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Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Nice citrus opening. An hour later, I smell something resembling own body odor, as if I had been hitting tennis balls for an hour. Not long enough to get stinky, the smell of sweat as it is happening. It's the herbs, I assume. It's not unpleasant, per se, just a bit unsettling, and not something I would want to wear very often.
17th July, 2009

17/17 Homme by Xerjoff

A breathtakingly beautiful citrus opening, transitioning through spiciness into the highest quality leather, made richer and deeper than anything I have experienced. Wonderful development. Rich, dark leather that lasts a long time, great sillage, truly beautiful. Absolutely holy grail territory.
13th July, 2009

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Bitter, jarring opening, melds into an unappealing, artificial rose scent. The least enjoyable Diptyque I have yet to experience.
13th July, 2009
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Patchouli Homme by Réminiscence

Light, fresh, woody, patchouli. Decent longevity, so-so sillage. Lime top notes are fleeting, patchouli, geranium and cedar come out in the middle, then labdanum/musk with tonka bean as basenotes. Nothing terribly unique or mindblowing, but an enjoyable fragrance none the less.
10th July, 2009

Safran Troublant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I was scared off of anything called "gourmand" by A*Men. The cloying sweetness put me off. Safran Troublant makes me realize that this was a mistake. The opening is what I call "hot" and delicious, an Indian lunch buffet, saffron, rose water, and a blend of the spices from the many dishes. The hottness fades, and vanilla appears, as if all the vindaloo has been taken, and what remains of the buffet is but the pudding. Not a lot of projection, not long lasting, which is a shame as it is gorgeous. I find it very masculine, while I would love to meet the exotic beauty that comes to mind when I imagine a woman wearing it. This is the finest saffron scent I have experienced to date.....
06th May, 2009

Happy for Men by Clinique

The shortest duration of any fragrance that I have ever tried. I've never even had a cologne or aftershave that disappeared this fast, Eau d'Hermes lasts 4 times as long as this does. Absolutely unacceptable IMO.
27th April, 2009

Citrus Paradisi by Czech & Speake

Not an especially pleasant grapefruit opening. When it thankfully fades, there just isn't a whole lot left. Very weak bottom. Weak sillage, no longevity. Not bad, but my least favorite choice from Czech & Speake. I agree with Caltha, huge (not great) top, no heart, tiny base. Not representative of the quality of the house's other fragrances, in my opinion.
31st March, 2009

Mimosa by Czech & Speake

I agree with urgetopurge, this should be considered unisex, I think it is at least as masculine as their No. 88. I'm not a fragrance expert, but I can say what memories are evoked by this fragrance. Mimosa is a summer day of my childhood, sucking honeysuckle blossoms. Maybe my memory is faulty, but this is as close to a honeysuckle for me as I have experience in a fragrance. Medium sillage, floral without being flowery. I usually gravitate to the woods or greens or orientals, this is none of those. Great change of pace for me, but this most likely won't be something I reach for regularly.
17th March, 2009

Frankincense & Myrrh by Czech & Speake

Great product, poor name. Beautiful citrus to woods, with just a hint of the namesakes. Could it be that more would not have been better? Not that it really matters; appropriately named or not it remains a 10.
16th March, 2009

Cuba by Czech & Speake

This is a beautiful male scent. Don't be put off by the unisex label, this is not sweet, or fresh, or powdery. This, to me, is close to the definition of a male scent. The middle notes are addicting, spicy tobacco wonderfulness. It went to mostly bottom notes within about three hours, leaving a wonderful incense/vetiver accord that is not as imposing or durable as their No. 88, but still enjoyable for the wearer. This is great for the office, as I get to enjoy the best this has to offer at home and on the drive to work, and by the time I have to be in contact with others, it has mellowed into something not nearly as aggressive, but with enough of the aggression left to not blend in. Cuba may not be recognizable, but it won't be mistaken for anything else, either. A touch more sillage, a couple hours more of the middle notes, and this is perfection. This one has immediately moved into my top 10.
13th March, 2009

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

Beautiful. I don't think I will ever wear it again, but it is gorgeous. Rose incense sticks is what I get. I always liked rose incense, but I like Nag Champa better. Kinda the same here, I appreciate a good rose scent, but I wouldn't choose to wear it regularly. The women I work with thought that it reminded them of their grandmothers, Tabu one said. It has decent sillage, and great longevity, and is beautiful, but I guess that I'm not ready to wear a rose scent out in public yet. If I was spending the day alone, I wouldn't dislike having to smell it on myself all day at all, I actually enjoy it a lot, I just like to smell a tad bit less girly than all the women I work with, and this one isn't it.
12th March, 2009

Bois de Cédrat by Creed

Wonderful citrus top, doesn't evolve much at all, then it's gone.. Like all Creeds, it stays close to the skin and lasts less than 4 hours, I think I'm over being impressed by this house's cache. They make some decent products, but only decent, nothing spectacular, and the only Creed of the 9 that I own that has even somewhat acceptable lasting power is GIT. Nice, but I surely won't buy this one again.
02nd March, 2009

Chèvrefeuille Original by Creed

This is my cutoff line between feminine and masculine. It's a close call, and if this had even average sillage, I would say it was too feminine for me. It is also close to my limit for sweetness, but only in the opening notes. The sweetness recedes, and the honeysuckle becomes dominant. Not much development here. It's longevity is poor, even for a Creed. It's quite lovely, it's different, more like a good ballad than a great symphony, however. It's a nice break from the millisime Creeds, but I don't think I will be replacing my current bottle when empty. There are more interesting things out there, and I don't think this one justifies Creeds' premium pricing.
27th February, 2009
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Roadster by Cartier

