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Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens

I have quite conflicting feelings about this. I love the honey note (to me it is more beeswax), but I don't like the barnyard/cat pee thing going on there, I don't think it compliments the honey. To me, the honey is so syrupy it would be better to alleviate it a bit with something fresh. But this scent makes me feel sticky, like I've covered myself in that stuff they use in waxing studios. Or like I'm a fly trapped in a carnivorous plant, my feet sticking to the leaf and I can't get away...AAARRRGGGHHH! This the only fragrance I can think of that actually evokes a feeling of texture in me - but not in good way.

EDIT: I just let my DH smell my wrist. He gasped with disgust and said: "There's just one word to describe this: No." :laugh:
25th March, 2012

White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum

This starts off with a run-of-the-mill waft of white flowers and then turns into plastic. This is not a very well crafted scent at all and I really can't understand the hype.
12th September, 2011

Tangerine Vert by Miller Harris

I was a little dissapointed with this one. It starts off with a fresh citrus blast, which unfortunately quickly becomes quite artificial. It smells like Fanta to me and then the drydown gets very soapy. Not very interesting.
09th August, 2010
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Eau Frappée by Iunx

I am so sad that this masterpiece by Olivia Giacobetti ahs been discontinued. It's a salty citrus that opens up with a tart lemon zest blast, never turns sweet and doesn't have your typical woodsy-herbal cologne drydown. The sharpness of the lemon is softened by the ocean breeze note that it develops after a few minutes. I really love this, it feels so pure, so fresh, so ethereal.
07th August, 2010

Palermo by Byredo

This is just wonderful, I immediately fell in love with it. It begins with a refreshing blast of bigarade and then quickly develops into a very sexy, almost metallic, clean musk with a hint of citrus. I don't really get the rose. Overall it reminds me very much of Silver Musk by Nasomatto. The sillage is similarly low, which I personally prefer in a perfume anyway. Longevity is quite good, I kept catching a whiff of this now and then all day. It is very suitable for hot weather, because there is nothing sweet or cloying about it.
20th July, 2010

Bigarade Concentrée by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

For me THE citrus scent. Often described as a "sweaty orange". Unbelievably naturalistic orange peel which is deepened by rose and a musky drydown. What I absolutely love about this scent is that it is fresh, but not sharp and cool. It is warm and yet never sweet or cloying. It is one of the rare citrus scents that is not too clean and airy, but which actually dries down to a comforting skin scent. It is very sexy.
22nd June, 2010

Soleil de Capri by Montale

This is a lovely fresh, yet at the same time warm scent. I find it quite complex and love the way it effortlessly passes through it's very disctinct stages with some quite surprising turns on the way. It starts off like a classic fresh citrus, but very quickly turns into an absolutely delicious fruity gourmand, very natural and not too sweet. It dries down to a soft, almost breezy and slightly spicy musk that almost melts into my skin. At that last stage in doesn't even seem like a perfume anymore, but like the natural scent of my skin - only enhanced.

I do not find that this smells exactly like Light Blue, as some reviewers have said. Light Blue starts off with a much sharper citrus, does not have the beautiful dry down and has a much cheaper, synthetic feel to it.
29th March, 2009

Eternity by Calvin Klein

This scent is just absolutely atrocious. It has a cloying, sharp, fake powdery smell. In summer it does not do well at all with sweat, but just turns bitter and even sharper and just simply makes you gag. A friend of mine who wears this actually noticed that I seem to flinch away from her when she comes too close....
29th March, 2009