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FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

There's no doubt that FbK is a perfume to which people are seldom indifferent. It has a smell of quality, it's penetrating and powerful in its unnuanced sweetness. I don't experience it transforming over time at all, as others seem to. On me, it's signally reluctant to do anything but fade a bit. If I didn't wash, it'd hang on, getting stale, but still resolutely, recognisably itself.
I've had it and worn it, on and off, for several years, the same bottle. At first, I was enchanted by what I took to be its splendid girly innocence. I guess what's happened is: I find its lack of development over time, its insistent shout of sweetness just plain tiring. One can weary of the best perfume, but this one seems designed in a wearisome way. Any charm offensive can fail, it falls apart into charm... and offensive...
Someone mentioned Baudrillard and the idea of a simulacrum - something which is an imitation of something else that doesn't actually exist. What a wonderful insight - and about the art of modern perfumery in general too; modern perfumes being mostly made of aromachemicals. Yes, it's nothing less than Art.
Anyway, to get back to FbK, shallow is shallow is shallow. In FbK, the map has indeed become the territory. FbK goes nowhere slowly and is, perhaps, the appropriate scent for my last day. When I leave a wish-list of garments and so on for my body to be clad in, I'll ask to be perfumed with FbK. I won't be able to smell it and I'll be beyond weariness.
13th May, 2012

Habanita by Molinard

There are so many reviews of Habanita I wondered if I should really add my teeny happorth, but I've been given a huge bottle today and sprayed it on in cavalier fashion.. do or die!

The opening was a bit frightening. I thought I might have drowned myself in another Bal a Versailles as there were some rude, sexy pongs in the strong, sweet overture. But no, before long I was wrapped in (nice) tobacco, honey and flowers. It's dried down super patchouli and vanilla-lush too. Yep, it's a bit head shop, but it's more than that. It's really quite amazingly good.

Long may it be available. For days when you're in the mood for loud, creamy sexy comfort scent.

I've been wearing it for 8 hours and I smell great!
24th April, 2012

Insensé by Givenchy

I wear this. It's a great feminine, being mostly floral. Others have described it to perfection here. I want to add that it has terrific sillage if you want to make an impression! I have a vintage bottle. May it be refilled every day like the magic potions in the stories. Love!
01st April, 2012
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Daliflor by Salvador Dali

Anyone interested in reading my reviews lately might be excused for thinking that I specialize in negative ones. The last few have been because I'm disposing of scents I don't like... (any more, I guess, since I acquired them once, yes!)

I hadn't worn Daliflor EdT for a while, but as I keep all my scents in a cool dark cupboard they don't spoil. I have a Kashaya de Kenzo in there bought in 1995 which is as lovely as ever.

This is how the big D hit me today: opening harshly green, it rapidly segued to loud sour rose. I washed my wrists. Too bad, it was still there. The sour rose squatted sullenly on its patch, resentfully supported by a dry-down of burnt sugar. Bah, yuck! Into the trash with you!

It coulda binna contenda, but there's something wrong with the structure *and* the proportions of constituents. You know, it's rather like coming to live in a city you don't know, where you're keen to settle and buy a property. Something in the newspaper looks right price-wise and size-wise. The suburb turns out to be in a damp hollow which feels too far away; the flat is an ugly brick unit with fair-sized rooms *but* with an exceptionally low stud and small windows which all look out onto dark gorse-covered hills. The supermarket is small, filled with junk food and unripe fruit. Except for the bananas you went in for, which are rotten. You get the general idea. I guess my taste (and probably my chemistry) has changed in the last decade.
21st March, 2012 (last edited: 24th March, 2012)

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

This review is for the current iteration( which I regret buying). I'd love to smell the versions others here own!

From the top: A blast of cough medicine mixed with the notorious body smells variously described by folk in many places, is followed by and hangs with a low-grade honey/greasy hair scent which sets my teeth on edge. It's like the sugar that's crystallized out of old, bad-quality clover honey. If this can be borne for a hour or so on my skin, it's replaced by an inoffensive, even pleasant, vaguely spicy dry-down. And that's it.

Lasts longer on fabric, which means, for me, the garment must be washed as the animal smell lingers longer. I disagree with those who call it urineous. It's the fecal smell exuded by fly-pollinated shrubs.

