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Reviews by MoonDog

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Royall Lyme by Royall Lyme of Bermuda

I recently purchased a bottle of this and Royall Mandarin online. It is nothing like the original that I used to get from friends returning from Bermuda. The original Royal Lyme was a rich, slightly green lotion with a very limey smell. This is a clear liquid with a much more complex composition. It's fairly good as a general purpose lotion and leaves a nice residual fragrance after it dries. It will probably be a nice lotion to use after bathing during the summer months. The Royall Mandarin smells only slightly different. I wonder what ever happened to the original Royal Lyme. I imagine that it was much more expensive to make than this present version of the lotion. It's disappointing that the original lotion is no longer available.
28th March, 2009