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White Patchouli by Tom Ford

I love wearing this and to me I get a strong hit of ginger when i first apply it that dries down to spices, florals, herbs and who knows what else. I love the ginger element that does stay true for a good hour or so , its so hard to find a good ginger fragrance.
14th September, 2012

Omnia by Bulgari

A funny one this, it wears really close to the skin so its a frag that people wont really smell on you unless you go mad and spray half a bottle on. I guess this makes it a very private smell that you can enjoy all to your self!
Smells warm and sweet like white chocolate with a teeny tiny spice to it. Great for winter. But like naughty underwear... the only person who knows what your wearing is yourself.
14th September, 2012

Crème de Pistache by Laura Mercier

OOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!! Delicious, warm, nutty and did i mention delicious?
It smells so tasty it must make you fat just by wearing it.
It is kind of an angel clone but deeper, sweeter and yummier, kind of heavy too different enough for me to enjoy wearing either one for different occasions.
I get tonnes of complimets when I am wearing this , it smells like a pistachio truffle and people just want to eat me, excellent longevity too.
10th September, 2012
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Lysval by Girard

I really, really dont like this to me it is the epitome of an 'old lady' perfume. I have always apprecitated a more modern scent as opposed to a classic so many people might actually like this one, just not me.
03rd February, 2011

L - L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani

Really nice , long lasting sparkling pear scent, to my nose it is reminscent of Beautiful Sheer, a great day wear frag that wont break the bank and a little goes a long way , the 30ml bottle is much easier to handle than the larger bottles and it would brighten up any dressing table.
16th July, 2010

With Love... Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff

Gorgoeus heavy bottle. a lid like a hunk of precious stone it feels so expensive in the hand I'm totally head over heels for the bottle, not so much for the scent which starts out pineappley sweet and is anchored my lovely milky musks but it wont last longer than half an hour on me. I was suprised With Love is this mature not the sort of scent a young Duff fan would go for its much more grwon up than that. I wear it post shower before bed and to the gym its hardly noticable there.
16th July, 2010

I am King by Sean John

Really fresh, sexy scent, in fact walked past a young man wearing it and my clothes instantly fell off ! It might not do it for most people but it certainly does it for me x
15th July, 2010

Treselle by Avon

I wore this on my wedding day, we go married in a tropical garden in St Lucia and stayed for 2 weeks in a 5 star hotel on the island for our honeymoon and I wore it every day ! I chose it to be my wedding perfume so that whenever I sprayed it on I would be transported back to the happiest day of my life.....................2 months later we were seperated (bitterly) and 2 years on we are divorced and cant even bear to live in the same country as one another , yet I still LOVE treselle its gorgeous and sexy and it makes me smile. I think that says a lot for this fragrance, it will never remind me of the day I made a huge mistake, instead it reminds me of an amazing fragrance !
15th July, 2010

Badgley Mischka by Badgley Mischka

I bought this frag after reading Tania Sanchez's review of it in ' perfumes : the guide' she talked about being underwhelmed at first but the more she tried it the more love truly blossomed !
I bought the 50ml EDP 100ml body lotion and 5ml Parfum for a bargain price whils ton holiday in Florida I tore the package open as soon as I left the store ( I still had not tried it by this point ) and at first sniff I thought it was bordering on horrid but bearable. I did what Ms Sanchez did and persevered and I loved it more and more with every passing day. It's clean, full of almost fermenting fruit (trust me it smells great) , long lasting, bold and beautiful !
Just try it , you might not like it but one day you will x
14th July, 2010

Brownie by Demeter Fragrance Library

Really fun, mouthwateringly yummy and just like all other demeter fragrances it lasts about 5 minutes if your lucky. Certainly not a fresh scent as its a bit cloying and does not smell like chocolate i.e a bar of coca rich chocolate it is much sweeter than that.
If you live in the U.K and have ever tried a crunchie bar , this is a crunchie in a bottle, sweet thin chocolate and cinder toffee in a sticky wrapper !
I like it because I can spritz it on when I need my sweet fix for all of the scent and not one of the calories x
14th July, 2010

Escada Moon Sparkle by Escada

I feel like a total idiot for having bought this!
for all the smell is pleasant enough it does not last 5 minutes and when it does fade the aura of cheap synthetic sugary horrors still hovers.
Im really annoyed that I bought it though ! I thought I was wiser than that and im particularly furious to find that it smells so similar to so many others that I own and have owned.
well I guess I have learned from my mistakes, I wont be fooled again ! (grrrrrr).
04th November, 2009

Mimosa by Czech & Speake

To me C&S mimosa quite simply smells of halitosis !
Its just bad breath to me. Like a kiss from an aged floral gum sucking aunt.
16th June, 2009

Paradise by Next

Just gorgeous !!! so fruity,so soft, so sweet and a great price, this frag has been so admired by my work mates they now ALL own a bottle, so I wont be unique wearing this, but it lasts and lasts !, It has a beautiful new born baby dry down too, highly recommended.
01st May, 2009
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Sensuous by Estée Lauder

Very pleasant smell, I agree it is similar in look and smell to sensi. I really like the the pepper note but I cant find any honey in it just yet. I think it must just be me but the frag has no staying power whatsoever on my skin, it just disappears in a flash on me.
12th February, 2009

Mwah... by Chanelle Hayes

A disgrace ! I dont know if I hate it because it smells like fly spray and cat wee or because I can't bare the fact that someone off big brother thinks thinks they can create a perfume and that the british public are stupid enough to buy it .
24th January, 2009

