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    B*Men by Thierry Mugler

    Around 4 years ago I've tried it, on paper only. After quite a lot of them tested, at that time even more than few in a day, B*Men didn't stand out. Today I own it, de facto a blind buy.

    Quite cold and sort of technological. Very urbane and for winter. There is certain holiday fling to it, I have to admit. Very Masculine, young like, a bit cold and corporate, progressive. Liqueur indeed and a bit gourmand, higher notes than A*Men and a hint of something green. In its own peculiar way, albeit cold way, it is invasive as A*Men which is hot and burned. B*Men contains DNA of A*Men, but then again they're not the same at all. B*Men is elating but cold, it also glows, radiates not so strongly as A*Men does, but more than enough to meet the price. Rhubarb is strong and very unique in B*Men, anis is quite complementary, patchouli and musk are present but not loud. Vanilla is lost in the midst of mentioned and the unspecified spices. B*Men is quite refined, but if you spray too much, you might get the synthetic, ugly part of him. One spray will do the job - it'll last, it'll project. Strong character is present just like with A*Men and I also dare say that B*Men is quite unique, original scent. It was discontinued rather suddenly and went to the perfume past without a glam. Too bad as I believe that, had it been released not in 2004. but in 2008. when it was, ironically - supposedly discontinued, it would've been en par with Pure Havane, Pure Malt and other flankers. This way B*Men is forgotten and lost amidst many flankers that were released in the meanwhile, which is in my subjective opinion a big injustice for B*Men.
    B*Men deserves more attention, more mentioning, more recognition.

    12th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 14th December, 2013)


    Legend by Montblanc

    Boring, uninventive, unoriginal. Reminds me a lot of Trussardi Uomo 2011. and Cavalli Just Him 2013, then Gucci Guilty. Before all those mentioned there was Boss Selection that started it all. Sweet and fresh, a bit cold in character. The composition of notes implies that this is a complex scent, which is far from the truth. This is the perfume for people who operate on the "SA pointed it out, it's the newest" level. I don't know on what path this house was before this fragrance as I've never tried any besides this one, but I'm sure that, on whichever path they were, they've strayed from it with this creation. Reason I'm rating it neutral, and not negative, albeit my review implies the obvious negativity, is that this scent does what it's supposed to - appease the simple masses and maybe even garner a compliment or two to a younger, well attired wearer.

    04th December, 2013


    Central Park by Bond No. 9

    I'll rate it neutral as I'm not impressed. Sure it smells a bit like glass cleanser, for cleaning windows actually, to be more precise. Even better yet, reminds me of the smell of car washing foam. In style it's quite close to Silver Mountain by Creed but Creed is much more soft, refined mayhaps, whilst Central Park Bond No.9 is sharper and tad bit more herbal-lets say. In a way It's quite a cold fragrance, sort of aromatic and a bit green. I'd most certainly give it more credits if its price was lower. This fragrance doesn't justify its cost, but I don't think that's its ultimate flaw. Despite all, it manages to create a certain spark of emotion.

    02nd December, 2013 (Last Edited: 18th December, 2013)


    The Game Intense by Davidoff

    Strong, potent, thick and very sweet, too sweet. Darker version of the previous fragrance and the gin note is way intense indeed. Incredible as it may seem but the frag reminds me of chocolate layered honey biscuits, on my skin at least. I dare say this is not something that the market is abundant with. Signature is, well, in a sense unique even though the fragrance itself is not original. With all the shallowness and syntheticity, Davidoff somehow struck a chord in way that this fragrance has my sympathies and I actually, myself also in disbelief, like it...for the time being.

    08th November, 2013


    Invictus by Paco Rabanne

    The fragrance itself is far worse and tasteless than the bottle. Firstly it copies Carolina Herrera Chic for men, but in an synthetic, loud and very unrefined manner. Later on, the residue of the former mentioned remains as it turns into something familiar again, however sour and somewhat putrid. This is a very strong, long lasting and very, very unpleasant fragrance.

    08th November, 2013


    L'Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

    At the first moment I thought I'll be most likely neutral about, but then the drydown kicked in. EDP? Really? As an idea, the scent is not that bad but the realization is utter rubbish that sticks to the skin and barely projects whatsoever. Drydown is tasteless and unrefined, so even if it was any stronger it'd cause headache. Very disappointing and characterless fragrance.

