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Reviews by perfumista

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Odyssey by Avon

It has only been a few minutes, but from the get go I liked this fragrance. The spouse used an entire powder canister to scent the sheets, so, obviously it was a favorite. I found the powder to be extremely musky, but not so the cologne. It is very clean and softly floral.
I have heard this likened to both Chanel 19 and Noa and Noa Fleur.
It is reminiscent of the Chanel in EDP and it is a crisp and slightly musky floral.
Truly enjoyable, particularly for the price and ease of availability.
05th March, 2011

Rare Pearls by Avon

I have an absolute love/hate thing going with this scent. In hot humid weather the magnolia blooms and draws me, it overpowers everything on my desk and pulls me in.
In cooler weather this utterly turns me off.

This perfume is quite the man magnet.
03rd August, 2010

Songes by Annick Goutal

I adore this beautiful scent, but each time I try it, it wears so differently. I love the drydown of this creamy goodness. It also packs a punch as I get deep yet ladylike indoles that wrap themselves around this scent. The frangipani didn't come out on me until about an hour and a half later. I didn't find a person whom didn't like this, but it certainly wears deeper and richer than Gardenia Passion on me. The richness of the jasmine reminds me of Joy but with a kick.

One to definitely try on your skin, more than once as this is something you may have to learn to appreciate, but once you do, WHAM, it's incredible.
01st April, 2010
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Rosamor by Oscar de la Renta

I was expecting a rose with some spice, but even in the warmth of spring, it reminded me of a heavy oriental, but with weak staying power. I guess i was just expecting a moderate strength rose, but this was off putting to me.
01st April, 2010

Banana Republic Classic by Banana Republic

Upon first spray, I was smitten, but the drydown was harsh and synthetic. A wee bit too masculine for my tastes.
01st April, 2010

Maja by Myrurgia

I was really surprised. I tried this in 70o heat of spring and wasn't expecting much. It wasn't overbearing, like I thought it would be. It was spicy and subtle believe it or not. I think this could be pulled off during any season. thumbs up.
01st April, 2010

Gardénia Passion by Annick Goutal

I definitely smelled Gardenia over the tuberose on my skin. It was not as strident as the other gardenia fragrance ( E.Taylor ) I tried, but nonetheless, this was a wisp on my skin. I sprayed a large amount from a distance of about 4 inches and as warm and rich as this was, I'm not sure I care for that prominent of a note on my skin. It was and still is buttery on paper, but soliflore, albeit beautiful soliflore on my skin. Ah chemistry. One hour tops in the depths of a warm spring on me, creamy and lilting on the paper strip. Sigh. I so wanted to love you.
01st April, 2010

Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor

I cannot agree with the Samsara base, however it does dry down to a soft floral musk. The beginning is quite strong and the middle is very sweet. It was not quite what I was expecting, having tried Sand & Sable and Michael Kors, both of which I preferred. I could definitely smell the gardenia, though I had a more difficult time identifying the peony and lily of the valley, both of which I adore.

It is a very respectable floral with a nice drydown.

I simply found it too jarring for my tastes.

My best male friend found it to be soft and pretty. He said it smelled of lilacs and having heard the reference, I could see that. There is a lilac hedge near the grammar school in my neighborhood and the sweetness reminds me of fresh lilacs on the breeze in the spring before they have degraded in the heat of summer.

That would be a perfect description of the aura of this fragrance.

FRAGRANCE NOTES - gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley, orchid, rose, white peony, carnation, and musk

notes listed from

11th March, 2010

Michael Kors / Michael by Michael Kors

A soft, creamy, well constructed fragrance that I would love to add to my collection. I disagree about this degrading into "old lady gardenia territory". It is lush, but on me, it wore very close to the skin.

A sexy, voluptuous floral that invites closeness. I could see wearing this through all of the seasons, as it was not cloying, but comforting.
09th March, 2010 (last edited: 12th March, 2010)

Bora Bora for Men by Liz Claiborne

I accidentally tried the men's cologne and was enchanted by the top notes, however, when they say this is a fougere, they aren't kidding. It actually reminded me of a citrus/ aquatic type of scent until the middle and drydown.

