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Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

Escape by Calvin Klein was introduced to the world in 1993. Although the year of 1993 was well pass of the 80's Escape seemed to be trapped into wrong decade. This scent is all about syntheticism with its distinctive mixture of almost everything. It starts with appealing fresh scent of grapfruit (spiced up with eucalyptus). This makes you feel energized for a moment, before the horrid truth of Escape's inner flavours reveals itself. As fresh grapfruit makes its great escape the bitter mess of different scents starts dominate the spots on which you sprinkled some CK Escape. Also unfortunately this latter ''scent'' lasts for a quite long time and offers no relief if you hope that there'd be something good coming after the mess of synthetic scents. Escape dryes off with a scent which reminds of stuffy pub with its old cigarette alike scent. Overall Escape starts with great scent, but after that it makes a full turn to point which reminds me of 80's neon colour, permanent hair, synthetic fibres and bad taste. And it ends with terrible dryed out cigarette alike scent. Simply this scent is out of date.
05th March, 2005