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parfums*PARFUMS Series 1 Leaves: Tea by Comme des Garçons

Perfectly dreadful. There are many other tea based scents out there that are far more true to the wonderful camellia sinensis plant. Here, Rei has let the leaf smoke too long, even absorb tar, then covered up the mistake with rose petals. Good high grade tea is sweet and best left green, or only slightly fermented into oolong perfection. Sometimes nothing other than a good pine root smoked Lapsang Souchong will do, but it should never taste like vinyl or old wood. For Kawakubo's masterwork, dont sit and sip flavored tea - focus your attention on Ouarzazate instead.
30th October, 2005

Odeur 53 by Comme des Garçons

It's odd, fresh, synthy, obscure, cleanish and subtle, but not necessarily indulging. Your brain searches for something tangible, but you get left with dry cleaning, plastic, ozone, vinyl, silicone and other industrial images of colorless sterility, like avant garde square, white, stark architecture. That's part of the originality of this scent, but makes it more art than cologne. In the end, you have to just smell it and decide if you like it, not try to locate notes you know work for you - theyre not there! If you would rather stroll in the forest, smell the rainbow of blossoms, grasses, green shrubs and moss, and come home to a warm home full of earthtones, books, paintings, pillows and wooden furniture, 53 is not for you. But if youre dressed up in the latest stylish trend, and headed for and afternoon at the Modern Art museum, get with it!, and douse yourself in Odeur's 53 synthetic ingredients.
29th October, 2005

Latitude Longitude by Nautica

The crisp, pleasant initial nose unfortunantly quickly wanders out to sea never to return, leaving its land lubbing bretheren to grieve silently on the shore. Overall impression is marine, watery, warm, slightly sweet, subtly herby floral, and unfortunately powdery. The bottle sells on the ostensibly fresh start, so I ended up with one on a whim, breaking the bear before you buy rule. When I couldnt make up my mind about this elusive scent, I dowsed my wrists and shirt collar and headed to work determined to thumb it up or down. An hour later, I had to wash my wrists, when warmth and moisture allowed the base to take root and roar up like an angry grandmother. Do not attempt to assure the enticing beginning with an extra spritz on your skin! What remains on clothes succeeds in hiding away to the dry middle, leaving just enough nutmeg-patchouli to make your head ache, and doing watermint-amberwood double takes looking for the old woman who left that powder aroma in your office. Save your $. Thumbs down.
31st October, 2004
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