    08th November, 2013


    Rochas Man by Rochas

    Eroticism in the bottle

    I'm lucky. I'm lucky to own it and then I'm lucky that I don't have any issues with longevity or projection with it as it lasts for 8+ hours easily on me. I love it from the first moment, the first spray. It was a blind buy btw. There is a connection with Givenchy Play Intense which is stronger, sharper but somewhat more bitter. Rochas Man is more sensible, sensual and more refined. It's a real shame this fragrance is not widely available, at least not in Croatia. This is a scent of eroticism and seduction and yet again masculinity, maturity, care and responsibility for self and others around - do not be fooled by the shape of the bottle and the colour of the box. This scent was made in 1999. but it's ahead of its time, made for the future just like Le Male was or Armani Code even. A superb creation indeed.

    Originality 10/10

    Fragrance 10/10

    Longevity 08/10

    Projection 07/10

    Pros: Original, gourmand, erotic, masculine, smooth, seductive, refined, longevity
    Cons: a bit synthetic if you really want to look for it, projection"

    18th October, 2013


    Only The Brave Tattoo by Diesel

    A different take on the original

    Better than the original but also different. Mostly I find it to be a gourmand scent with a sub-note of the original and yet different enough not to be considered as merely a flanker. This fragrance is result, or to say - answer to the works of Azzaro Decibel and CK Shock, however before them there was Givenchy Very Irresistible for men which is the most elegant of those listed and most likely a muse. I find Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo a loud, however a well balanced fragrance that is warm but not bright, and yet not as dark as Fahrenheit Absolute is, for instance. I understand it's not a hype, but I don't think it deserves bashing. All in all, I think this fragrance is way more than just ok, albeit more than obviously not an inspiring masterpiece.

    Pros: Gourmand(if you like gourmands), potency
    Cons: not very original"

    30th September, 2013


    La Nuit de L'Homme Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

    denser, more refined than EDT

    It's been a while since I tried it, years in fact, but I remember clearly. So, you want a more refined version of La Nuit, fine - there you have it. But it's also more intimate so if you're a party/clubbing animal or dating a lot - EDP won't cut it. EDT simply projects way more and that's that - I know because when I wear it (EDT), I reek of it and I don't even put too much. So, when to wear EDP you wonder? In the office simply to enjoy the scent without suffocating others with it, at home in privacy or if you have a close quarters/dinner at home date in your place or the place of that other person. In such conditions EDP will be ideal whilst EDT will be too brash, too loud, too "look at me", or even too "hair spray"like (I know, naughty) - in other words for the streets, for the clubs. All in all I think there'll be or already are people who appreciate the EDP version, however it's been a while and I'm noticing very few reviews and I do know that La Nuit EDT is still more or less a hype. With that I also notice that on the forums the EDP is seldom mentioned, if mentioned at all. I will agree that there's nothing spectacular about the EDP version, however I do think it is a very nice, refined, intimate scent that should not be so much under the radar.

    Pros: deeper, more refined
    Cons: less projection"

    18th September, 2013


    Baldessarini Secret Mission by Baldessarini

    In spirit of Armani Attitude

    In spirit of Zino Davidoff or more yet, Armani Attitude. Too bad it's just too light with poor projection, however I do feel the whiffs of it from time to time. It is warm and pleasant, intimate scent. Sure I see it'll get bashing and in a way I think it deserves to be bashed because the concept itself is not bad at all, but the realization of it makes it appear characterless and bland on the first, and a very nice try poorly made on the second. If it was just a bit stronger...but then again, "what ifs" are "what ifs", realities and facts are realities and facts.

    Pros: Light gourmand
    Cons: too light"

    14th September, 2013


    Fuel For Life Spirit by Diesel

    Much like Givenchy Pi

    There is a great connection here with Givenchy Pi. A bit lighter but not that much lighter. The list of notes doesn't contain vanilla or benzoin, but the fragrance emits such smell and that alone pushes it into those perfume waters. Amber plays, it would seem, a crucial part in all this as it is felt very well. Incense is rather discrete but there if you concentrate and then you can also feel tad bit of woody notes but just a bit as is sort of inclines to that dryness, however yet it remains sweet and bit liqueur-ish. I myself at first thought I won't like it as it doesn't represent anything new or better, but the more I'm sniffing it on my wrist the more I appreciate it and like it. I wouldn't rush to buy it, yet also I wouldn't exclude it from potential owning one day.

