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Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

Like everyone else here, I'm a fragrance addict, so I'm used to getting compliments about how my colognes smell soo good. However, when I wear Pour Monsieur, what I hear is " Your skin smells so great" Wow!

That compliment says it all. This frangrance is a fragrance that melds in your skin and blends with your chemistry. As such, it doesnt smell like you have perfume, but instead, that you have good smelling skin! What more can I say?

Pure timeless elegance.....
10th January, 2011

Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée by Chanel

This great stuff!! It's multi-faceted and complex. This one is one of those “for me” fragrance, as it's a real treat to smell it through out the day. I'm 26 and I've used it since I was 15.
Its definitely not like the original which was more citrus and not as exciting. The Concentree is spicier, sweeter and more complex. I do believe that in 1995 when they re-launched it and decided the phase out the regular one, the Concentree formula changed a little. It was more rich and intense...although what is out there today is still as good and actually blends better with the skin. I will say that its not a club, or “modern” fragrance but its truly a master piece. Just think “cosmopolitan/beer for a club” and “red wine on a nice date or dinner”. Last all day on me and the varies stages of the dry down compares to how much better wine gets after the first glass:-)
13th April, 2006