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Eau Svelte by Christian Dior

On my third bottle. It is my staple in the summer. Generously sprayed after the shower. I would classify it as a citrusy floral, but am too inexperienced to identify it more specifically. There is definitely a sort of blanket of elegance feeling to it. Fresh elegance. Nothing pretentious. Something you'd wear when you're going out to a fine restaurant during a seaside vacation. Pleasantly complex and inoffensive.
29th March, 2010

Vanille Bourbon by Il Profumo

Gently boozy vanilla that is somehow tolerably over the top sweet for me. I love it layered over Donna Karan's Wenge. The woody scent anchors and tempers the sugar and gives the entire thing endurance and a touch of complexity. I am strongly drawn to vanillas in general, but usually end up getting tired of them - happened to me with Luten's Bois Vanille. But this one suits me better somehow. Probably because I love scotch.
27th March, 2010

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

it's the amber that is its downfall. i can handle strong orientals and chypre and a light musk. but without fail, an amber note will give me a headache and have me running to wash it off. I love smelling it in the bottle. but once it gets on my skin, i can't stand it.
31st March, 2009
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Chic by Carolina Herrera

agree that it is sour and peppery at first whiff. this note persists in the background throughout, but then comes the sweet lily floral. there are alot of contradictions here and my gut tells me that it does not all come together gracefully in the end. and yet i continue to reach for it. because it is so unique. there is nothing else out there like this. it is sort of cheerfully anti-establishment. a chic woman who isn't afraid to trip in her heels. i get compliments on it. charming.
14th March, 2009

Parfum Sacré by Caron

delicate velvet flowers and honey musk.
stays close to the skin.
sensual and smooth like silk, but still a lady
i dab some behind my ears and under my chin
and i enjoy wafts of aroma throughout the day.
10th March, 2009