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Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma

I have waited a long time before try any Acqua di Parma Colonia. I first tried every single Blu Mediterraneo. So I adventured to this "Assoluta" version, thinking it would a less risk version of the AdP Colonias. I´m not an expert, so one more experienced nose could tell this is a superb classy fragrance. I only can think about what smells good or doesn't to me, and for me every single Blue Mediterraneo smells better (more pleasant and interesting) than this. I don't find anything really strong here, not even in the begining; what I most get is some smell which remembers a common lavanda, one that smells kinda rancid, that could come from some very inexpensive fragrance that would make no big difference. Atkinsons English Lavender smells nicer at this point. Well, time pass and than a mild smell rest for a good time, like a smell of a soap bar, with just some fragrance for not being completely a neutral smell. At this point, does smell better, but still lingering the "meh smell" territory. Could be worse: Hermes Gentiane manages to smell much more like a neutral smell bar soap (for laundry and kitchen).
30th March, 2015 (last edited: 31st March, 2015)

Porsche Design Essence by Porsche

How I like the concept of this fragrance, and the bottle itself, kinda of "radioactive refrigerator" as said a couple of reviews bellow ":¬). But damn notes which feels like some flowers left on the water, feeling that I catch just after put it on skin. I think empathyboy may has written right to the point: "I find that it is best used sparingly as it can become a bit sickly due to a dance (which can feel a bit like a battle) between it's sweet and peppery structure. It also smells a lot better on clothes or 'in the air' as another user has commented." It just had been proven to me today. I didn't have the chance to test in more days, but so far my fiancé didn't complain. It's me who is not patiente enough to fully enjoy this scent in the way I'd like to enjoy, having others with more constancy, specially during the top notes to drydown transition. Maybe with a substitute top note, the history could has a better ending.
09th December, 2011

Davidoff Adventure Eau Fraîche by Davidoff

Tried it in a Duty Free in the Congonhas airport, São Paulo, and finished buying a bottle. To my nose is the kind of lemony sport scent, and a watery one. It is not sharp, pungent, harsh or acid, neither smell like some cleaning product. I was surprise because didn't care a bit about Davidoff's Adventure itself. To me Eau Fraiche smells distinctive in somehow, and alongside Dior Homme Sport is my reference of what would be a nice lemony sport scent, with some elegancy (purely subjective opinion, since I don't have suficient elements to classify this or that as a classy or elegant scent, in a more objective way, or in a more Luca Turin/Tania Sanchez's way). I can not tolerate Gucci by Gucci Sport, and I´m not so thrilled about Versace pour Homme and even less for Allure Edition Blanche, but this Eau Fraiche however is easily likeable.
09th December, 2011
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Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

First I liked it, then I disliked it. But by returning to it from time to time I now know that the first impression remained stick. It is bland, short lived and looks like a diluated scent, peppery just to give a mild sensation that has some pepper. I don't know how to explain but allthough many say this scent has a sexy aura, what I figure out is something instrospective but elegant, discrete but suggestive, all in a formal place with good clothes. I know, that's another very subjective review. Thumbs up also considering that subjective thing.
29th November, 2011

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Toilette by Chanel

A lemony scent that is a bit sharp and a bit creamy. And very linear and its very good longevity! This was my first chanel and, knowing a bit of scents today, I was thinking something different of a elegant lemony scent from this house. Very lemony indee. I can not dissociate something elegant from something pleasant, and so, Dior Homme Sport and Davidoff Adventure eau Fraiche feels more in that way, to my nose.
29th November, 2011

Swiss Unlimited by Victorinox

I was anxious to try it since I like very much the concept of this: the landscape with the mountain and snow, the bottle, the brand itself ... So I applied it with no control and was almost knock down by the strong blast of cold sweetness that is this scent. And I think the fir is a great noticiable note, and what gives the weird sensation I get most of the time. Probably is that medicine thing saxifrage wrote about. And probably one of the notes responsible for give the somewhat cold or fresh feeling I get, which is the only thing I may say keeps my attention. I don't think is easy to like, in fact is quite the opposite. Maybe works better really in the cold weather, like somewhere in switzerland itself, and I´m not joking. I´d like to try that there, or at São Joaquim, the coldest city here in Brazil. Just because of that I still want to try it more. So far, considering the fact that I´m disturbed most of the time while using it, the overall evaluation goes to the negative side.
28th November, 2011 (last edited: 06th December, 2011)

Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

Thumbs up for sure. This is the easiest scent to use when in the evening through the night. Initially I didn't care too much about it, but after try and buy many scents, of all types and nature, this is by far the most safe in terms of charming, happiness, discrition and other things I can imagine I would say about a perfume. Fruity and musk is what I most think about notes. It is my number 1 from Herrera's, following by Herrera for Men. I´m not a fan of any of the 212 series, and a bit neutral about CH Men.
28th November, 2011

UDV Blue by Ulric de Varens

There is a sweet aspect in this scent that reminds me what I get in Desiré Blue, which is what give to me the remembering of some fabric softener. This aspect I don't get in the co-relateds scents OBoticario Quasar, Água de Cheiro Hydros, and even Cool Water (I prefer Quasar and Hydros). Thumbs down because of that, allthough is just right that what makes it different from the others mentioned.
18th November, 2011 (last edited: 06th December, 2011)

Quasar by O Boticário

I agree with rikafa and I bring another one: Ladro by Lacqua di Fiori. All of them are of the same time and all are related to Cool Water. I also prefer Hydros, allthough I´m not so familiar with UDV Blue, unless by the fact that I tried it months ago in a shop store and found its opening quite strong. I don't know much more about UDV to say more, but I orderer a bottle so lets see. Anyway, is interesting that I prefer these clones to the original 'cause Cool Water's drydown has something that disturbs me a little bit. Quasar is the most light.
25th October, 2011

