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    Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

    I went through about a hundred samples a few years ago and have always remembered trying Cool Water, which I did not like. Well Bleu immediately reminded me of that. Sans the Concord grape juice, and a little less in your face.
    Granted, Bleu has hints and traces of refined odors upon careful smelling but the overall effect is a boring sports scent and every bit as synthetic as the next big name department store fragrance. A disappointment from Chanel.

    03rd June, 2012


    Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

    Unless I was sent a wrong sample, I think this is very, very, very similar to Ellena's other Hermes fragrance Un Jardin sur le Nil. Terre is in dried orange rind and Nil is primarily reedy smoke and green mangoes. Both produce a sense of freshness, as in water, which I am told is attributable to Iso Super E, which some people like and others can't tolerate.
    I don't get a sense of earth from Terre, primarily orange and that elusive fresh water feeling.
    Can't say I'd want to smell this for any period longer than a few hours. Maybe in very small doses in the winter. Interesting, none the less.

    08th August, 2011


    McGraw by Tim McGraw


    The advertising says: "McGraw is a spicy woody fragrance with notes of bergamot, nutmeg, lavender, moss, amber, patchouli, sandalwood and aged whisky."

    I sampled this at Kohl's where I sometimes stop by the fragrance booth to check out the more commercialized brands. On the blotter I got a fleeting hit of a more mature man's fragrance, almost like a discreet Azzaro pour Homme, rather than the typical cheap sporty stuff I usually find there. After spraying it on however, it quickly morphed into all of Cool Water's synthetics with nothing on top but some old banana peel and pepper. Maybe that's supposed to be the whiskey mentioned in the advert. It diminished quickly to a faint musty iris found at the bottom of an aunt's old leather handbag.

    Just way too full of irritating synthetics for me. Maybe as soon as something gets market penetration, they reformulate to reduce any costly components. That is the only way I can understand the diversity of opinions here.

    03rd April, 2011


    Pi by Givenchy

    This smelled like cheap vanilla candy in a pine forest air freshener to me. With just a hint of headache-inducing ozonic chemical. After I scrubbed it off, the remaining skin scent was not an unpleasant simple powder with a slight coniferous quality.
    Maybe it would be better as a body wash then. I would suggest wearers to try Bulgari Black for an alternative take on vanilla.

    17th January, 2011


    Eternity Summer for Men 2009 by Calvin Klein

    This has an initial 3 minute blast of the same melony citrus that Bulgari Aqua Marine hits you with, only weaker. The drydown is pleasant, mildly peppery and aquatic. Fades rapidly, but refreshing in its short life. After 2 hours just a bit of clean soap on the skin.

    Probably best if you just want to spruce up a bit for a few hours.

    21st March, 2010


    Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

    Just tried this on myself for the first time and it immediately answered the question of what I had smelled so many times long ago that stunk so bad.

    Artificial grape candy and a headache. Very strong and permeating. I can only imagine it could be pleasant in faint wafts on a very strong breeze.

    21st March, 2010


    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    I purchased a small sample of this thinking that if the fecal and overtly smelly notes listed by many reviewers really did come across, next stop would be the shower. Now, I think this fragrance should be used to experiment on how different people perceive odor, because for the life of me, I can't detect anything remotely "dirty" about it. I can agree with many that the main accord evokes clean (not soap clean) skin, natural soft animal muskiness, and intimate warmth.
    Completely unisex and wears close to the skin. I have the feeling that MKK can morph easily to any person's individual character and would probably be good for layering with just about anything.
    Really, really, something special.

    19th February, 2010


    Grezzo d'Eleganza by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    Semi-sweet balsams, dry herbs, and the hint of distant sweet woodsmoke in a forest. Intoxicating, masculine, and powerful with not a hint of harshness, synthetics, or vanilla (although it is said to be used in the formula) in the drydown. I also got the slightest hint of citrus oils in the first few minutes. Sillage is low-moderate and longevity is maybe a half a day, presumably since Dubrana's scents are certified, completely, natural substances.
    Everything comes together as one of the most pleasant, evocative, and unusual accords I have ever smelled.

