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Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

I bought a part bottle of this blind and it's just arrived. The bottle is a thing of beauty and very heavy. I put one little spray on my forearm this evening and my first thought was 'wow that's powerful' and I wasn't too sure that buying it hadn't been a mistake. Half an hour later and the first punch in the nose it gave me has gone and it is wonderful, I can't stop sniffing my arm. Three hours later and it's a gentler, slightly spiced wood that's not dry but rich with a little touch of vanilla. Definitely a keeper.
30th April, 2009
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United Kingdom

Mimosa by Czech & Speake

Czech and Speake 'Mimosa' definitely does not work with my body chemistry. Fine, if quite sharp, when first applied it quickly ends up with a note 'like a cat sleeping on yesterdays laundry' to quote my husband. I enjoy a couple of their other fragrances but this one is not for me.
19th April, 2009
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United Kingdom

Aroma Allégoria Apaisant by Guerlain

I found this as a sealed bottle on ebay and bought it because I vividly remembered staying in a little French Hotel in a square surrounded by Linden trees and the scent on the evening breeze wafting in through the open windows was wonderful. (It took ages to get the sticky stuff off the car we'd parked underneath though :-) )
I opened the bottle and sprayed it on cautiously...just as well!
The initial blast of, I think, freesia took my breath away. I fought against washing it off until that died down and persevered through the first linden wave which was too sweet for my taste (Look how much you've taught me about perfume already). Now it has settled down and it's wonderful, sitting in the background and giving a little waft of sweetness when I move and a pleasing skin scent when I get my nose close enough.
So far I've had that initial small spray for about 5 hours and it's still with me so it looks as if it will last fairly well. I'll be interested to see how it works in warmer weather. Not as interesting as my favourite Guerlains but definitely worth an occasional outing.
01st February, 2009
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