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Nature Millénaire by Yves Rocher

I totally loved this fragrance. It took me to a place, that no other fragrance has ever taken me before. I love truly natural scents. To me, this scent is like fresh, black earth after a long rain. It reminded me of when I was a child, and helped my mother in her vegetable garden. I love that "dirt" smell. I have only smelled one other fragrance like this one, and I cannot remeber the name. It seems like perhaps it was Gap "Pink", or something similar. But, Nature Millenaire will always be one of my all-time favorites. I only wish I could still find it...
01st April, 2009

L'Eau Monteil by Germaine Monteil

I remember this one! I loved it. My nose is in-experienced, but I gathered it to be an almost childlike blend of fruits and sweet herbs. To me, this is a happy and casual scent. Like a baby that has just eaten a fresh wedge of watermelon. When I was wearing it, I lived in Florida and it went perfectly with the steamy and sultry weather. It lifted my mood with soft florals. I would recomend this as a feminine and slighly sporty fragrance for young women, and any woman who is young at heart and prefers fruity florals.
01st April, 2009