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Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

My first purchase of this was spring of 1983 as a wet behind the ears law student. Seems my friends all knew I was both a fashion and men's fragrance tragedy. I can't quite put my finger on why I like this, I just know that I do. The French would call this "fougere" (whatever the hell that means, but I take it to mean "mossy", "woodsy" etc). I like the name, supposedly a Viking war ship. I still wear this, even though it has changed a bit. Quite nice...
03rd February, 2012

Cool Water by Davidoff

I like this...To me it seems very light and fresh, very "nautical" conjuring images of sea spray and sailing men on a rolling sea. This is classed as a "fresh fougere"? As opposed to what, "a darker richer fougere"? I suppose its all relative...I'm a big fan of dark bitter chocolates and ganaches, but my lady prefers white and milk chocolate.

All in all a nice fragrance...probably a nice summer choice.
04th March, 2009

Joop! Homme by Joop!

I first discovered this some years ago at a local department store (early 1990s, I think). I liked the scent back then, but chose to delay my purchase in the interest of economics. At the time I was a committed Drakkar Noir user. I was able to pick up some Joop at a nice discount recently and thought I'd add another scent to my collection (I usually stick to two or three old stand-bys and will experiment only sparingly or if I get someone gets generous with me for Christmas or birthdays).

This was as nice as I remembered. I generally put a light spritz on both sides of my face and another small one on my throat/neck. This comes out of the bottle a trifle too sweet, almost cloyingly so. The real joy of this fragrance is deferred gratification. Joop doesn't reach its full potential for a good hour and a half or two hours when the sweetness mellows into some rather warm lingering bass notes. I perceive some nice vanilla and other reassuring spices

Have the common sense to give this scent a reasonable time to mellow, at least a good half hour or forty five minutes, before any serious social or business interaction. And for God's sake don't slather it on. Used in proper proportion, this scent can serve you well. A nice scent at a sensible price. Generally available for less than $40 for a generous size bottle. Somehow I pulled off a 2.5 oz bottle for about 22 bucks. Not a bad bit of work, if I do say so myself. Apparently my merchant was having trouble moving this old stately gem and used entirely too much shelf space on other fragrances. Should you be so fortunate, have the sense to ante up. Without shame, I'll tell you, I made a new friend at my local Walgreens...she wasn't in it for the commission...
01st March, 2009
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Chrome by Azzaro

I got a small sample of this while buying my fiancee some Elizabeth Arden Green Tea body creams. The clerk was kind enough to give me a couple of nice citrus samples of CK One and Chrome to reward me for my generosity. A gent should smell good too.

I got about three applications out of 1.5 ml. Very Nice. Has a nice lingering citrus and a soft out of doors kind of a feel to it. Rather sharp and penetrating right out of the bottle, but give it about half an hour and it starts paying dividends.

Head to head, this beats CK One by quite a bit. Our dear Mr. Klein is a bit to unisex for my tastes. Boys should be boys and girls should be girls.

How Azzaro came up with "Chrome" for the name is a bit beyond me. I wasn't inclined to find the scent the least bit metallic, and somehow car parts were well in the back of my mind while wearing this. That aside, I give this one some good marks.
01st March, 2009