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Sanrio - My Melody by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is a sweet, marzipan (marketed as almond) and sugar, with some spice (gingerbready / cinnamony spice). It is completely appropriate for the youth it is designed for. Longevity is surprisingly reasonable, a warm and cozy scent.

This is definitely not something an experienced nose would enjoy, it is quite synthetic, candified and so on, but for the target market it is quite a nice unusual purchase somewhat different to the fruity florals pedaled to that age group.
14th February, 2011

Vanillary by Gorilla Perfume

This smells like cat pee to me and no matter what I do, it doesn't smell like anything else. I've tried the solid and the spray. I actually own the solid.

When it's on my skin and when I sniff the bottle this is just 100% pee to me. Just like sticking your head in the cat litter pan. It gets worse as it progresses on my skin. It just becomes stale old pee like a mens washroom at a pub.

27th December, 2010

Breath of God by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

The smoky opening is really beautiful and starts off a long, layered dry down into cedar and through a pretty, feminine mid-note palatte. It lasts nicely, and has a lot of depth. I wish there was a little more smoke in the base to enjoy but it's still quite unusual and pretty.

I feel it is definitely at *least* unisex, and very wearable as a woman compared to some of the other smoky/cedar options out there. Just one spray on my hand was enough for me to get a full 5 hour journey, and my skin usually evaporates anything within an hour.
01st December, 2010
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Prada Intense by Prada

Just smelled like a more mature, round and strong version of JPG Classique on me. The amber turned into a smoky cigarette butt in the dry down on my skin and it was far too mature and unisex for my tastes.

It is very strong with good longevity but surprisingly minimal sillage after the top and middle have tried, even on a hot day.
06th August, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger

This is a fresh white delicate floral. It is quite pretty, with some unique notes that improve the overall generic scent. The longevity is quite good on my skin, sillage is minor but still present, not bad at all.

This projects and wears much better when skin is warm, making it an ideal summer choice. Acceptable for the office, daywear or casual evenings. I did not detect many of the fruit notes listed but there is a slight sweetness to the product.
05th August, 2010

Ralph by Ralph Lauren

A fresh, clean smelling scent with some fruits and green notes through top and mid. Nothing particularly exciting here, and I think there's both fruitier and fresher elsewhere. I would say this is summer wear, with ok longevity considering its type. It's not sensual or intimate, just breezy. The floral notes are quite clean and green, not overly powdery, very youthful.

Still this has some redeeming qualities, is quite inoffensive and wearable, the sillage (minor but present) is quite pleasant and smells nicer than sniffing your own skin. It's accessible for those that might otherwise avoid florals, because of the fresh/clean presentation.
30th July, 2010

Notorious by Ralph Lauren

On my skin this smells like mothballs, cleaning product and a faint whiff of Arden's 80's powerhouse-ness then fades away. There is a close-to-skin remnant an hour later but barely. I feel this needs more mature skin than mine.

For me, sillage was non-existent and poor longevity.
28th July, 2010

Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears

On my skin this is a sweet, spicy version of Fantasy. It had poor sillage but good longevity very close to the skin. I wouldn't run out to buy it, but it is generally available inexpensively anyway.

More appropriate for winter given the notes but because of the poor sillage there is no harm wearing in the warmer weather if you fancy. It is very fruity like the others in this line and has nothing particularly unique or exciting about it. Still, I wouldn't hesitate to give as a gift to any young perfume fashionista that likes celeb frags.
25th July, 2010

The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This has an odd creamy sweetness, and it is well crafted, there are a lot of different scents at play within the fragrance and it changes nicely as it dries down. However, although a bit unusual with nice character it is still not very unique or inspiring. It's a bit boring all the way throughout. It makes you want to sniff it again but then still leaves you a bit underwhelmed when you do. There's some nice floral notes in the middle but they faded super quick on me, and I barely experienced anything of the top at all.

The creaminess can be a bit nauseating, and that's not something I've experienced much of. Still, it would be a nice scent for someone who's skin it works well on.
23rd July, 2010

Very Irrésistible by Givenchy

This is quite a heavy scent, in a sharp way. The florals are quite bold, I would consider it more mature than a lot of the releases in this price range. There's a nice faint green-ness in the dry down. Longevity is pretty good, sillage is above average for this kind of scent, you don't have to use much, but by no means overpowering.

For something floral, I would say this is quite accessible for even those that prefer sweeter scents or bold statement perfumes. It's probably right in the middle of the words youthful and mature, the mature young lady should enjoy it.
21st July, 2010

Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

This is somewhat ordinary but still quite pleasant. There is sometimes almost a "sunscreen" or lotion scent in the middle notes. It's floral and pretty but nothing particularly exciting. Like others have said, it is very clean and soapy and will last, with decent sillage as well. I probably wouldn't spend much on a full bottle (although it comes pretty cheap anyway) but having a few samples around for the summer is nice. I don't think it would be as nice in the winter.
20th July, 2010