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    Gendarme by Gendarme

    Top note: White Rain hair spray
    Middle note: Dryer sheet fabric softener
    Base note: Faux suede

    31st July, 2009


    Unbound for Men by Halston

    I happen to love Acqua di Gio, despite the fact that I smell like everyone else (I don't know anyone else that wears it). the cedary basenotes always take me by surprise (I often wonder who smells so good - oh, it's me!). AdG also reminds me of being a child and sneaking/rummaging through my parents drawers, smelling the cedar blocks in there. Finally, AdG has been a constant dependable fragrance for the office, which is close quarters. So, when a fellow BNer recommended Unbound to me, since it was apparently an AdG clone at a fraction of the cost, I decided to try it, especially after looking at 17 positive reviews and nothing else.

    I will agree with Sunsetspawn: "just take AdG and turn the citrus and white musk down a bit...add some watermelon and a hint of a floral scent...Almost di Gio. However, I will disagree with all other 17 positive reviews so far and say that this is close but definitely no cigar. The topnotes to me were almost identical with Unbound being a little sweeter (probably the blackcurrant) and sharper than AdG. I started to tell the difference in the middle notes, which were soapier, like a dryer sheet fabric softener in the Unbound but brighter than AdG, yet still not as smoothed out. The middle notes in Unbound are more floral, sweeter while AdG retains marine notes. The difference was slight but obvious. But the drydown disappeared in a hurry, at least it did on me. I tried them both, side by side, today, and right now Unbound seems tired, almost vinegary, while AdG is still strong, with a comfortable, warm woody cedar smell. It's just what I like at the end of the work day.

    I can say this, though: I purchased a bottle of Unbound for only $12, and therein lies the difference. This is only my first time trying Unbound and so will give it several more goes before I give it away but for me, Acqua di Gio is far superior. If you like AdG, stick with it, it's been the best selling fragrance for men for the past six years...for a reason.

    09 April, 2009


    Bulgari Black by Bulgari

    This is the best of the best, seriously. Bulgari Black can multitask better the most of us: if you need a superhero costume here it is; if you love the Godfather, this is your chauffeur; if you prefer libraries and literature, everyone from Coleridge to Collins would find inspiration here. Bulgari's Black is like no other, it transcends traditional fragrances and offers something more like a Ticket to Ride. From the very first instant I smelled it, I could smell something as unique as it was enjoyably excitable. Black smells smart, innovative and incredibly contemporary. It also smells like new tires and black powder. This is a fragrance that could appeal to the agrarian in the comsopolitan while also crossing genders. To me, this is a very warm masculine scent, like De Lillo in a limousine. Yet, I must admit how much I really want to smell this on a woman. Truly a unisex scent, it embodies both the masculine and the feminine in one remarkable fragrance. While not for everday use, this should be in everyones selection. In fact, I make plans just so that I have an occasion to wear it. It dominates!

    28 March, 2009

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