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    Alamut by Lorenzo Villoresi

    Very pretty and feminine, lovely floral notes followed by amber, but quite easily forgettable.

    I really wanted to be wowed by Alamut, but whilst it's a lovely and pretty fragrance, it doesn't stand out as unusual enough or special enough to make me want to buy a bottle.

    25th February, 2015


    Ore by Slumberhouse

    I don't get chocolate with this, but I do get powdered cocoa dusted onto hardwood shavings. There's definitely some coconut in there at the beginning too, and an air of libraries and old books.

    I'm interested to try Ore, but I don't think that I would choose to wear it.

    24th February, 2015


    After the Rain by Arran Aromatics

    I get so many compliments wearing this, just as many as I get when wearing some of the more expensive and exclusive fragrances.

    Very unlike most of the 'frag-alike' designer perfumes that seem to be about these days, After the Rain has very little sweetness, not much in the way of floral and is based around an initial citrus opening and then straight in to the woody and musk layers.

    If you're in England this is available all over the place and is a fraction of the price of most perfumes. That doesn't take away from the fact that I prefer this to most of the designer fragrances and although it's marketed as a feminine perfume I think it's very unisex too.

    A really good everyday perfume without breaking the bank.

    20th August, 2014


    Madigral by Molinard

    This is a review of 1950s parfum.

    Some of the top notes are less bright than I'd expect of a modern EdP or EdT, but for a 60 year old perfume this is still lovely. The clary sage blends beautifully with the lavender and the musk and patchouli just hum along underneath.

    This fragrance is totally non gender specific to me (but then I wear many 'male' fragrances including Givenchy Gentleman) and the lovely warm comfortable base of Madrigal would be unlikely to offend anybody.

    I wish I had more of this, as it would definitely be in my normal rotation.

    26th April, 2014


    Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme

    This is for the pre-2000 formulation.

    This is a summer staple and is just wonderful when the weather is making everybody a bit torpid and droopy. A very smart pick me up for the nose which then drifts off gently into oakmoss, musk and wood.

    The longevity isn't as long as I'd like, but this comes in such large bottles that it's no problem to reapply during the day and give your nose and brain that sharp sting of green and citrus again on a warm afternoon.

    19th April, 2014


    Chypre d'Orient by Molinard

    How gorgeous and feminine is this?

    A beautiful citrus, floral, fruity chypre which I bought blind based on reviews and a bargain price and which I think may well be a staple of my wardrobe from now on. I too can feel old Dior in this one, which is great because Dior have forgotten how to do the old Dior and that's a great shame because old Dior is wonderful.

    Edgy niche perfume may have its place and the right time of day and circumstances in which it's worn, but this is the sort of perfume which wouldn't smell out of place no matter what the weather or occasion.

    19th April, 2014


    Patchouli Intense / Patchouli Homme by Nicolaï

    One thumbs up just isn't enough for this one.

    This starts with a serene rose, geranium and lavender layer which is followed up and blended into by the warmth of patchouli and frankincense, and that just keeps going for the whole of the rest of the day.

    I'm glad that this is now not labelled just for men because if this isn't suitable for both men and women then nothing is.

    26th February, 2014


    Gold Woman by Amouage

    As JackTwist said, I've got one wrist of vintage Madame Rochas and one of Gold, and they are almost indistinguishable.

    Gold is somewhat brighter in the topnotes, which is no surprise as my Madame Rochas is a good 20 years old, but the notes are spot on.

    I'm so glad that I only splashed out for a sample of the Amouage to see what all the fuss was about, as I would be so disappointed if I'd saved and saved for a bottle of Gold and then found out that although it's a nice perfume, it isn't ground breaking or unique.

    13th February, 2014


    DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

    Glad I only have a tester

    I was never really tempted to buy this because I didn't fancy smelling of apples (logically it should smell of apples, being shaped like an apple and all) but I was sent a tester so I thought that I'd at least have a go with it.