    Pros: If you like sweet - then you're set
    Cons: not for those who don't like too sweet frags"

    07th September, 2013


    Burberry Sport for Men by Burberry

    A good Dior Homme Sport rip off

    I always highly regarded Burberry as a house that has a style of its own, but making rip offs? Really? Some do that, but not Burberry...oops - it happened. So, Burberry Sport is a good rip off with a bit tender projection, is a bit more dry and in my opinion also lacks the quality that DHS has, putting originality aside. If a person finds herself in a position of being unable to afford DHS, but really likes this type of frags, Burberry Sport is not a mistake but a good investment, otherwise just a rip off, albeit not a bad one.

    Pros: Longevity, price
    Cons: originality"

    24th August, 2013


    Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

    a regular in the sea of many similar

    In the spirit of Lacoste Blue, Cerruti Pour Homme, Chopard Pour Homme and Joop! Jump. I might have had better opinion, hypothetically, in case of not trying former mentioned. However, the market is saturated with spicy-woody-aromatic fragrances already to a point that this one doesn't stand out whatsoever. Longevity is ok, drydown is rather spicy but dull. A fragrance altogether is not that bad and characterless but it has absolutely nothing to offer to a person that has already developed some taste based on experience. It is a nice try though, and it's not expensive, thus it might be a good investment for a beginner who needs something casual and for the office.

    Pros: spicy, longevity, not overpowering, decent
    Cons: originality"

    24th August, 2013


    Tempore Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

    Soft masculinity

    Ahead of time I'd say. This fragrance reminds me a bit of Kenzo Power to which Tempore Uomo must have been a muse, and a good one as I find Kenzo Power to be a good fragrance but often shunned for it's strong, floral, femininity. Tempore Uomo is nothing about macho, however it's not that one can't find a "man" in it. It's a modern, unique fragrance, ahead of it's time with a different take, or to be precise - idea of masculinity.

    Tempore Uomo is quite powdery, floral, musky with a touch of incense and woods while vetiver tries to give it a bit of sharpness so it does not completely stray into feminine waters, but that might not be enough for those who are not tolerant and open towards new ideas. Ok, I'll admit, 1999. is not new but Kenzo Power that follows the style of Tempore Uomo is of newer date, 2008. if I'm not mistaken, and is sort of off the radar but even if mentioned or commented, which is seldom, it's being "accused" for it's apparent lack of masculinity and excessive floral note domination.

    Tempore Uomo, like Kenzo Power, never rattled the cages. The reason might be simply of psychological/sociological nature. Not because these fragrances "suck", that is, are not potent, strong, even smell "wrong" but because their designers had a different, contemporary idea of how a modern man should smell or better yet, not to be afraid to smell like that.

    Pros: Fragrance, originality, uniqueness
    Cons: heavy, bit feminine "

    02nd August, 2013


    1740 Marquis de Sade by Histoires de Parfums

    Dense, potent, sweet, refined, dry, warm

    It pretty much stays the same from the beginning to the end, but what a lovely beginning that is, the kind one wishes not to end. Honey like and woody but also sort of like a fine cognac which stayed in a barrel for decade if not more, very dry. Refined and warm, classy but without the elegance, something like a semi drunk count or viscount, maybe baron or baronet, loaded with money, careless, surrounded with curtisans and...well, never mind. Leather notes are present but not to an extent to define the fragrance, but rather just slightly support it. Patchouli is a bit more dominant, however all in all this fragrance is such a creation that one cannot discern the exact notes and that's what makes it great. I dare say that this might represent a niche version of either vintage Givenchy Gentleman, Azzaro PH or Boss No1, that means also a more luxurious type of the former mentioned. Niche as it is, and mind you, niche indeed it is, there is a price to pay and if you ask me, it's worth it.

    Pros: Longevity, sillage, quality
    Cons: cloying "

    29th July, 2013


    Potion Blue Cadet by Dsquared2

    A cheap smelling frag for a hefty price

    Weak and cheap. You've heard it right, but the thing is - it's not the price that's cheap but it's a description of the fragrance itself. You know those drugstore frags such as St. Oliver, New Yorker, those cheap ones that smell nice? That's Potion Blue Cadet, albeit for a "nice" price to pay. Citrusy, barely woody and completely without character. It does last in fact but it's projection is low, actually there hardly is any. If it was any of the prior mentioned, you know, St. Oliver for instance or Bruno Banani, I would have said - FINE, really not bad - for the price, however Dsquared - this frag - that price - NOT FINE!

