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Oyédo by Diptyque

This starts with a blast of yuzu, then settles into something fruity which slides into a green herbal and ends up as the rind of the yuzu. It is really complex and interesting. Definitely not run of the mill, it has some of the same qualities (an almost bitter note, not sweet) that I like in L'ombre dans l'eau. Very intriguing.
29th December, 2011

Tea/Rose by CB I Hate Perfume

This is a wonderful scent: like when you are lucky enough to be picking old roses from your garden and reminds me of the saying: spare no expense to keep it simple. Yet this is so elegant.
21st December, 2006

Jicky by Guerlain

It is so suprising to me to see that many of you don't love Jicky. Years ago I followed someone down the street in Manhattan to ask what she was wearing, and have been wearing it myself ever since. It really is my all time fav scent, and it is my understanding that Shalimar was created by adding vanilla to Jicky (which is one of the first unisex scents) at the time when vanilla was first imported to Europe. To this day it makes my mouth water to catch it on someone.
14th September, 2005
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