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John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

Serviceable. Inoffensive. I am having trouble coming up with anything more positive. OK for an office setting I suppose, but there is nothing unique or memorable here at all. A generic triumph, if you will.
23rd July, 2012

Beloved by Amouage

A lovely fragrance that dances on the edge of unisex thanks to the sage and leather. If the sage had hung around longer before the jasmine waltzed in, this would move from a like to a love. The exorbitant price, however, means I will only be sampling.
31st May, 2012

Chopard pour Homme by Chopard

I find that I agree with both SirSlarty and deeperthought. I do like it...yet it feels like a lighter, more sanitized version of Lanvin's Arpege. A very safe choice for the workplace, thoroughly competent but thoroughly unremarkable.
24th March, 2011
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Bois Marocain by Tom Ford

The opening volley of pine/cedar notes reminds me of a more peppery Acqua di Selva.
I do like it but the longevity and price tag would keep me from purchasing.
23rd February, 2011

Cuba Grey by Cuba Paris

Virtually identical to Eternity for Men to my nose. It doesn't last very long, but that is balanced by its inexpensive price.
11th March, 2010

Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren

I find this to be quite comforting - the fragrance equivalent of a favorite sweater. Definitely one for cooler weather, come October this very well might be the first one I pull out. Longevity on me is roughly 6 hours.
24th March, 2009