    The overwhelming topnote on my skin is cucumber, so bright and clearly that I just had to wash it off.  I don't like cucumber at the best of times, but synthetic and over loud cucumber is really not what I want to smell of, and frankly it could have the most fabulous dry down of any scent in the world and I still don't think that I could make myself wear it.


    It lasted 10 minutes before I couldn't bear it any more.

    16th May, 2013


    Hollyoaks Him by Hollyoaks

    I bought this for my OH as a revenge when he accused me of being perfume snob and it was intended to show him why he didn't want to wear really cheap end fragrances, but it has actually quite surprised me.

    Sure, it's got elements that are clearly synthetic and it's not going to shake the world with its individuality or originality, but at this price do you really expect it to? This is a pretty generic 'citrus and unidentified background' fragrance, but there's nothing offensive or particularly badly balanced here and for that it deserves a thumbs up.

    27th April, 2013


    She Wood by Dsquared2

    I smell of Parma Violets (for those who aren't in the UK, Parma Violets are violet children's sweets, sold in little rolls, and they're a love 'em or hate 'em sort of thing) and not a lot else.

    There was a burst other stuff for the first few minutes, but I'm 5 hours after application now and all I can get when I sniff is still wall to wall Parma Violets, and a tiny tinge of greenness.

    I feel a little bit cheated really. I do like violets, but I was looking forward to some cedar, amber and musk and I can't find those at all.

    12th April, 2013


    Féerie Rose des Neiges by Van Cleef & Arpels

    So sweet it makes my teeth ache and on me very little of the rose comes through.

    09th April, 2013


    Champaca by Space NK

    To my knowledge I've never smelled champaca flowers before and I was surprised to find that if Space NK are to be believed, champaca smells just like hair spray in its opening. Fairly posh hair spray, but still hair spray.

    Once the rather disagreeable hair spray note is passed the rest of the fragrance is a pleasant and cool mix of floral, cardamom, musk and myrhh which lasted about 6 hours on me.

    07th April, 2013


    Santalrosa by Space NK

    A very pretty and innocent well rounded floral with just a hint of warmth from vanilla and musk. I can't smell much of the woods, but that's just me and they may well show up better on others.

    Quite low sillage and not at all in your face, but there are a lot of situations when an understated fragrance would be welcomed.

    07th April, 2013


    Lyn Harris : La Fleur by Marks and Spencer

    On me this is gardenia, gardenia and a bit more gardenia, but it's very nice gardenia.

    11th March, 2013


    Intrusion by Oscar de la Renta

    I'm sure I get a whiff of melon in the initial blast of watery scents, but it's not mentioned anywhere on the notes. Then again, neither is the water, so maybe the notes are being rather economical.

    I don't get the neroli or mandarin at all, and on me this is water, melon and generic floral, with a bit of musk and patchouli behind.

    Longevity is way too short and the patchouli that I want to continue for hours just fades away when it's getting interesting, but the fragrance is nice enough while it lasts.

    28th February, 2013


    Roma by Laura Biagiotti

    Roma is on my list of all time favourites that I'm not prepared to run out of. From the huge blast of grapefruit and black pepper, through all of the floral to the vanilla and musk that last for the rest of the day, it's an absolute gem and the number of people who have asked what I'm wearing because it smells so lovely kind of shows that they agree with me.

    25th February, 2013


    FCUK Her by French Connection

    Nice enough, inoffensive floralish, soapy and light, with just a hint of powdery and warm in the latter stages of it's very short life.

    I put my bottle (picked up part used on eBay for not very much) in my gym bag as it's the sort of scent that I will use after getting all clean after a workout.

    Unlikely to offend anybody so safe for wearing in an office, but also unlikely to rock anybody's world (IMO).

    23rd February, 2013


    Noa Fleur by Cacharel

    Soft and feminine and floral it may be, but as blood-orange has already said, it's soft and floral and feminine hairspray!

    23rd February, 2013


    Eau de Cologne à la Reine des Fleurs by Piver

    I bought this on first smell, but on wearing it since I bought it the clove note now seems to dominate all of the citrus and other herbs, and cloves are one of few scents that I really don't like, unfortunately.