    22nd January, 2010


    Opoponax / Impérial Opoponax by Les Néréides

    Subtle hints of Grandpa's liniment overpowered by vanilla so pure and ethereal that it envelops like a golden glowing body halo. Men, wear this at your peril. I'd only want to smell it on me if I was 85 in a nursing home.

    On women, I can't say excecpt it would have to be a far cry from sexy.

    03rd November, 2009


    Méchant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I really don't want to smell like a pastry, even if the drydown is a bit less sweet. Far from masculine, in my opinion, but I wouldn't want to smell it on a woman either.
    For the record, I like a number of Duchaufour's creations and I appreciate the artistry.

    28th October, 2009


    L'Homme Sage by Divine

    Really quite a quiet and background scent. I'm not crazy about the liquorice, but it remains blended and subdued until you really think about it. It has a bit of a soapy and iris character that I don't like. Never detected any sage.
    Hard to know whether it should be applied heavy or light. Right in the middle for me. I wouldn't suggest to anyone not to try it. Could be an easy default scent.

    26th October, 2009


    Bijan for Men by Bijan

    My brother gave me a bottle; he didn't like it. I do.
    Someone said it's a fragrance for a saturday afternoon working around the house or working out; I agree. It's a man's invigorating (but not sporty) fragrance for a man. This stuff gives me energy. After 1 hour and the initial loudness wears off, it's quite reserved. Don't overapply and not for dinners or workplaces.
    Wear it and you'll want to do that extra mile or extra reps, or wax that damn car.

    25th October, 2009


    Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company

    I've tried a number of vetiver scents and unfortunately I just can't join the camp of admirers. This one in particular just reminds me of using a solvent to rub off the old varnish in a church. I appreciate the artistry intended, I just don't want to smell it. Vetiver seems to just vibrate like a whistle in the back of my nose in an unpleasant way. Sel de Vitiver has shades of Timbuktu and Ellena's Un Jardin sur le Nil, which are reasonably wearable for me, so it isn't the incense, I think. Just that damned vetiver. Maybe if Sel de Vetiver just had the slightest hint of something sweetly aromatic, it would help. But the intention was salt, I take it, and it is truly dry as a crust of salt clinging to the reeds.

    11th May, 2009


    Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

    Coming off a wonderful high of a week spent on the Maya Riviera, I bought a bottle of Marine on quick decision between a paper test strip sampling of it and regular AQVA. I think the refreshing topnote of some strange melon sold me, plus the very cool bottle. First mistake. Second mistake, reading too much into these Basenotes and Chandler Burr's review.
    In general I haven't liked water accords so what was I thinking? The first day back I hated the stuff as I thought it smelled very synthetic in the heart, and weirdly dry and musky in the base. But I've grown to like this juice. People have said it is synthetic, one dimensional, weak, and not complex. I disagree; it is a good ride. IMO: First, it is a hot weather frag only. The initial blast and for an hour after is complex melon sweetness, but always with this dry iodiney undertone like kelp coming up from under the tide in Maine. The next couple hours it turns to sweet wet flint. The final hours are a challenging dry warm musk, almost animalic, but staying very close to the skin. There have been some suggestions that the ladies tend to like it; I also suspect that is true. One funny thing: smells similar at first to my son's RedZone body wash. Go figure. Anyway, given that I don't always want to be wearing a complicated olfactory challenge, Marine is a pleasant warm weather wear with just enough going on to keep it interesting. It can remind you of the ocean, but it doesn't have too. Worth a neutral, at least.
    I just threw this away since no amount of me trying to convince myself to like it was ever going to work. The killer is that drydown; what the hell is it supposed to be? Rotted seaweed baking on a rock at the beach. Jeez, I'm joining the crowd and thumbs-downing this one.

    24th April, 2009 (Last Edited: 17th January, 2011)


    Santal Blanc by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Didn't like this at all on myself. A heavy sweet carmely or brown sugar base is always lurking. I agree with the flour some have mentioned.The sandalwood is just clinging and monodimensional. It is hard to get out of your nose. If it could only be sampled in very brief doses as it is worn it could be a very intimate and exciting smell on a woman, exotic and musky. Her companion certainly wouldn't forget it. All the associations of that evening would surely come rushing back if smelled again; hopefully heated ones, because it is the farthest thing from a light or cool fragrance that may be suggested by the name.

    24th April, 2009

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