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Unforgivable by Sean John

The sweet sherbet/soda smell to this has me hooked. Longevity is indeed pretty low, but the scent itself is addictive from top to base. Yes, a copy of Creed MI, but a fraction of the price and certainly a good alternative. My personal favourite scent. Would've been perfect if it lasted longer, so will kep this for nights out where a few hours is all that's needed.
21st December, 2009

Hai Karate by Healthpoint Ltd

Okay, well in defence of this scent (seeing it has virtually ALL negative reviews), it was cheap back in the day apparently (I was too young to remember first hand though) and upon smelling it today, it is/was not too dissimilar to Brut but perhaps not quite a strong. Brut is a timeless classic no matter if you may or may not like it, and I find that this, being similar, is a pretty ok (nothing special) scent for the price.

Okay, to pick up a bottle now will cost you a small fortune on eBay and then maybe you could say it's not value for money, but judging it on it's early price and quality of scent, I'm giving it a thumbs up (albeit a borderline middle of the road thumb.)
18th July, 2009

Brut Oceans by Fabergé

A very acceptable 'aquatic' variation on the old skool classic. Excellent longevity and sillage (for me) and definitely a scent for those long summer days... at an affordable price too!
13th June, 2009
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Axe Hot Fever / Lynx Fever by Axe / Lynx

Lynx lost their way at the turn of the century in my opinion and released year after year of below average scents that smelled EXACTLY the way they are regarded by the fragrance experts... cheap scents. Voodoo in 1999 was the last really good scent.

But in the last couple of years, Lynx have really started getting their act together. The Dark Temptation one was nice, and Instinct has that unique smell to it that Lynx haven't had since the 90s, but this scent, Fever, to me is the best new Lynx offering for many years! It's shower gel states it as smelling of hot mud and red dragon fruit, where the deodorant can states it as being Brazilian Orange essence. I'll go with the deo description since it certainly smacks of a strong orange scent... excellent for a warm summer's afternoon in fact! Good stuff!
13th June, 2009

Axe Moschus by Axe / Lynx

What on Earth is going on here??? This is a shocking reformulated travesty that truly saddens me when I recall how wonderful this scent used to be. Lynx Musk (known as Axe Moschus in Germany) was one of the original Axe scents and this reformulated version really doesn't do the original any justice.
13th June, 2009

Elite X for Men Skill by Umbro

Found in just about every 99p and Poundland shop in the UK, this scent is indeed cheap at under £1 for a 100ml bottle, but PLEASE don't let that put you off... this scent is actually very fresh and excellent for putting on after a warm hot shower before bed...very soothing. Skill (it's in a blue box) is actually well worth a cheeky punt from the pound shops at that price, but I do suggest you avoid his rival Umbro scents Power and Speed (red and dark grey boxed ones) as they are absolutley awful.
13th June, 2009

Axe Musk / Lynx Musk by Axe / Lynx

One of the original Lynx/Axe releases back in the early 80s and still one of the best ever released. It's smells exactly as it sounds... musky! Very manly and better than a lot of the more expensive offerings out there... shame they ruined it with the reformulation in Axe Moschus (Lynx Musk in Germany)... why do companies mess with the classics???

But for the benefit of this review, I am judging it on it's original merits... and it certainly gets the thumbs up from me!
13th June, 2009

Axe Java / Lynx Java by Axe / Lynx

My absolute favourite ever Lynx deo/aftershave. Reminiscent of those hazy days of school back in the early 90s when rave was all the rage, Street Fighter 2 was the new game in the arcades and girls would swoon over us boys who had paper rounds and could afford to buy hip scents as opposed to the lazy kids who robbed their old man's Old Spice out the bathroom cabinet! One spray of this scent and I'm back there in a flash!

The old saying "they don't make them like they used to" seems appropriately apt.
13th June, 2009

Axe Inca / Lynx Inca by Axe / Lynx

I always envisage the scene of a picturesque stone temple in the midst of a jungle teeming with wildlife when sampling this excellent offering from Lynx... and the name gets it spot on! Inca really excels in providing a unique summer fragrance that I've yet to discover in any other scent. And at such a cheap price?? Awesome!