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

It hurts the nose a little bit when smelled very close to skin, but smelling it from around gives me a nice impression. And is very recognized too, you can say is Aqva. I use it very very rarely, but I have a good impression, I guess is the all thing: the scent itself, the color of the bottle, the ad that always recalls "water", and the name of course. Here I don't get that "raw fish" feeling from Aqva Marine when smelled close to skin, so I prefer this. Kenzo pour Homme is my choice, a personal thing, because the feeling that it gives me. Aqva is less dry for sure, and sometimes looks a bit fruity (watermelon is not listed here). Thumbs up not for loving it, but because that all thing.
08th January, 2011

Malbec by O Boticário

I really like this scent. It took me 5 years until try it. On paper, feels as if it is harsh. But is not. Good on paper and on skin, but on skin is a little sweet, but always nice. It is very interesting when a few hours late you wash just a little your wrist and get something really nice, I´m not sure if "alcoholic" would describe well the feeling, but I like. And I love the liquid soap with grape seeds that is selling here in Brazil. Nice combination. Unfortunately a bit hit, many many men using it, easly recognized. Still, one of my favourites, can never leave my wardrobe.
08th January, 2011

Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

I like its fresh aspect but the raw fish feeling that I get is a considerable disappointment. Better if smelled from some distance.
06th January, 2011

Essential by Lacoste

In the very first moment I thought this could be the fresh scent I was looking for, different and somehow elegant, matching perfectly with the ad. But quickly one thing overpowered my senses to the point of disturbance, which I figured out to be the tomatoes leaves.

When I read the review by ANK212 I just thought: that's it!

21st September, 2010
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Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart

I found this extremely awful! Yes, it is cloying, has a monster sillage and lasts really long. There is nothing that would suggest, to me, something "silver", and even so "dark". Instead, it has a super jelly bean smell (like those we find on children parties) which turns this scent very annoying to me.
11th December, 2009

Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

One of the most elegant perfumes which I know. In the same vein of Burberry Men (this one is more sharp and burocratic), and Paco Rabanne XS (this one is more simple and perhaps more safe), but better, more refined than these 2.
07th December, 2009

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

The reviewer "dannyboy" said that the new Allure Homme Blanche Edition has a similar note. Well, I had this feeling just after spray BLV on skin and clothes; at this moment that Bvlgari really remembered that Chanel. There are not lemons in BLV, and there are not anything "soapy" in Allure Edition Blanche, but a sharp character is common between these scents. Well, this scent is a little "soapy", may looks that you just take a shower and kept some smell from that shower. It is a little sharp and fresh at the same time, but it could be very strong (and cloying) if you overapply it. I'm not going to describe it note by note, I'm not so good to do this yet, althought you may see there are ginger there. So, I can say this scent doesn't scream I am here, and I am bad ... but just I am here, and I have personality. Following this thinking, it will never be girly or something like this. But here I think it will really be a matter of chemistry, so try before by.

My brother was wearing this days ago, and I recognize it. Not so excited about, I give it a neutral.
12th August, 2009 (last edited: 07th January, 2011)

Noir by S.T. Dupont

It's a matter of chemistry and/or personal liking. I read out here some people saying that this scent smells cheap, that looks common, and worst (a "vil" scent, for example). Well, maybe I'm new in this fragrance world, because I don't share these opinions. Probably because I fell that it is a safe scent for me and, most of all, because I enjoy it very much. I don't get a clear "mint", because it is mixed, but this note add some freshness to the scent, but just at first. During its evolution the scent is getting warm, by the nutmeg I think. But just a little warm, at the point you may use it during your work day, at the office. Longevity is really good. About how the scent works on skin and clothes or fabric, I agree with "argus wishingwell": the scent tend to ge warmer on skin, but remains a little fresh on clothes.

Thumbs up!
12th August, 2009

Jungle pour Homme by Kenzo

In its review about GF Ferré Lui/Him SirSlarty wrote that "with a weak sillage I find it to be a scent to wear for yourself". Part of the scents with a strong or predominant note of nutmeg is, for me, more to wear for yourself than to announce your presence to the others, in the sense that is somehow pleasant, but doesn't have "that" sex appeal. Take the "S.T.Dupont Noir" for example ... excluding the top notes, I think is a scent which has a nutmeg character during its drydown, pleasant and a little warm ... close to the skin, like GF Ferré Lui/Him (this is heavier than that Dupont). In Jungle pour Homme we have a long long road until reach what could be a pleasant nutmeg note, and once I enjoy pleasant scents I do not have patience to wait until there. Sex appel? Sorry, I can't imagine it ... and I don't see it as a romantic, serious nor elegant scent. Is, for me, a strong one which should work better during the very cold days. The combination of Lime, Maté with nutmeg and woodys looks unusual but strongly familiar at the same time: it remembers me animal cages in a circus, most of all during its top notes, which take a long time to fade away. During its drydown things start to work better, but still not enough (for me) to enjoy this scent.

Unusual, yes; a criative work, maybe ... But it must be one of the most stinkies perfumes I have ever smelled so far. Like, dislike or indifferent? Dislike, so thumbs down!
12th August, 2009

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

Smelling this took me back to my early 90's, most of all the 1992 year, when it was launched. It has some kind of an asceptic, cleaning smell, and today I feel that a note is missing, maybe a sweet note. The scent is linear, and longevity is very good. May be a safe choice, as has been said, for an young adult, or a more mature guy, for the office or going business. More to the mature side of the things, I think. Not so confortable scent, so I give it a neutral.
05th April, 2009