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Tabac by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

Tabac smells of burning, pipe tobacco: slightly sweet but obviously masculine; ample and rich. It's not just a fragrance with some tobacco component, it's really true to tobacco with some ciste and maybe other herbs just like pipe tobacco. It's the pleasure of tobacco without the smoking... One of my favorutes, I wear it very often. Duration is medium on me.
29th April, 2008

Muschio di Quercia / Oak Moss by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

A perfume for the country and the wilderness. Cost and regulations built on exaggerated fear of allergic reactions have curbed true oakmoss content in most commercial perfumes. Well, this one is there to compensate; it must be 3/4 oakmoss or something like that. Powerful and impressive; at the same time, classic enough to be wearable anywhere - I wear it to the office. My wife who is usually for very discreet perfumes likes this one, although very strong (one or 2 spritzes will do). Very long-lasting. It can be overlayed with other scents (for instance "Tabac" from the same house) to make them longer-lasting and fuller-bodied. I use it very often (without any allergy).
29th April, 2008

Vetiver by Etro

An underrated marvel. A woody-earthy scent; to my nose, it is the woody component that dominates, and the scent is perhaps more about precious woods and resins (somewhere in the line of CDG Palisander) than about vetiver (although a vetiver of the earthy kind is clearly perceptible). Makes me think of sitting in a mahogany sawmill. Practically no topnotes, little sillage, not very long-lasting, but any addicted wood-lover is guaranteed to keep sniffing his wrist every 10 seconds.
14th September, 2006
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Knize Forest by Knize

A very classic and high-quality green fragrance; sage is perhaps the dominant note, but there is also moss, rosemary, mint, etc. What's more, it's extremely long-lasting. A very serious alternative to Green Irish Tweed.
24th August, 2006

Frankincense & Myrrh by Czech & Speake

Funny, I find this is not so much an incensy fragrance - rather, a more balanced and complex version of No.88 with incense in it. The floral mix is exactly like No.88, but less aggressive here, rounded by the incense notes. A highly unusual , but also very clean and wearable fragrance.
25th April, 2006

Blu Mediterraneo Tuscan Cypress / Cipresso di Toscana by Acqua di Parma

I really like this one. The cypress note is clearly there but never pungent, much more delicate than in Cypres Musc; no possible confusion or analogy with pine-scented toilet freshener (always the risk with coniferous notes, unfortunately); around the cypress, there's lots of sage which is one of my preferred notes, perhaps rosemary, a nice hint of lavender and a dry and elegant, almost smoky musk base.
31st March, 2006

Epicéa by Creed

The pine/resin note is there, but I would prefer a more subdued fruity component; the way I smell it, it's 60% orange, 40% pine. Not nearly as coniferous as Cypres Musc.
Still one of my 4 or 5 preferred Creeds (there's many I have a problem with: too sweet, too dirty/animalic...) , a good winter fragrance.
28th February, 2006

Wellington Cologne by Geo F Trumper

My favorite Trumpers, and do I love Curzon, Astor or Bay Rum...
It's true that there are some similarities to Blenheim in the base notes (pine, eucalyptus), but he top notes are totally different and truly amazing, orange (which I normally don't like, but this one is totally different) totally intertwined with rosemary and jasmin. What's more, on me this cologne lasts forever, and the top notes don't go away. Very elegant, fresh, clean, classic, and yet very emotional.
27th January, 2006

L'Autre by Diptyque

I notice this is a controversial scent. It's actually made of 27 spices, so they told me; I notice pepper, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, you name it, they're all there. So ? Well, I like it a lot, I detect absolutely nothing of the sweaty odour found by other reviewers. To me it's just a particularly rich spicy fragrance, indeed the strongest I've tested.
21st December, 2005