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Mystra by Aesop

Really wanted to like this, as I enjoy most resins and of course, green notes. First impression was that was A+ number one stonking bong water. Incredibly well-done, with perfect materials, but bong water nevertheless. Don't think I'll be wearing this one to the office! The drydown was much more mellow and incense-like, but it's kind of hard to get over that top note, at least for me.

The materials are of such quality, though, that I think I'll give this some time and give it another try at a later date. Sometimes a second look is more revealing.
19th May, 2009
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United States

Opal by Sonoma Scent Studio

This is an immediate comfort scent - soft, warm, fragile and extremely soothing. Beautiful combination of ingredients, as Jemimagold listed in her review. Sometimes you don't need a shouting symphony to please the senses! Nothing fancy, but very well put together for the price. A lifetime keeper!
18th May, 2009