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Mare by Beth Terry Creative Universe

Very nice sea smell, but short lasting. I've tried many, but Mare is one of the very few fragrances that actually DOES remind me of the sea, & here the beach is clean . The bottle is simple & minimalist (tall, slender & clear), but uninspired at this price, similar to Oltre in that way. Doesn’t last nearly as long as Oltre, but Mare has a lighter, fresher smell. Seems to be marketed as a woman’s fragrance, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself if you like it. Mare is not easy to find on the market, but worth the trouble of locating it.
01st September, 2009

Erolfa by Creed

This has that Old Time Creed signature scent to it, which is nice & traditional. I have one other scent by Creed (Tabarome) & Erolfa is far better than that one. Reviewers have referred to Erolfa as a “marine” or “sea” fragrance, but I smell nothing like that. I smell a banker sitting in a big green chair in his club, reading a financial newspaper. If you want a good sea/marine fragrance, try Mare, Aqua Motu, or Oltre. Erolfa is a fragrance that would fit well in an older gentleman’s armoire. It's a good scent, but for me, not worth the money.
01st September, 2009

L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

The front of the box looks like a billboard, but inside there’s a gorgeous bottle that rivals even Bvlgari for good looks. Unusual & very strong smell that lasts a long time. A scent that you’ll either love or hate, not for everyone, & only for those daring to be different. I bought this & Creed’s Erolfa at the same time & put each on a different arm at the same time. Bleue D’issey is a stronger scent & longer lasting, although Erolfa lasted a long while also & smelled very nice too. But I don’t smell any sea/marine here, as others have noted. If you want a good sea/marine fragrance, try Mare, Aqua Motu, or Oltre.
14th July, 2009
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Inis by Fragrances of Ireland

Unfortunately, the "energy of the sea” (their phrase) has no sea smell. The spray bottle has an acrylic cap. Called a “cologne,” but is weak even for an after-shave. Lasts a very short while (1.5 to 2 hours on me). 6-8 sprays needed for effect. Smells a bit like CK One to me, but not as good. If you want a good sea/marine fragrance, try Mare, Aqua Motu, or Oltre.
14th July, 2009

Helmut Lang Eau de Cologne by Helmut Lang

I like the smell quite a bit, very good vanilla scent. And I appreciate the minimalist bottle & label, that's cool, too. But this lasts about an hour before it disappears, far too expensive to last such a short time. You get the same effect with Pinaud, yes, Pinaud, which lasts less than 30 minutes but is cheap! Helmut Lang— not recommended.
26th March, 2009

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

I've read many reviewers saying that this has a tobacco/leather smell, for which I had the highest hopes. Instead, to me it first smelled like fruity sweet bubblegum at the outset. After a couple of months, it now smells a little better— maybe the fruity bubblegum has turned into a fruity melon, but it's still sweet & NO tobacco/leather smell, & distinctly femme. Highly disappointing & Totally Overpriced, although it does last a decent six hours or so. My worst fragrance buy in quite a while. I'll go back to the tobacco juice I got from Michael Kors (great) & Vermeil (very good).
21st March, 2009