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Aqaba / Aqaba Classic by Miriam Mirani - Aqaba

It seems cliche to say, but there's nothing quite like Aqaba. When I purchased this a few years ago, I was looking for something heady and "dark", and while this is not exactly what I consider to be a dark scent (a term that is entirely subjective, of course), it's potency and sheer exoticness (is that even a word?) made it an almost instant favorite of mine.

The scent is not overwhelming, but you certainly don't need much to notice it. Lasts a long time on me. Spicy sweet goodness is the term that comes to mind. The Fendi Asja comparison Artisankey is a good one, although I feel that Aqaba is in a class of it's own in terms of quality, clarity of scent, and uniqueness.

I also purchased the body line of Aqaba at the same time, and foudn it to be more of a complementary experience, and not a straight fragrance on identical fragrance layering. The lotion seemed to go bad quickly, and I would avoid it in the future, but the massage oil and shower gel especially are quite nice and worth checking out.
26th February, 2006

Mediterraneum by Versace

I'm not sure if I'd use it on myself in public, but I'll cop to spraying it on my pillow and sleeping especially good - my slumber replete with dreams of attractive, swarthy men. I guess that's a good review of sorts. Oh, and I bought it on ebay for like 18 dollars. I'll probably buy it again once this runs out, since my boyfriend has been stealing it when I'm not looking. I suspect he's trying to move in on my relationship with pillow.
26th February, 2006