    Pros: none
    Cons: weak, unoriginal

    29th June, 2013


    Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

    Uptight, smug and stylishly classy

    In the spirit of Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree but more spicy and sharp, a different approach to the former mentioned. Not better, not inferior, just different. Intertwined with old, traditional and new, modern. I can't remember the last time a scent made such an emotional impact on me except for Gucci Envy for men and V&R Antidote. The moment I tried it I knew I had to have it, period! Bought the last bottle, 125 ml and it'll no longer be imported + I heard rumors about it being discontinued. Wreathed with negative and positive emotions that constantly change one after another. While wearing Antidote, at one moment I feel as if old, already lived through my life, would like more but can't, such is the way of things. All of a sudden this negative emotion is replaced with emotion of being full of life, career, good cars, fancy restaurants and beautiful women - life, life awaits, so many great things. That kind of impact this fragrance has on me. I barely walk - I'll run a marathon, this bags are heavy - I'll do 100 kg bench press, I can't even bow - I'll do a hundred push-ups.

    This fragrance is playing with my emotions, mind, creates illusions then strips them down and makes you face reality just to create another illusion right after that. This fragrance is a potion, but ironically it's not the antidote, it's poison! Mesmerising poison and I need my dosage constantly! It's a terrible shame it's discontinued - if the rumor is true, that is. Albeit the fact it's summer and weather started to get hot and sultry, I enjoy wearing it, however projection and longevity suffer quite much. In reality, this is a more temperate, colder weather fragrance which will give it's most in autumn, winter and the early spring.

    Conclusion - if you can find it and it does to you what it did to me - purchase it without a second thought!

    Pros: classy, formal, spicy
    Cons: sillage and longevity during warmer, humid days

    16th June, 2013


    212 Men Summer by Carolina Herrera

    Quite ok

    212 Summer, hm, ok how about Cool Water Deep + a little bit, well ok a lot of Bvlgari Aqua Marine as well?

    Noticed the coloring of the bottle of Cool Water Deep and 212 Summer? It's also the same. Fresh, deep, sharp and quite solid albeit not original at all. How does one make original fragrance of this type? The market is quite saturated anyway. So is this a bad frag? Absolutely not. Where CH failed with the originality they did not fail when it comes to quality.

    Scent 7/10
    Originality 2/10
    Longevity 8/10
    Sillage 7/10

    Suma sumarum - quite ok

    Pros: Longevity, sillage, quality
    Cons: originality

    12th June, 2013


    Bulgari Aqua pour Homme Toniq by Bulgari

    Lovely, just like the original

    Nothing in particular to say about it that wasn't already been said about the original, so I'll keep it short. It's exactly the same as the original Bvlgari Aqua. Fresh, sharp, dignifying, formal and casual at the same time with good longevity and projection. Flaw, as stated already is that there's hardly any difference between this flanker and the original, thus it's also sort of disappointing. All in all it is a satisfying, summer fragrance in Bvlgari style, so you can't go much wrong with it.

    Pros: Quality, scent, longevity, sillage
    Cons: no originality, pure copy

    29th May, 2013


    Bulgari Aqua pour Homme Marine Toniq by Bulgari

    Better than the first Aqua Marine

    No problems with longevity, not that I'm saying there was with the first version. All in all this one is a bit more refined and less synthetic, but despite that unimpressive and not quite memorable fragrance. Flanker of a flanker, what could one expect anyway.

    Pros: Less synthetic, lasts long
    Cons: Not inventive

    29th May, 2013


    Soul by Oriflame

    Good copy of Hugo by Hugo Boss (1995.)

    Not all that bad. Reminds a lot of good old Hugo by Hugo Boss, equally synthetic, however appealing non the less. Longevity is ok and the scent is quite cheap so it's a good bargain. Daily, sporty, summer scent with a touch of character, pardon me, soul. Smelled better, have and had better, but non the less, this one doesn't deserve bashing.

    Pros: Sporty
    Cons: originality, synthetic

    23rd May, 2013


    L.12.12 Noir / Black by Lacoste

    Modern with a twist of retro

    Not bad at all. It has retained the bits of prior versions and yet there is this distinctive smell that reminds me of Denim Black aftershave. There's the catch, very retro scent but also somehow contemporary. Lacoste did a nice job with this one. Could have been better, mayhaps a bit stronger, but really a job well done.

    Pros: stylish, distinctive
    Cons: sillage

    22nd May, 2013


    Euphoria by Calvin Klein

    Way popular, sweet, can be cloying when over-sprayed and women/girls tend to do that quite more than often. Now if it could be sprayed just a tad bit, I'd find it sexy. Floral in essence, sillage is great, can be felt meters and meters around, easily noticeable just like Dior Hypnotic Poison.

