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Midnight Rain by La Prairie

Starts out quite nice, if not a little sweet, with red fruits. Then turns into an even cheaper, more artificial version of Calvin Klein's Euphoria.
17th October, 2009

Only The Brave by Diesel

Got a free sample while passing a perfume store, to promote the fragrance. As there were no reviews yet, I thought I'd give it a shot. That, and the name sounds so cool. At first this perfume smelled very soapy and powdery, and was very reminiscent of some truly classical mens aftershaves, but a lighter, less overwhelming version. VERY agreable. It reminded me of my father, who, after shaving, would wash his whole face with green soap and a lot of water. It always smelled very fresh, clean and sophisticated, without trying to hard or sending a message other than: "I take good care of myself". I started to tryly appreciate this fragrance, and then... Disaster. It dried down to the most sweet, stifling, sickening, headache inducing olfactory choke-hold imaginable. Think Diesel Plus Plus with green soap added. It was like being suffocated by having your head stuck in a giant marshmallow. To endure something like that willingly, bravery (or stupidity, it's a fine line) is a necessity.
07th June, 2009

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

Midnight Poison, on me smells sadly of flowers in full bloom on a compost heap; it's sickly sweet in a saccharine way. From that point on there is no change whatsoever.
I'm quite dissapointed as I truly adore the original Poison. It's not nearly as unique and compelling as the original. To me it feels much more generic, and that is something that, from a perfume in the poison line, I cannot accept.

*sigh* me and Midnight Poison have no chemistry together. Alas.
14th May, 2009
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Poison by Christian Dior

My first try with this perfume was a snif from the bottle, and a reluctant spray on a paper strip. Obviously Poison failed to seduce me within 15 minutes, and the paper strip was discarded in the wastebasket.
What a fool I was to think that I could be seduced in such a short time, under such circumstances. It would be like seeing Ishtar or Parvati/Kali in a hospital.

Today I sprayed Poison on my wrist. After reading all this praise, I felt I had to give her a proper chance. And oh my.

From the first spray, Poison is already a kaleidoscope of scents. It's almost like an olfactory dance. Smelling poison is like erotic sensuous lovemaking, with a lover who loves you deeply and honestly. Despite it's mysterious, intruiging and elusiveness, there seems to me to be something very innocent at the base of this perfume. Poison truly is a dark beauty with a heart of gold
13th May, 2009

Alien by Thierry Mugler

I find this scent highly confusing. To me, a fragrance should evoke an emotional response similar to: "mmm.. more". However, when I smell Alien it's almost as if the scent is telling me to back off. I feel guilty sniffing it, as if I'm breaking the boundaries of privacy. I have yet to smell this perfume on someone. I wonder if my emotional response to it will be to leave them alone.
Other than that it seems a very interesting scent. However, as 'm not comfortable with it, it's not one for me.
11th May, 2009