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Laguna Homme by Salvador Dali

Fantastic fragrance! I got Laguna blind and was very pleasantly surprised. As mentioned by others, Laguna reminds me of relaxing under the warm sun on a calm beach with plenty of near by palm trees and coconut trees (Laguna smells like it has a slight coconut note on my skin). Laguna smells fresh and clean but not in a sharp way, I find it a very relaxing and uplifting smell which reminds me of vanilla, coconut and sun-cream.

I think Laguna would work perfectly in warm to hot weather. Laguna leaves the right about of sillage, it is easily detectable whilst not overpowering. I would say Laguna is a youthful yet mature scent which I think would be suitable for all ages.

Some scents are easily grown out of, however at this stage I can’t see myself ever getting tired of Laguna. Laguna is not sold at department stores near me, which helps to explain why it is so rare here in Western Australia. This scent is defiantly a keeper. If you are looking for a cheap, unique, non-common, high-quality, summer scent you should check out Laguna!
02nd September, 2005

Silver Cologne by Amouage

I have no idea what the notes are in this scent. Amouage Silver Cologne smells fairly nice but ONLY when at least 10cm away from the skin. Even when given some time to settle down I find that it smells disgusting when I put my nose close to my wrist. Since I was so put of by how it smells up close, I can't say much nice stuff about the scent. Thumbs down :(
20th August, 2005

Paul Djirkali for Men / Vertigo by Paul Djirkali

I am quite impressed with Djirkali. The top notes are heavily citrus with a hint of vanilla, then as it dries down the vanilla becomes more prominent and the citrus settles down and compliments the vanilla very nicely. There is also a very slight hint of woods on the drydown which make the scent smell more masculine. I think this fragrance would excellent for warm weather use yet still good for the cooler weather. This fragrance projects about the right amount for summer use, it will be noticed but not offend or be cloying unless you have a heavy trigger finger. Thumbs up :)
18th August, 2005
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Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Ananas Fizz does not evolve much on my skin, it smells basically the same now as when I applied, only weaker. The scent itself smells like pineapple and coconut, it is quite nice, not too sweat either. I really enjoy the smell on this scent; It is a nice, light fragrance that would be well suited for the summer. My only gripes with this scent is that I think it would be better if it were a little more potent, lasted longer and had slightly more sillage. I applied it about 2 hours ago and already it has very noticeably weakened. If scents last well on your skin I would definatly recommend checking this one out as a summer scent. I would give it a 7/10.
17th August, 2005

Ciel Man by Amouage

I was pretty disappointed with Ciel. To me it smells like a very synthetic, spicy and slightly feminine scent which stays too close to the skin. When I put my nose to my wrist even after sufficient dry down time, the top spice note doesn't wear off on my skin and is quite burning to the nostrils. I wouldn’t recommend this scent for men or ladies. :(
16th August, 2005

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Platinum Egoiste is fantastic and is one of my signature fragrances. It is more suited for evenings but it’s still a great daytime scent. Platinum Egoiste is a superb scent for nightclubbing.

To my nose Platinum Egoiste is much better than the original Egoiste, which has a gingerbread type smell I can’t stand wearing. I think people over 40 years old might prefer the original. I would say the smell is mature yet still very youthful and sexy. The two Egoiste scentes are COMPLETELY different... don’t let the names fool you into thinking they are similar.

Platinum Egoiste like Azzaro Chromo is in my experience one of those scents which almost everyone likes, however I would say it is just a little bit more daring than Chrome. I think it would be best suited to people ages under 30 years. I think Platinum Egoiste is a fairly sexy smelling scent, most females really like it.

Platinum Egoiste is strong at first, it takes about 20 minutes to settle down on my skin. I think it could have a bit more duration to it, it only lasts about 4 hours on my skin. Despite some people thinking that is it bad taste to spray your clothes, I find that it helps get that little bit extra duration out of this fantastic scent.

I guess the only downside to this scent is that it is fairly expensive, but it’s well worth it! In conclusion, Platinum Egoiste is my favourite scent so far, thumbs up :D
04th August, 2005

Chrome by Azzaro

Chrome is a clean floral scent. Granted it’s not a particularly ‘out there’ scent but in some cases a simple scent is a good scent. Chrome is a fairly conservative scent yet it still has adequate silage. I doubt you could find many people under 30 years of age who dislike Chrome. I think the Chrome has a slight masculine essence to it however females could wear Chrome quite easily. It could be classified as a unisex scent I guess, but we all know that’s not a bad thing.

Chrome makes a fantastic summer scent however it is great in winter too :D
Chrome has a good duration on my skin. It should last at least 6 hours. Females love Chrome, I have received plenty of compliments on it at uni. One girl kept asking if she could hug me so that she could get a closer smell.

Overall Chrome is a great and versatile scent for all occasions which everyone will love, except for maybe the older fragrance connoisseurs :P
03rd August, 2005

Pure Cédrat by Azzaro

I find Pure Cédrat has a faitly nice and energising aroma. It does smell a lot like lemon peel at a close range but so long as I dont put the sprayed area my nose right up to my nose, it's fine. When lightly appied I think it would make a nice and fresh summer scent. To my nose there is a hint of grapefruit too.
01st August, 2005

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

A nice formal fragrance. When used in excess it can be quite burning (spicy) and dry to the nose, which not a nice experience! If you are a bit heavy on the trigger finger don’t worry about it too much, I find that this scent does not project too much, so you will be the only one suffering. The fragrance has good staying power (EDT) even when used sparingly.

It is quite a clean and spicy smelling scent which is better for formal occasions than everyday use IMHO. It is fairly classy smelling, generally not something I wear with most t-shirts. I think it is better suited to older rather than younger people but I still wear it and don’t find it too old smelling (I’m 19).
01st August, 2005

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme is one of my signature scents, except for in the summer when I believe it can become a little nauseating (take into account summer here can easily reach 40 degrees C or higher).

It is quite masculine smelling and has O.K. lasting power on my skin. I think this fragrance suits all age groups. However I think it is a particularly good choice for young people as it’s different from most of the other scents popular among young people like Issey Miyake PH and AdG etc. It is however still a fairly popular scent so if you want to be unique you should take that into account.

Others have said it’s popular among the girls and I can confirm this as it was complimented by my chick friends the first time I wore it. It's not too strong nor is it too weak, I think its about the right strength for being noticed but not offending even if you have a slightly heavy trigger finger. Others have said it’s very strong so I guess it varies depending on your skin, so your mileage may vary.

I think this scent can be worn on a fairly casual basis and its also great for more formal occasions. If you do chose to wear this one in summer I think it would defiantly be a better evening scent.

Overall I think it’s a very classy scent so it gets a thumbs up from me :)
01st August, 2005

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

I love Black Code, the only problem is that it does not last very long on my skin. I have only worn Black Code out a few times but already I have recieved a few compliments from the ladies.
10th June, 2005