Sheer Stella (2006 version) by Stella McCartney

I sprayed my left arm with this in an airport duty free shop i quite liked at, but my nose was being assaulted with all the perfumes. 6 hours later i arrives at my hotel in Rome and lay on the bed with my arm by my head and MY GOODNESS it smelt just glorious, as well as the rose there was the clean cotton base wafting up at me smelling heavenly. Another few hours later i was strolling up the via appia antica and I could still smell it, perhaps I am loking at this frag through rose tinted glasses due to the fragrance of SS and the stunning views ? who knows , who cares I just loved it and I have yet to buy a bottle, I'm just waiting for Rome again.
23rd January, 2009

Dewberry Perfume Oil by Body Shop

The girls changing room in my middle school reeked of dewberry in all its forms (oil, body spray, perfume, deo and lotion) It is a lovely fruity little number that will be great on a teenage girl and fantastic in an oil burner or spritzed on curtains for non teenagers, that said though I'm sure non teenagers would smell great in the summer by the paddling pool wearing this.
23rd January, 2009

White Musk for Men by Body Shop

Better than white musk for ladies by a mile, fresh and intriguing this is one of my boyfriends favorites and thusly one of mine !
23rd January, 2009

Satsuma by Body Shop

Gosh this is nice ! and really smells juicy and it reminds me of stockings full of satsumas at christmas. I wore a sample of it all day and it was quite nice but I only commited to buying a timy bottle of the home fragrance oil. When I burned the oil at home it was so strong I could taste it ! , good but in wee small doses.
23rd January, 2009

L'Eau d'Issey Summer 2005 by Issey Miyake

Imagine putting a teaspoon of l'eau d'issey into a bath tub , then filling the bath tub with cold water and finally adding 2 slices of cucumber, right , hold that image, imagine the scent.... got it ? Well that is the scent of LEDI summer. And just to rub salt into the wound it doesnt last for more than a minute on skin and maybe two minutes on fabric. I really wanted to love this but i was bitterly disappointed.
23rd January, 2009

Treselle Silver by Avon

I am such a fool, I purchased this because I really like treselle, this one was on offer so I guessed I should have it , it arrived I could not find a single redeeming feature about it , this frag is just wrong , stick with treselle avoid silver at all costs.
23rd January, 2009

Beautiful Sheer by Estée Lauder

I really like this one although I'm not sure I like it on me, I smell pear, rose and tobacco in this, it is fresh and long lasting and will always be a head turner. I just dont think the frag suits me personally, and I found this out after buying a 75ml bottle, such is life !
23rd January, 2009

Insensé Ultramarine by Givenchy

This is a brave fragrance for a brave man, I applaud men who wear this as to me it is 'unmanly' but that is what makes it so special , it is daring and deep and any man who wears this in the same room as me will most certainly turn my head.
23rd January, 2009

Fig Leaf by Demeter Fragrance Library

Perfectly acceptable fragrance from demeter. This is a "pick me up cologne" as are most of demeters collection so dont expect it to last long on the skin. I purchased the cologne, shower gel and body lotion as a gift set and both my boyfriend and I use them and I must say the smell of the shower gel really radiates out if the shower room and floats all about the house , it smells of a dewy leaf and also holidays in the med, I would heartily recommed this but layer the fragrance with the body lotion and shower gel if you want it to really last and turn heads.
23rd January, 2009

Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

I used to adore this in my youth then as I grew up I went off it. I was given a bottle as a gift last year so thought I had better get it 'used up'. I kept it in my desk drawer at work and sprayed it after I had a cigarette so it had its use. The funny thing about this one is people have strong reactions to it, two ladies in my office practically drooled when I sprayed it and insisted of having a quick squirt themselves, they just loved it !! the rest of my office however found it too sweet, too girle and too cloying. Everyone should try it to judge for themselves.
23rd January, 2009

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden

Sunflowers is a lovely fragrance, its inexpensive here in the U.K but shines so much brighter than other inexpensive frags. I find it very distinctive, I cant think of another that is like it. This is the frag that can take you back to summer holidays, school days and great days. Also I love the simplicity of the bottle and box design.I feel it is great for any age too, I wore it throughout high school and my mother wears it today...timeless.
23rd January, 2009

Maybe Baby by Benefit

Seductive, sexy, strong and very grown up, I agree with rtamara41 it makes you want to slip into 'something more comfortable' then shimmy right on out of it !
23rd January, 2009

Forever Elizabeth by Elizabeth Taylor

Got a 50ml bottle of this in a factory seconds shop for £5 so it was well worth the money I thought. I carried it round in my hand bag and squirted it like there was no tomorrow.If you do have to fork out more than the price I paid, then give it a miss, there are so many others like it around. The only thing I liked about it was the sweet banana note which was a nice for the price !
21st January, 2009

Tribe by Coty

ah the smell of my youth ! back in my day you were'nt a grown up until you owned a bottle of tribe. I bought my first bottle when i was 11 and i stayed true to it till i was 15. sadly it was discontinued. would i wear it today ? probably, unless fond memory has made it seem more delicious than it actually was. I can remember it smelled appley but deep and velvety, sweet but grown up and so so yummy and the bottle ah that twisted deep purple glass with turquiose lid ahhhhhhhh. It's love in retrospect.
20th January, 2009

Fuzzy Navel by Demeter Fragrance Library

not fuzzy navel, just PEACH !! if you like peach then you should adore this PEACH (it's still screaming at me ). If you would like to try this and dont live in the U.S (demeter can be hard to come by out side of the states) you can try the body shops fuzzy peach its similar but slightly better and not as sweet.
20th January, 2009