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Waikiki Pikake by Pacifica

I loved this as a candle scent, and stupidly thought it would be equally great as a fragrance for myself. I was really wrong. What's beautiful, clean, and tropical (not in the Hawaiian Tropic lotion way, but in a what-an-island-actually-smells-like way) as a candle is strangely mothball-esque as a perfume. I still love the candles, so maybe I'll just use this as a room spray. Not bad, but not a legitimate perfume, either.
22nd April, 2009

Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica

This smells like Fruit Loops. I prefer more "grown-up" fragrances (or, as some of my friends would say, "old lady perfume"), but for whatever reason I really love this. I don't have many days where I yearn to smell like kids' cereal, admittedly, but when I do, this works.
22nd April, 2009

Divine by Divine

To me, this smells exactly like Chloe. (The old 80's Lagerfeld version, not the new one.) But it smells like it's been done with MUCH better ingredients, so it gets points added for that. Plus, it's the same name as my beloved cat, so how can I not love it?
09th April, 2009
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