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Very Irrésistible by Givenchy

Wearing Very Irresistible is like being enveloped in the color pink. This is basically one long cascade of roses. Anise is listed in the notes but I can’t smell it after the first fifteen minutes of VI. That’s a shame. I wish there had been a more prominent spice element in this to hold my attention. But looking at what VI actually is (and not what I want it to be) I think that VI is successful, overall. It’s certainly a scent oriented towards young women, a societal category I belong to. VI is flirty but without any overt sensuality. It’s a soft, dreamy scent and a very innocent vision of what it means to be “irresistible.” That’s okay, though. Not every scent needs to be come-hither. I’m sure that lots of people enjoy this scent. Heck, I did too when I wore it. I just wish it had a little extra spark. As it is, I won’t be buying a bottle of VI but I don’t regret wearing it at all.
08th April, 2009