If this perfume is sex, it's cold, grungy sex without love.
19th March, 2012

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Has anyone noticed that "Alien" is very like "Louve"? I love them both for their exotic postmodern edginess. Alien came first and is much less expensive... hmmm - not a hard decision when it comes time to replace sample with bottle. They both have an icy metallic quality which lasts and which I find refreshing when I'm not in the mood for sultry flowers and spices. Alien doesn't mix well with garlic or Gucci Rush, all of which I smell of at time of writing. I must get some art deco jewellery on. Perfect.
08th May, 2009

Gucci Flora by Gucci

A big disappointment. First, a blast of sparkling but sickly faux apricot, like one of those stodgy slice cakes with plastic-y fruit fillings and dubious, slightly rancid fat in the flour. Then, a boring floral accord with nothing to distinguish it from a hundred hundred thousand others. A triumph of mediocrity. They forgot to add a dry down which is perhaps why it's so short-lived. Wanting to capture the Britney market I suspect. Yawn.
06th May, 2009

Tabu by Dana

Powerful stuff! Generally, I enjoy potent seduction scents if I'm in the right mood. I decided to test my memory of Tabu today, as I haven't sniffed it for about 40 years. Back then it made me a bit queasy (more estrogen than now). I was almost knocked down by the sillage from one spray on the wrist. The top notes are quite a clarion call and I worried that passers-by might think I was off to my day-shift at the local massage parlour. I can detect no animal notes in this scent - it's raucously floral and sententiously spicy, and I suspect she who wears it shouldn't wash for a few days before wearing it to get the sultry best from Tabu. I arrived home one hour after application and washed the wrist with liquid soap and warm water, thoroughly. What's left is about the right amount, and still potent. There's an overwhelmingly-sweet quality to the accord which doesn't appeal to me too much. I'd like some leather notes and a little more woody dryness to temper it. But hey, for the price... who's complaining! Not too bad really - far, far superior to the ghastly Stitch series and their ilk. To be worn with motley furs, red heels, tousled hair and lots of black eyeliner.
20th April, 2009 (last edited: 20th October, 2012)

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

Pure comfort. Warm, honeyed orange-blossom with a little cream and spice. Good for when I feel the need of The Mother's loving presence round me. A quality, classic perfume.
17th April, 2009

Sa Majesté la Rose by Serge Lutens

Well... I was given a sample of Sa Majeste t'other day. After more than 20 years (yes!) I've just used up my 55ml spray bottle of Shiseido Rosarium EdP (y'all know the connection), which I'd kept always stored away from sunlight in a cool cupboard. Amazing longevity. The bottle is still resplendent with the fragrance: very powerful, almost overwhelming-green top notes and then the lush, rain-drenched red rose (tea and bourbon roses melded, to my mind) slowly settling into a spicy-rose dry-down. Lovely, when I'm in the mood for smelling sensually rosy. Long story short, Sa Maj is pretty much Rosarium, perhaps not as fabulously diverse or intense in its notes, but recognisably the same. I'd love another bottle of Rosarium though - it seems better. Perhaps I'm just being scentimental. After all, a fragrance that's been in your life that long is like favorite poetry or music, a kind of counterpoint and/or commentary on both the spirit and the body of your existence.
04th April, 2009

Louve by Serge Lutens

Louve starts with almond and something bitter and medicinal on me - rather naughty - and I like it. I always loved the scent of almond essence as a child, and that's what attracted me to this scent. It settles down into a sweet muskiness which retains an edge of that cold, sharp, rather metallic ungent. Nice if you're in the mood for she-wolfery. A depilated she-wolf in a glam dress, more aluminium than silver-coloured. She has a hip flask of old blood mixed with vodka in her pocket.
31st March, 2009

Pink Happiness by Revlon

You'd think that all the notes in this scent would make it interesting. For me, alas, no.... and generally speaking, I love sweet scents! I *don't* smell lemon, bergamot, black pepper, elemi, jasmine muguet, ylang-ylang. All I get is molto molto musk + vanilla, right from the get-go, for hour after hour after hour! Sickly sweet. You get what you pay for, I guess. I'm about to bin the remains of my 15 ml bottle.
30th March, 2009

Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana

I agree with others - Sicily is a dense perfume. However, I like it - it's classy. Perhaps because I'm 60, but not a stereotypical "old lady", I feel confident in it. It's a lovely way to go out smelling of lemons and bergamot, and other sweet things as it drys down. It's not a scent to spray on generously unless you want to dominate the whole world. What is it with some folk? They complain about certain perfumes being overpowering, but they use them so wastefully.

Sicily is more a comfort scent than an erotic one for me. I enjoy its warmth and don't find the base notes sickly at all. It speaks of contentment and peaceful sunny days. I never cease to be fascinated by how differently individuals respond to perfumes. Thank goodness. Wouldn't life be dull if we all approved of exactly the same things.
29th March, 2009 (last edited: 21st March, 2012)
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