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Intrigue by Carven

Found an old bottle of Intrigue recently. A beautifully balanced floral of ylang and rose. Effortlessly melds into sandal and musks. Nothing exceptional, extreme or challenging - just a very wearable floral.
30th December, 2009

Hot Water by Davidoff

A little spiciness at the start, some coumarin. Ho hum. Same same.
22nd December, 2009

Signoricci 2 by Nina Ricci

I was lucky enough to get hold of a bottle of Signoricci2 today from the '70s. The fragrance has lasted the time incredibly well - the first impression transported me back 10 years to when I wore Armani Eau Pour Homme - a very similar orange blosson, citrus opening. Very warm and musky notes follow. An elegent fragrance.
Beware if you have sensitive skin. This is one of the only fragrances to sting my skin for a while after applying - must be a very high alcohol content.
06th August, 2007
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Space NK Man by Space NK

A pleasant, soft woody and lightly spicy fragrance very similar to Rocabar by Hermes.
Not as long lasting as Rocabar and with a drier, mossier drydown.
Definately wearable, calm fragrance. Very nice
27th June, 2007

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

May appeal to those with a 12 year old bottle of Old Spice in their bathroom cabinet.
Old fashioned and it really does smell as if the bottle has been sitting with the cap half off for a few years.
04th July, 2005

Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

You can easily pick out the main ingredients of fig, oriental spices and vetiver, yet the combination has produced a fantastic, if slightly cloying, accord. One of my favourites.
02nd July, 2005

Echo by Davidoff

Redundant and indistinct. Smells like every other bad fragrance released in the past 10 years. The bottle however, is one of the best I've seen. Too bad it's wasted on a bad creation.
10th March, 2004

Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

I love this scent, even though it doesn't last. It's defintiely one of my top 5, I go through a 3.4 oz. bottle about every 3 months, but thats ok. If you really love the scent and want it to last, The clerk in Hermes Las Vegas instructed me to buy the bath line and use all the products. I did and he was right, the scent lasts the day when you use the all over shampoo, wake-up gel and the eau de cologne. Expensive trick, but worth the pleasure and the aroma.
10th March, 2004

Aqua Motu / Motu by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This one gives me a headache- which is something I say about few scents. I'm not fond of marine fragrances in general, but this one takes the cake for being marine and successfully lobotomizing me. I'm sure for those who love the aquatic notes, this one is perfect wave. For me, its a wipeout.
22nd November, 2003

Blend 30 by Dunhill

I was struck by the previous review. While I do not have a "nose" to be so specific, I first discovered Blend 30 on a visit to L.A. in the mid to late 70s. With a subtle mix that seemed green at first and matured to a warm ambery scent that lasted all day, it was soon my favorite. In the early to mid 80's I was shocked to find that it was no longer carried in the U.S. However, I struck up a correspondance with a delightful woman in the home office in London through whom I was able to continue to purchase bottles. It was not long until I received a sad note from her telling me that it had been discontinued; and I purchased what I was told were the last four bottles that were in stock. I had hoped to find a parfumerie that would attempt to mimic this scent for me (since the original was not unobtainable) but I have searched the internet in vain.
An exceptional and unusual scent, it was one of the few that did not hit my skin and smell either medicinal or flowery. I write this in fond memory or a scent that I wore as I went from boy to man, from student to physician and which lingers still in my memory.
01st September, 2003

Pheromone for Men by Marilyn Miglin

I agree wholeheartedly with JW below. This stuff smells like AquaNet to me. Absolutely and irrevocably nasty. I was lured into buying this based on the Eqyptian concept. If the Egyptians wore anything remotely like this, I know why God drowned them in the red sea! Take a bath!
21st January, 2003

Abercrombie & Fitch Spice by Abercrombie & Fitch

I loved this scent and was upset when it was discontinued. It was a warm spicy scent that reminded me of something I smelled as a kid. I know there is a cologne out there that is similar but I have yet to find it.If anybody has any suggestions please post a response here.
13th January, 2003

Clubman by Pinaud

this is a really old scent that I believe stands the test of time. It is a simple smelling fougere like brut or canoe though I believe it is superior to each. It's complex but unchanging- the way it smells at application is darn close to the smell 8 hours later. It's a very masculuine scent and reminds me of barber shops. a shame it's only found in plastic (albeit well designed) bottles
28th August, 2002
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Polo by Ralph Lauren

Polo is my staple fragrance. I like it and have always liked it. On occasion I'll temporarily ditch it for something else, mainly in warm weather as it is a fall/winter fragrance to me. I'll smell some guy at the store and go
17th October, 2001

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I'm 26, but spent a lot of time around my older sisters' boyfriends in the 80's. So all those scents from that era are ingrained in me as favs- Polo, Aramis, Kouros. Kouros is one of my significant other's favorites. She says it smells like dryer sheets, but she likes it anyway, because she likes the smell of dryer sheets!!! :)
At any rate, it is a bit strong on top, but after about an hour or two it warms up, and the warmth is with you all day. Its a very dry fragrance, but warm.
17th October, 2001

Black by Bulgari

Two words:
Wet cardboard.
I'm not saying that's good or bad, but most people would agree. Wet cardboard.
17th October, 2001

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

Man, am I glad to find this site! I love hearing what other guys like, and better yet what the hotties like! :)
I give Boss a thumbs up. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason- the apples and spices I guess. Ultimately, you will buy and like what reminds you of nice things. On the guy who said it smelled like cardboard- have you smelled Bulgari Black? That's cardboard in a bottle!
17th October, 2001

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

It is a great, warm, long lasting scent.
22nd May, 2001

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

This is an old classic and the only cologne I think is even remotely similar to is Dior's Farenheit. It is very green, herbaceous, I think is the word, and extremely long-lasting.
12th February, 2001

Eau de Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

I don't think it smells at all like Grey Flannel, but is rather, for lack of a better word, 'cheap' and the obvious result of the manufacturer trying to cash in on a successful name. I never bought it for those reasons
12th February, 2001

Clear Day for Men by Etienne Aigner

Smelled it briefly in a shop in Israel not long ago and was so unimpressed I didn't buy it, notwithstanding its discount price. I was disappointed though, since Private Number by Aigner is rich, long-lasting and a favorite.
12th February, 2001

Aramis Gold by Aramis

I never bought it because it smelled so similar to Aramis, and while I did see it at Bergdorf's in New York, I don't seem to see it around too much. If you like Aramis you will certainly like this fragrance, but I'm not running for it.
12th February, 2001

Aramis 900 by Aramis

...this one is a real dog. No, perhaps one of the worst that Estee Lauder has made. Enough said, I'm getting a headache and sinus inflammation just thinking about it.
12th February, 2001