If you like sillage and lasting power, this is the cologne for you.
08th March, 2010

Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden

It's light, ozonic, marine. It reminds me of Lanvin's Oxygene, but with a milder drydown.
05th March, 2010

Vintage Soul by Curve by Liz Claiborne

The patchouli makes it's presence known from the beginning, but becomes more subtle with time. This comes across to me as juicy, spicy with a just a tinge of fruited sweetness.
05th March, 2010

Fantasy by Britney Spears

I have to chuckle, I really liked this. I found it to be a very peppery sweet and fun fragrance.
I would recommend a very light hand when applying, but overall it brought a smile to my face.
05th March, 2010
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Par Amour Toujours by Clarins

I got citrus and light floral. Very subtle, very classy. I found it very fresh, but not particularly long lasting. A wonderful skin scent to wear during the spring and summer.
05th March, 2010

Joy by Jean Patou

Oh so pretty. I didn't notice an enormous burst of aldehydes along with the flowers upon first spray, just how lovely and delicate this fragrance was. The edt opens bright and fresh descending fairly quickly into soap and green notes. At some point it becomes almost a jasmine soliflore on my skin. The drydown is most subtle. It is a very interesting and wonderful scent. Upon each wearing, I discover differing facets.
29th January, 2010

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta

I have the vintage version of this and would probably sniff the new bottles before I repurchased to make sure that it was at least along the same lines. This is a very nice deep floriental which never fails to make me feel warm and sexy. I recently tried Oscar Red Satin at TJ Maxx and it is the same fragrance with spicy orange florals and aldehydes. I also tried the Summer 2008 version which I found to have very bitter citrus and light flowers on a non existent base.

The original Oscar's notes via :

Top: basil, coriander, orange blossom
Middle: jasmine, rose, tuberose, clove and myrrh
Base: sandalwood, patchouli
23rd January, 2010

Rose Leger by Hervé Léger

rosy, very light fruit, very pink, light musk.
20th January, 2010

Oxygène by Lanvin

Clean, beachy, nice, light sandalwood drydown.
20th January, 2010

Elle by Yves Saint Laurent

I got a wisp of a patchouli dry-down after a citrus-y floral start. I had expected a deeper perfume after glancing at the notes here and sniffing the bottle. It was nice and I liked it. The lightness of the perfume reminded me of Coco Mad. It is definitely aimed at the younger generation.
16th January, 2010

Je Reviens by Worth

I have heard that the couture version is closer the original that what has been on the market in the past few years. I have tried this fragrance twice in the same formulation hoping that it might might grow on me. I can see where this perfume would be fabulous, had the base notes just been rounded out and stronger. What is out there at the discounters is very watered down.
16th January, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is a warm, rich and inviting fragrance which reminds me of Organza. The difference being that on my skin this perfume cast a more bitter, rougher and rawer edge. I tried the formulation in the pink canister with the scrolled bodice. This may have been the EDP as it was very dense even though I sprayed cautiously.
16th January, 2010

Arpège by Lanvin

Had wanted to try this forever and snagged a little black bottle for a decent price. At first it smelled exactly like a a creamy No 5, but I waited for the drydown before purchasing and boy, I'm glad I did. Even though it doesn't seem to radiate or last terribly long on my dry skin, it does dry down into something lovely and deep. I t is akin to a cannabis accord that is a skin scent. While, both of Fresh's Rose and Santal are lovely, this little gem is something that I could pull off at work without thinking. Dry and rich and green/herbal and SEXY that doesn't scream but whispers come closer.
12th January, 2010

Organza by Givenchy

Sensuality in a bottle, drenched with flowers and drizzled with sweetness, period.
12th January, 2010

Innocent Illusion by Thierry Mugler

In my opinion the cream exceeds the EDT in smoothness. Light, fruity, girly, pink, creamy, warm and the praline itself would make it worth the purchase.
08th January, 2010 (last edited: 12th March, 2010)

Rumeur (new) by Lanvin

Incredibly, loud, brash, overwhelming opening that dries down into a retro feel. It is lovely in the drydown, but, I'm not sure I would want to wait that out.
08th January, 2010

L by Lolita Lempicka

This was a very oily composition which started out with a blast of overwhelming citrus. In time this calmed down into a warm spicy, invitingly comfortable skin scent. It was musky and very interesting, a scent that draws you in. It was not overwhelmingly gourmand as I had expected. It was very dense, but also contained a lighter airy quality. Captivating, one you have to think about and which grows on you.
08th January, 2010

Badgley Mischka by Badgley Mischka

I got the feeling that this would be incredibly sweet and cloying, being a fruity chypre, so I tried the lotion. This took a while to dry down and turned into a very light , pleasant greenish, sweet and spicy scent in this formulation. So if the perfume is too much for you, try the lotion.
08th January, 2010

Volupté by Oscar de la Renta

A friendly green, peppery scent . One you could definitely wear to the office and feel comfortable going out on the town with.
08th January, 2010

Norell by Norell

Oh so sexy, green and golden. Spicy, but not over the top. A green chypre that just makes you want to smile.
08th January, 2010

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

Incredibly subtle, inoffensive floral.
08th January, 2010