    13th May, 2013


    Joop! Homme Wild by Joop!

    Not that bad, really. I don't want to be overly critical but I just can't see the higher game in this one when compared to the original. There is this liqueur-ish note, vanilla with tobacco coming about as the overall winner of notes. When compared to Joop! Homme, this is a spoiled teenage brat that doesn't have what it takes. Despite all that I find this to be a quite good, younger crowd pleasing scent that even myself like. What this scent did to me is that it made me appreciate the original even more.

    12th May, 2013


    James Bond 007 Ocean Royale by James Bond

    Could've been Boss, Gucci, Versace, CK for a solid sum of dollars, but it's not. He is James Bond 007 cheappie and that's the only thing that's cheap - the price. Quite cool fragrance, I have to admit. Not really fresh, but sweet it is, woody and musky albeit the fact no musk note is listed. No watery notes in it, seaweed even less, however citruses mixed with spices with that distant note of coffee is quite a combo. Invested/gained ratio is in favor of gained, really. Very good frag for the price and it'll be resented only by those who suffer from obsession of wearing/not wearing a known brand.

    12th May, 2013


    Boarding by Azzaro

    Such a shame indeed that this is a limited edition and it won't get much reviews, it won't get mentioned. I believe it can be bought only in duty free shops on air ports. Spicy, woody wonder this one is indeed. In style of Cerruti PH, Chopard PH and tad bit Armani Code Ultimate, but much stronger, more spicy and refined. It doesn't remind me per se of anything I've tried from Azzaro product range. I wouldn't say this frag is fresh in a typical way, don't get me wrong, it IS fresh, but not Bvlgari Aqua, Pour Homme/Extreme kind of fresh or Chrome, Chrome Legend etc. kind of fresh. It's the spiciness of it that's mesmerizing and woody notes just complement it and surround it with careful dosage so that the spiciness may not "explode" and burn your nostrils. Longevity and sillage are exquisite, so don't be trigger happy.

    11th May, 2013


    Eros by Versace

    Dreadful, utter rubbish. Synthetic gourmand with no character or style.

    26th April, 2013


    Costume National Homme by Costume National

    A fig like smell mixed with wood and spice, very refined! Also in this "story" there's cinnamon, and a very fine one. Cinnamon is almost my obsession. Elegant and yet casual, spicy and woody, overall refined. The moment I tried this I also became very nervous that this is not in my collection. I have to admit that there is something antique about this scent, not in a sense it smells old or anything like that - that is, not in a sense how some people perceive Kouros, Zino, Egoiste, Antaeus - but antique in some way as if you would enter an ancient Greek drugstore that is actually a part of some temple, where there are also some spices from Asia, better yet, Persia and Arabia and it's all mixing, permeating the air. So this scent, apart being obviously woody and spicy, really has a bit of oriental touch to it.

    I was prepared to buy it but all of a sudden a good hearted person I know and who owns it, insisted I take it. Refusal was futile as resistance is futile with the Borg in Star Trek. What actually surprised me was the price. I was expecting it to be far more expensive, turns out it costs as much as most of the designers scents. One other thing, I did notice that this juice didn't get as much attention as, for instance, Terre d'Hermes. I'm not implying that they're the same at all, au contraire, but I do think that whereas Terre d'Hermes is the king in his domain, Costume National Homme is in his, the only difference being that it's seldom spoken of.

    23rd April, 2013


    Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

    So simple but so good. Sure there were a lot of like it before and after 2006. so it kind of gets lost in the masses, but still even today I find this scent quite amusing and pleasant. Nothing spectacular, nothing original I'll agree with this, but it'll please the crowd and better yet it'll please a/the girl that's near you.

    17th April, 2013


    The Game by Davidoff

    I like it. It's for the masses indeed, but still, I like it. Davidoff finally made something that's got nothing to do with Cool Water. "The Game" is cold in character but also kind of a dark scent so the color of the bottle is complementary with the scent itself. The gin note is strong and berry notes are even stronger, pervasive actually, thus the fragrance itself is quite pervasive on my skin making it project excessively. It didn't rock my world but I really find it appealing and yet I'd really be naive if I found something "deep" and meaningful in it. Despite being unoriginal, I'll rate it thumbs up on account it smells relatively good to me and on me, projects great and lasts's not yet another Cool Water flanker which is nice for a change.

    17th April, 2013

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