Wonderful minty oriental. The mention of mint nearly made me pass this one by, I'm glad I didn't. The mint note is more like an untouched mint plant than what is normally associated with a mint scent today, such as a breath mint or mint candy. If you've been around a field of mint, you'll recognize it. It's much less of a "stinging" mint, more mellow and natural. The sillage isn't great, it's a subtle, enjoyable fragrance, great for office wear. Not in my top tier yet, but I see the potential for this one to grow on me with time. Absolutely worth having.
26th February, 2009

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I grew up at the base of Mt. St. Helen's, massive fir forests for miles. This takes me back home. A day with a chainsaw, cleaning up the broken branches from last nights wind and rain storm. An orange in the lunch box, some gas spilled on your boots, and smears of fir pitch on your sleeve. I love love love it. Not like anything else I've ever tried. I have a feeling some may not like this at all, I would say try prior to buying, but I'm sold.
26th February, 2009

Cuiron by Helmut Lang

The "fresh" notes in the top of this one ruin it for me. There is something in common with Burberry Weekend that is just flat unpleasant. I have tried several times, over several years, to get over this, but every time I break this bottle out, it goes back after 1 or two uses. This may be my most unsatisfactory fragrance purchase of my life, and that is saying a lot.
26th February, 2009

Himalaya by Creed

I like this one more every time I use it. Spicy ambergris, heavenly. The word I associate with this scent is "affluence". Sinfully rich and wonderful. Has the same sillage and longevity issues as I have will all Creeds that I have tried so far, other than that, this is approaching perfection.
26th February, 2009

Premium for Men by Phat Farm

Too sharp, too young. (Weren't these two part of the Wu-Tang?)
Ok for my son, I find it wanting.
26th February, 2009

Weekend for Men by Burberry

There is something that this has in common with Cuiron by Helmut Lang. A very sharp note, is it grapefruit? I don't know what it is, but I don't like it. Between pushing the spray and it hitting my skin, I want it off of me. If it was just a top note, I could wait it out, but this one hangs on for 10+ hours. Not pleasant at all. Another bottle for my son's collection.
26th February, 2009

Pi by Givenchy

Sweet. Sweet sweet. Not a good sweet. Like the sweet smell of something rotting. As if somebody used rotting vanilla beans as a fuse to ignite a 5 pound bag of sugar, then used Caro syrup to put the flames out. My poor son gets another reject bottle, he's going to hate me some day.
26th February, 2009

Gucci pour Homme (original) by Gucci

I bought my bottle in Paris during my sophmore year of high school. It was with me for my proms, homecomings, graduation, and a bit of my university years. It was fantastic. If I had to choose only one scent to limit myself to for the rest of my years, this would be in the top two, at least. I have a feeling now that the scent would bring tears to my eyes, though. All those wasted years.......
26th February, 2009

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

My signature fragrance for the last year or so. Stays close to the skin, fairly good longevity, typically Creed. The drydown is familiar, i.e. SMW, Himalaya, MI, but that is a good thing in this case. It was my first Creed, and it's not the powerhouse that I expected. I expected something along the lines of Polo, announcing its presence, being instantly identifiable, and lasting a long time. I don't know why I expected this, but that is not what this is about. It is a subtle, pleasant, rich scent that you will be wearing mostly for your own enjoyment, as opposed to a scent that announces that you have good taste to anyone other than someone very close to you. There are certainly times when this is called for, and this scent is perfect for these times.
My impression from the BN boards was that this was going to be some pretentious scent that was used as a way to announce that you have more disposable income than the average schmuck. I found my impression to be mistaken, this is not pretentious or loud in any way. I don't think it is as complex as Himalaya or Silver Mountain Water, so when I finish my current bottle it will be my last for a while, but you can't go wrong with this one.
26th February, 2009

Erolfa by Creed

Ozonics are not my favorite, first of all. The sillage and longevity are unacceptable with this one, even in comparison to other Creeds. It may be ok, but if it's gone in an hour, so what? If it's gone in an hour at Creed's prices, it becomes something to be avoided. I'll keep the bottle, it's not something that I don't want to wear, but it doesn't get much use because it's just so.........vapid?
26th February, 2009

Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

The proverbial girl through the bottom of the glass of scotch......Beautiful, for about 15 minutes, then never to be found again.
If this lasted even 3 hours, I would use it frequently. I finished my bottle of it very quickly, but will never buy it again. Too bad.
26th February, 2009

Allure Homme by Chanel

Wonderful. A great one to fall back on when I've been trying a lot of new fragrances and want a sure thing. Good sillage, good longevity, masculine yet appreciated by both sexes. A safe, enjoyable experience, worth the price.
26th February, 2009

Acier Aluminium by Creed

This may be my favorite Creed. It is such a thing of it's time, I can't help but think of my father circa 1975 when I use this. Better longevity for me than most Creed's, slightly better sillage. Not a powerhouse by any means, but I have yet to find a Creed that I would describe that way. Fruity, spicy, incense. It's close between this, SMW and Himalaya as my favorite from this house. Because of the memories this one evokes, I currently favor this when I feel the need for a Creed.
26th February, 2009

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

This one is enjoyable, until it's not. For me, that transition took place after about 5 minutes. It's not due to any development in the notes, either, as this seems to be the definition of linear to me. Because of it's commendable longevity, that meant another 11+ hours of.....not quite disgust (i.e. Givenchy Pi), not quite nausea, just annoyance. I wouldn't say that this is overly sweet, although it borders upon that, but I get that same "get this over with" feeling that I do with an overly sweet product. I view it as a novelty. Not like a rubic's cube, that can still be brought out 10 years later and be entertaining for 10 minutes. More like a pet rock. Seen it, done it, over it. I'll give this one to my son. (I do like the kid, don't get me wrong, maybe his girlfriend will like it, who knows?)
26th February, 2009