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Niki de Saint Phalle by Niki de Saint Phalle

I also bought this before testing, this was a mistake. I am not fond of this parfum. It is musty & powdery. As I was interested in doing a little experiment, I sprayed it onto a tissue, and the next day I smelled the same tissue.. the scent was nearly as strong as before! Wow. I will give it that, the staying power of this fragrance is amazing! But all those reading this review should know that I am an amateur in the world of fragrance, I am simply making an attempt to convey what I experience in this perfume!
08th February, 2009

Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani

This is a very sweet, (almost candy sweet) citrus scent. After a few minutes, it does calm down a bit, and is much nicer when the woody scents come out. I only wish the woodsy smell was a bit stronger (personal taste). It is not unique, and not a favorite of mine!
08th February, 2009

Paris Jardins Romantiques by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a nice, pleasant scent with some over-powering powdery smells. After a few minutes, there is a unique smell that captures my nose. Saying this, I still would not wear this daily. After it dries, it smells a bit better.
08th February, 2009
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Canali Men by Canali

Simply a very sexy, intriguing scent (for my husband).
I am new to understanding the complexities of fragrance, but I do love this cologne!
08th February, 2009

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

This is also my husbands cologne. For whatever reason (chemistry, maybe?) I really am attracted to this scent. It is very fresh, woody & clean-spice smell. This is inly my second review, so my apologies if this is not so helpful.. I'm learning!!
08th February, 2009

Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

As a parfum to wear, I would not pick this. It is not offensive, or overly powdery, but there is something about it that does not go well with me. The almond is very easily noticeable along with another strong scent (mimosa, maybe?). I agree with rubyred, "classic & refined can also be boring and unadventurous".
08th February, 2009

Les Météorites by Guerlain

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Les Meteorites. I think it was designed for a woman in her 40's or 50's. There is something synthetic I smell in it, and a bit too much powder. Even so, it still is quite unique and interesting. It might be the lily of the valley I like, and the musty smell I do not. Nice, but too old for me!
08th February, 2009

Magnetism by Escada

Very sexy! I really love this scent. It is sweet, but not in the way other perfumes have been.. (candy-sweet). For me, the spice & woodsy scents come through, and it really is incredible. This is something to wear just to have fun, being confident in yourself & your secret powers (of seductiveness, in this case)!
08th February, 2009