is sharper take of the original, minus powdery note and got me compliments + it lasts and projects.

    Brit Rhythm is sweet candy, a tad bit cheap cherry liqueur like fragrance that has nothing to do with the original idea of what Brit was/is. It is characterless, uninventive, bland, tacky and sleazy. Very disappointing indeed.

    23rd December, 2013


    B*Men by Thierry Mugler

    Around 4 years ago I've tried it, on paper only. After quite a lot of them tested, at that time even more than few in a day, B*Men didn't stand out. Today I own it, de facto a blind buy.

    Quite cold and sort of technological. Very urbane and for winter. There is certain holiday fling to it, I have to admit. Very Masculine, young like, a bit cold and corporate, progressive. Liqueur indeed and a bit gourmand, higher notes than A*Men and a hint of something green. In its own peculiar way, albeit cold way, it is invasive as A*Men which is hot and burned. B*Men contains DNA of A*Men, but then again they're not the same at all. B*Men is elating but cold, it also glows, radiates not so strongly as A*Men does, but more than enough to meet the price. Rhubarb is strong and very unique in B*Men, anis is quite complementary, patchouli and musk are present but not loud. Vanilla is lost in the midst of mentioned and the unspecified spices. B*Men is quite refined, but if you spray too much, you might get the synthetic, ugly part of him. One spray will do the job - it'll last, it'll project. Strong character is present just like with A*Men and I also dare say that B*Men is quite unique, original scent. It was discontinued rather suddenly and went to the perfume past without a glam. Too bad as I believe that, had it been released not in 2004. but in 2008. when it was, ironically - supposedly discontinued, it would've been en par with Pure Havane, Pure Malt and other flankers. This way B*Men is forgotten and lost amidst many flankers that were released in the meanwhile, which is in my subjective opinion a big injustice for B*Men.
    B*Men deserves more attention, more mentioning, more recognition.

    12th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 14th December, 2013)


    Legend by Montblanc

    Boring, uninventive, unoriginal. Reminds me a lot of Trussardi Uomo 2011. and Cavalli Just Him 2013, then Gucci Guilty. Before all those mentioned there was Boss Selection that started it all. Sweet and fresh, a bit cold in character. The composition of notes implies that this is a complex scent, which is far from the truth. This is the perfume for people who operate on the "SA pointed it out, it's the newest" level. I don't know on what path this house was before this fragrance as I've never tried any besides this one, but I'm sure that, on whichever path they were, they've strayed from it with this creation. Reason I'm rating it neutral, and not negative, albeit my review implies the obvious negativity, is that this scent does what it's supposed to - appease the simple masses and maybe even garner a compliment or two to a younger, well attired wearer.

    04th December, 2013


    Central Park by Bond No. 9

    I'll rate it neutral as I'm not impressed. Sure it smells a bit like glass cleanser, for cleaning windows actually, to be more precise. Even better yet, reminds me of the smell of car washing foam. In style it's quite close to Silver Mountain by Creed but Creed is much more soft, refined mayhaps, whilst Central Park Bond No.9 is sharper and tad bit more herbal-lets say. In a way It's quite a cold fragrance, sort of aromatic and a bit green. I'd most certainly give it more credits if its price was lower. This fragrance doesn't justify its cost, but I don't think that's its ultimate flaw. Despite all, it manages to create a certain spark of emotion.

    02nd December, 2013 (Last Edited: 18th December, 2013)


    The Game Intense by Davidoff

    Strong, potent, thick and very sweet, too sweet. Darker version of the previous fragrance and the gin note is way intense indeed. Incredible as it may seem but the frag reminds me of chocolate layered honey biscuits, on my skin at least. I dare say this is not something that the market is abundant with. Signature is, well, in a sense unique even though the fragrance itself is not original. With all the shallowness and syntheticity, Davidoff somehow struck a chord in way that this fragrance has my sympathies and I actually, myself also in disbelief, like it...for the time being.

    08th November, 2013


    Invictus by Paco Rabanne

    The fragrance itself is far worse and tasteless than the bottle. Firstly it copies Carolina Herrera Chic for men, but in an synthetic, loud and very unrefined manner. Later on, the residue of the former mentioned remains as it turns into something familiar again, however sour and somewhat putrid. This is a very strong, long lasting and very, very unpleasant fragrance.

    08th November, 2013


    L'Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

    At the first moment I thought I'll be most likely neutral about, but then the drydown kicked in. EDP? Really? As an idea, the scent is not that bad but the realization is utter rubbish that sticks to the skin and barely projects whatsoever. Drydown is tasteless and unrefined, so even if it was any stronger it'd cause headache. Very disappointing and characterless fragrance.

    08th November, 2013


    Rochas Man by Rochas

    Eroticism in the bottle

    I'm lucky. I'm lucky to own it and then I'm lucky that I don't have any issues with longevity or projection with it as it lasts for 8+ hours easily on me. I love it from the first moment, the first spray. It was a blind buy btw. There is a connection with Givenchy Play Intense which is stronger, sharper but somewhat more bitter. Rochas Man is more sensible, sensual and more refined. It's a real shame this fragrance is not widely available, at least not in Croatia. This is a scent of eroticism and seduction and yet again masculinity, maturity, care and responsibility for self and others around - do not be fooled by the shape of the bottle and the colour of the box. This scent was made in 1999. but it's ahead of its time, made for the future just like Le Male was or Armani Code even. A superb creation indeed.

    Originality 10/10

    Fragrance 10/10

    Longevity 08/10

    Projection 07/10

    Pros: Original, gourmand, erotic, masculine, smooth, seductive, refined, longevity
    Cons: a bit synthetic if you really want to look for it, projection"

    18th October, 2013


    Only The Brave Tattoo by Diesel

    A different take on the original

    Better than the original but also different. Mostly I find it to be a gourmand scent with a sub-note of the original and yet different enough not to be considered as merely a flanker. This fragrance is result, or to say - answer to the works of Azzaro Decibel and CK Shock, however before them there was Givenchy Very Irresistible for men which is the most elegant of those listed and most likely a muse. I find Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo a loud, however a well balanced fragrance that is warm but not bright, and yet not as dark as Fahrenheit Absolute is, for instance. I understand it's not a hype, but I don't think it deserves bashing. All in all, I think this fragrance is way more than just ok, albeit more than obviously not an inspiring masterpiece.

    Pros: Gourmand(if you like gourmands), potency
    Cons: not very original"

    30th September, 2013


    La Nuit de L'Homme Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

    denser, more refined than EDT

    It's been a while since I tried it, years in fact, but I remember clearly. So, you want a more refined version of La Nuit, fine - there you have it. But it's also more intimate so if you're a party/clubbing animal or dating a lot - EDP won't cut it. EDT simply projects way more and that's that - I know because when I wear it (EDT), I reek of it and I don't even put too much. So, when to wear EDP you wonder? In the office simply to enjoy the scent without suffocating others with it, at home in privacy or if you have a close quarters/dinner at home date in your place or the place of that other person. In such conditions EDP will be ideal whilst EDT will be too brash, too loud, too "look at me", or even too "hair spray"like (I know, naughty) - in other words for the streets, for the clubs. All in all I think there'll be or already are people who appreciate the EDP version, however it's been a while and I'm noticing very few reviews and I do know that La Nuit EDT is still more or less a hype. With that I also notice that on the forums the EDP is seldom mentioned, if mentioned at all. I will agree that there's nothing spectacular about the EDP version, however I do think it is a very nice, refined, intimate scent that should not be so much under the radar.

    Pros: deeper, more refined
    Cons: less projection"

    18th September, 2013

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