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Horizon by Guy Laroche

I remember smelling this when I was in 6th grade, and LOVING it ! Then, 10 years LATER owning a bottle, just loved it then and still do, it's unique yes, soft, yes, yes, and clean, which I don't care for usually however when I'm looking for a soft, powdery clean scent with a PUNCH of spark and spice I reach for this.
03rd October, 2011

Splendour by Avon

What a BEAUTIFUL Fragrance, and it has a rather " High End " quality to it, and NOT a dime=store smelling Fragrance, it's truly special. I remember this scent advertised in a 1992 AVON catalog, the " Look " captivated me, then one day my beloved Mother purchased a bottle, when I smelled it " I KNEW " it would be my #1 AVON Fragrance EVER ! So go on E-bay and locate a bottle and buy THEN try, It's divine !
28th September, 2011

Regence by Avon

I wear this and it smells FAB ! I love it, one of my FAVORITE Classic Avon Fragrances...
15th September, 2011
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Sublime by Jean Patou

I wear this and it is wonderful. I smell so sexy, that well I've turned a few heads with curiosity. It is as it's named, " Sublime "...
01st March, 2009

Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood

I wish to try this Fragrance soon. I am taking a trip to Florida in July and wish to buy this for my trip. I want something sensual and I think this just might do it, can't wait, it sounds DIVINE!!!!!
27th February, 2009

Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

I wear this and as a man I am blown away! I love, love, love, love this EDP. I get compliments left & right. It smells warm, musky, rich and very sensual. It last on me so long, I tend to forget I have anything on.... Love it, and I suggest to many men who are like me, and love sexy, strong, long-lasting fragrances, try it! It's Si Bon!!!
27th February, 2009

Catalyst by Halston

I wear this EDT & the Parfum and I love it. It's smooth, rich, and confident. I think this is a wonderful fragrance for gentlemen.
27th February, 2009

Halston by Halston

I wear this in the parfum and I just love smelling myself. It's divine!
27th February, 2009