    I love Farina Gegenuber and 4711 but the clove on this one is just too much for me to enjoy wearing it.

    15th February, 2013


    Bulgari pour Femme by Bulgari

    As I sprayed this the first time, I swear I smelled Lolita Lempicka. I guess it must be the violets shouting out to me. This faded gradually over time leaving me with what I expect to smell from a Bulgari feminine scent.

    13th February, 2013


    Essence D'Eau by Gianfranco Ferré

    I took a gamble on this one because I saw the opportunity to pick up a part used bottle with about 40mls still in for 99p on Ebay, and I'm really glad that I did.

    On my skin I get huge quantities of jasmine, backed up with neroli and rose, with everything else including the base very much in the background.

    I wouldn't pay full price for it, but then again I try not to pay full price for anything if I can avoid it. At 99p it was a steal.

    31st January, 2013


    Little Black Dress by Avon

    Nice enough floral scent, pretty inoffensive, but there's really nothing else I can find to post that's positive.

    Nobody is likely to find this fragrance offensive to share a room with, but then again not that many people are likely to notice the scent in the first place.

    Smells inexpensive and uninteresting, but nothing objectionable. If it was the only scent available I'd probably wear it, but with thousands of more interesting scents out there to try, I think I'll give my bottle away.

    20th October, 2012


    Royal Secret by Royal Secret

    Going by other people's reviews, I should love Royal Secret. I really like Tabu and like the animalic notes with Tabu, but Royal Secret smells like it's gone mouldy to me. It's got a sharp tang to it that smells like the mould from blue cheese and unfortunately I can't stand blue cheese.

    Fabulous sillage, which is unfortunate with a scent that doesn't respond to being scrubbed off in the shower.

    20th October, 2012


    Isa Bella by Isabella Rossellini

    Lovely delicate and creamy floral, but on me I get very little of the base notes and it's undetectable 3 hours after application.

    20th October, 2012


    Eau Ressourçante / Eau Tranquility by Clarins

    Soft, gentle, inoffensive no matter how much you spray on- and so very suitable for hot days and shared work spaces. It's gone in an hour, but it's inexpensive and in a large bottle, so you can top up the scent whenever you need to freshen up.

    20th October, 2012


    Tumulte pour Homme by Christian Lacroix

    Tumulte pourHomme has taught me one thing, and that thing is that a cedar scented mallet gives me a headache and makes me feel ill.

    I blind bought this for my partner. His job involves personal care and working in very close quarters with other people, so it's important that he smells nice even at the end of a 14 hour day, so he uses scent every day and reapplies during the day too. I buy him a selection of mid-range scents so that this is achieved, and on first smelling I thought that TPH was an interesting and stimulating departure from the pretty standard citrus and/or vanilla scents which are around for men.

    My interest in this frag lasted about half an hour, right until the headache started. From that moment on any time I walked into his presence when he was wearing it, the headache started back up again.

    He went from 3 or 4 sprays down to 2 and then to 1, but it made no difference. He likes it and consequently it has not been thrown away, but if he ever wears it in my presence again he knows that I will.

    22nd September, 2012


    Kölnisch Wasser by Farina Gegenüber

    The definition of what everybody should smell like in summer!

    Fresh, sweet, smooth and citrus-laden, refreshing to apply and never over the top, no matter how many times you reapply, which is a good thing bearing in mind how long it lasts.

    I prefer this to 4711, which has a bitter and chemical edge to its scent.

    31st August, 2010


    Gucci No. 3 by Gucci

    Earthy, leathery and once the top notes have faded it could even be thought of as masculine, but fabulous none the less.

    The bright introduction fades very quickly on me, leaving only hints of rose and iris along with the oakmoss and leather.

    31st August, 2010


    Innocent Rock by Thierry Mugler

    A pleasant enough fragrance, but still a real disappointment if you were looking for some relative of Angel as I was (and as it was pitched).

    Sweet and unobjectionable but apparently totally without any individual recommending features and gone within 3 hours.

    16th June, 2010

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