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Rykiel Homme by Sonia Rykiel

Rykiel Homme is a little known fragrance in the fragrance community however has a small following that swears by this fragrance.

Nose behind this is Jean Marie Santantoni. This will be my first review of a Jean Marie scent which intrigues me since his resume is pretty bare in the men’s game.

The idea behind Rykiel Homme (EDP) is a green scent that has a huge backbone of Styrax.

Upon smelling Rykiel Homme you are met with a very fresh and invigorating opening of greens and some excellent citruses mainly the Yuzu. The greens including the violets truly make this opening a solid one. You are met with some sweetness and a hint of spice to put everything together.

The drydown shows you much more depth including some of the opening notes that continue to push (mainly violets) with jasmine to continue the sweetness. The styrax is the star of the show imo which without it Rykiel Homme would be losing most of it’s appeal. The styrax which was mentioned in other reviews mentioned the incense like accord however I never smelt a smokey tinge at all in this scent, the styrax however gave me a spicy resinous appeal like tolu balsam, it gave me an idea between clove and labdanum.

Overall, Rykiel Homme is a solid release. I don’t think it will be heavily missed in the fragrance community (discontinued). It was truly a very pleasant surprise from a little known house.

Rykiel homme reminded me of Hugo by Hugo Boss (mint and greens), it’s best for Daytime and casual wear and I loved wearing it during the spring (because of the greens), fall and summer nights. It is work appropriate since it’s never pushed much on my skin, signature scent worthy yes but now being harder to find I’d pass on it.

Projection: 4
Longevity: 5 (4-6 hours)
Compliment Factor: 3 (Luke warm reception)
Uniqueness: 5
Pricing VS what you get: 3 (time of writing this it was 70-120 USD)
Versatility: 6 (above average)
Smell: 6
Overall: 5

Buy Try or Pass: Pass (not worth to search it out)
25th September, 2016

Erolfa by Creed

Creed Erolfa is a dark horse of the Creed family. Often overlooked however has a large following that swears by this fragrance.

Nose behind this is Olivier Creed. I personally feel that Olivier put Creed on the map. This man released some of the best from the house.

The idea behind Erolfa was to bottle Olivier’s memories of the family yacht and sailing the Mediterranean (Hence the reasoning for the family names forming Erolfa).

Upon smelling Erolfa, Olivier did just that it transports me to the deck of a large Yacht in the middle of the sea. The citruses are short lived however are fantastic (Selection Verte shows you the real Citrus quality Creed can show the world). They are sparkling, refreshing and give the user an ode to freshness right away. Something I discovered late on my testing was that the opening also steals a page from MI or is it the other way around (MI released in 95). That melon is so fresh, it not overly sweet and it works so well with the ambergris.

Erolfa shortly thereafter shows you what you came to smell, which is the ozonic salty quality which in my opinion comes a close second to the one I smelled in Sel Marin (Heeley). It’s very authentic and if I close my eyes just enough I can picture myself on that Creed Yacht.

The ambergris in Erolfa is simply outstanding, it has a huge presence in this scent and it worked so well with the other notes. I felt Erolfa truly shows the ambergris to the wearer. Erolfa is a simple straightforward scent, which it shows complexity once it begins being a signature scent or like I have, wore it more then several times.

The musk, sandalwood and ambergris anchors Erolfa (pun intended), which can give off a slightly sweet, clean, and a tad of a soapy/creamy quality. There’s also a solid coniferous aspect (pine) and some truly understated spices.

Erolfa can easily be a signature scent for anyone, easy to throw on, can be great for someone just starting their new job with buying new suits you should get yourself a equally great scent and this could be yours.

Projection: 6
Longevity: 6 (4-6 hours)
Compliment Factor: 6 (little above average)
Uniqueness: 8
Pricing VS what you get: 3 (retail)
Versatility: 8 (high)
Smell: 9 (with more wearings you love it more)
Overall: 9

Buy Try or Pass: I recommend this one as a Try depending on taste
19th September, 2016

Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

Kenzo's First Male Fragrance Release and what an entry level fragrance they released. Kenzo is keeping the name of KPH alive with multiple flankers in recent years and hopefully the new generation discovers this scent.

Nose behind this is Christian Mathieu and this shall be his best release even thought his resume is fairly bare.

The idea behind KPH was to build a fragrance around the idea of dark blue/green vegetal aspect and the marine world. The blue bamboo as seen on the original bottle.

Upon smelling KPH is transported me to the deep edge of the sea right away, there was not winding down period here, just delve in. You get hit with many facets including some citruses, aquatic notes, woods and florals. KPH shows depth that many aquatics lack in this modern male perfumery world. This isn't your stereotypical aquatic, it's dark blue. You aren't just on a boat and the sea is around you, you are scuba diving deep down in the water, it's not crystal clear anymore, it's dark blue... you smell vegetation around you.

I smelt a plastic note here that is a little different (some say rubber) , it reminds me going with the aquatic theme here of the plastic key holders they give you for your keys to your boat so you don't lose your keys in the water. I love the work of the sage and pine in this scent. The sage gave KPH an edge almost peppery, the pine is not strong however resonates throughout the scent.

Contrary to reviews on here I get quite a bit of florals like many 90's counterparts utilized (ADG with jasmine) and it works with the overall theme here in KPH.

Overall KPH is a true warrior in the early 90's aquatic years. There's no too many survivors that are still doing well to this day. Kenzo Pour Homme made it's mark on the fragrance industry and it truly made a mark with me during my testing for my review on youtube on me.

Kenzo Pour Homme can easily be a signature scent for anyone, easy to throw on, can be great for someone just starting out since I see it sold for cheap online or a true veteran fragrance head since it has some very interesting parts to it. The development is quite linear however it's an easy transition and flawless delivery by the perfumier. It's work appropriate and on me it was not a huge compliment getter.

Projection: 6
Longevity: 6 (5-6 hours)
Compliment Factor: 6 (average)
Uniqueness: 7
Pricing VS what you get: 10
Versatility: 9 (very high)
Smell: 8 (solid)
Overall: 8 (very solid release)

Buy Try or Pass: I recommend this one as a Try (it worth a shot to sniff)
03rd September, 2016
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Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

My First written review obviously has to be on the one that I love the most. First the price, the price on this one is very reasonable which to me JPG could jack up the price if they wanted to, no wonder it's a best seller still.. after 15 years of production. This is a oriental fougere , which is my favourite group and this tops the list as the best in business.

One if not the best opening that I have ever smelt. It's not the most complicated fragrance ever done, but sometimes being simple does the job. The highlight of this is obviously the whole sweet vanilla/powdery drydown. As far as breakdown of the actual scent I believe the over 150 reviews on this has beaten it to death.

Longevity it gives me 10 plus hours, and the projection is loud. It's fairly versatile fragrance as I can wear it almost year round (I don't wear it in the summer) and it can be a daily or night fragrance. Overall this is if I had one my signature scent and can be yours too. It does everything I ask for as far as a fragrances goes and I give it a 10 out of 10.
05th March, 2010