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Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

My First written review obviously has to be on the one that I love the most. First the price, the price on this one is very reasonable which to me JPG could jack up the price if they wanted to, no wonder it's a best seller still.. after 15 years of production. This is a oriental fougere , which is my favourite group and this tops the list as the best in business.

One if not the best opening that I have ever smelt. It's not the most complicated fragrance ever done, but sometimes being simple does the job. The highlight of this is obviously the whole sweet vanilla/powdery drydown. As far as breakdown of the actual scent I believe the over 150 reviews on this has beaten it to death.

Longevity it gives me 10 plus hours, and the projection is loud. It's fairly versatile fragrance as I can wear it almost year round (I don't wear it in the summer) and it can be a daily or night fragrance. Overall this is if I had one my signature scent and can be yours too. It does everything I ask for as far as a fragrances goes and I give it a 10 out of 10.
05th March, 2010