I do recall wearing this a lot during the late 90s and the ladies must have liked it as I never had any complaints!
13th June, 2009

Axe Atlantis / Lynx Atlantis by Axe / Lynx

Another classic Lynx scent discontinued (at least in the UK.) This one was a sweet yet aquatic scent and was a good example of the 90s obsession with aquatic scents. Personally I loved this and rank it up there along the best of the cheapo scents. In fact it gives the more expensive house scents a run for their money. I believe it's still available in Europe but they REALLY should bring it back to the shores of the UK.
13th June, 2009

Axe Africa / Lynx Africa by Axe / Lynx

A very vanilla/sweet scent that has seriously stood the test of time. Lynx are renowned for discontinuing their scents if they feel they have run their course, and the fact Africa (Kilo in the USA) is still going strong (since 1995) suggests it's popularity is still as high today as it was in the 90s.

This scent should serve as an example to the company that the demand for the older scents are currently very high, with the fact that Africa is STILL the biggest selling Lynx variant in the UK despite the numerous newer scents released. Newer scents have come and gone and Africa still defies the odds and remains!
13th June, 2009

Brut Musk by Fabergé

Another excellent variation on the original Brut classic. This one is very manly and perfect for a winter's night out. It's certainly a very affordable scent that stands out amongst it's cheapo rivals, although I'd put it behind the original and Oceans in my Brut collection.
13th June, 2009

Brut by Fabergé

An all time classic. Advertised by many legends like Paul Gascoigne, and most notably, Kevin Keegan on the telly. Although many consider it a bit dated, in recent times it's had a resurgence in popularity and on a personal note I've had many female compliments whilst wearing it, and some admittedly did baulk when informed that I was wearing Brut, but this is just plain ignorance and snobbery when only five seconds prior they were complimenting it's fine scent. For such a low price, it is superb value for money.

As a side note, in the UK at least, Brut has only really been a "drugstore scent" for as long as I can remember (aftershave and splash on lotion and deo/AP sprays only), but in 2009 it made it's way into the designer shops sold as 'A Timeless classic' and in fact is now available in an EDT bottle, a rarity in the UK up until now.

I find this scent in all it's forms to be superb in terms of longevity, sillage and most importantly, it's a hit with the women!
13th June, 2009 (last edited: 08th July, 2009)
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Addiction Spice Fire by Fabergé

A 'drugstore scent' (something Fabergé were clearly very good at producing) that was very pleasant on both the nose and the wallet. Certainly in the UK it was one of the most interesting cheap scents available... definitely something to wear on a warm summer night if you were a young adult with limit funds out to impress the ladies. A step up from the everyday wear of other Fabergé scents from Lynx or Brut.
10th May, 2009

Wings for Men by Wings

After really liking the female version of Wings on my missus I decided to get this men's version... BIG mistake. Cheap but very NOT cheerful. Over powering scent, not at all pleasant and will no doubt continue to gather dust amongst my collection.
15th February, 2009

Axe Orient / Lynx Orient by Axe / Lynx

Amazing scent and up there as one of the best Lynx products ever released, along with Java, Musk and Inca.

For anyone in the UK looking to find a similar smell, there have been plenty of cheap and cheerful deodorants out there to try, but I was sure nothing would come close to the real thing... until I came across a can of deodorant in a WILKINSON store. This can is a Wilkinson own brand and it's a black can with the name "CYCLONE".

The name has no similarity to Oriental, nor does the can design, but the SCENT is pretty damn close! Upon first spray you can detect it, but once you spray it onto the skin you may have doubts... but give it a minute to settle on the skin and you will be pleasantly surprised! It IS Lynx Oriental!!! Give it a try if you have any doubts about what I say!

I have this AND a full bottle of the original Axe Dark Oriental and I can't tell much difference.
15th February, 2009

Wings by Wings

Infinitely better than the male version of this and personally I love this scent on a woman. Very warm and summery.
15th February, 2009