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Figaro Lanvin by Lanvin

Well, I THINK this is one of Ladylonestar's favorite, men's fragrances from the past. It sounds fabulous, and LadyL. said it reminded her of Braggi, which reminded people I know, of Eau Sauvage, so FIGARO has got to be a fantastic scent . . . why are they always discontinued?
09th October, 2004

Omnia by Bulgari

This is an unusual scent. I wouldn't call it a perfume. It's more like an extention of one's chemistry. It develops toward a chocolate dry down. This one takes getting used to. Sample first.
01st September, 2004

Parure by Guerlain

This is an absolutely gorgeous, haunting, elegant fragrance. It was difficult to find for so long. How lucky we are to have Parure available again. Believe it or not, I find this to be slightly masculine, perhaps because of the woody base. Distinctive, but classic.
31st August, 2004
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Diorella by Christian Dior

This is a beautiful, summer time fragrance. It's the feminine version of Eau Sauvage. Highly professional, never overpowers.
31st August, 2004

Eau Fraîche by Christian Dior

Eau Fraiche is an all time favorite of mine. I am a male, who finds this fragrance altogether unisex. It's citrus-y and powdery and delightful. It does not overpower, and is wonderful in warmer weather.
31st August, 2004

Nu Eau de Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent

If you go to sites out of Europe, they list this as Nu for MEN. I was told in New York that BOTH the edp and the edt Nu, are considered unisex, leaning to men. To me, however, the edt is more feminine than the edp. It's very fresh, but with spice and vanilla. Gorgeous bottle. I've heard that Nu will be discontinued in the United States, very soon.
30th August, 2004

Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

I love this scent, but to me it's quite unisex. I've even been told at Bergdorf's in New York, that both the edp and edt Nu, are considered unisex, leaning to men. In any case, I prefer the edp, but the lighter version is lovely, too.
30th August, 2004

Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron

This is one of my all time favorite scents. It's the one that Al Pacino singles out, at the end of SCENT OF A WOMAN. Unfortunately, the fragrance was 'modernized' after that movie debuted. I prefer the original version, spelled Fleurs, not Fleur. It's floral, but with a sophisticated, rocky undertone. Just the perfect blend. Classic.
30th August, 2004

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

A poised, but spirited fragrance. Elegant, but not stuffy. On me, it lasts, and warms up nicely during the dry down. Refreshing, but not what I'd call 'light.' There's a men's version of NU, by YSL . . . but it's not in too many stores. You can find it online at a few sites, or in Europe. That one is absolutely fantastic. Look for it.
12th June, 2004

Cuiron by Helmut Lang

This is a complicated fragrance . . . much more refined than I expected it to be. I smell a mandarin topnote, but mixed with spices, pepper and tobacco. I agree that that the leather may not be too forward, but overall this fragrance is unusual and surrounding. Wonderful in cool weather . . . I'd choose another scent, for when it's hot.
11th April, 2004

Hei by Alfred Sung

Hei is sickening. Wishy washy and effeminate. Pass on this one.
11th April, 2004

Zanzibar by Van Cleef & Arpels

Oh, I like this one. I find that it does last . . . and when I walk past my closet, I can smell it on my coats, scarves, etc. Lovely dry down . . . have received many compliments. The pepper at the end, gives a nice 'kick,' to this elegant little concoction.
11th April, 2004

Rocabar by Hermès

Excellent fragrance. Long lasting, unique, elegant but also sporting. Superb dry down.
11th April, 2004
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Orange Spice by Creed

I love Orange Spice . . . doesn't remind me of Kouros at all, more like Cuiron by Helmut Lang. Very warm and masculine. Better in the fall and winter, but fine for cool spring days, too.
11th April, 2004

Jules by Christian Dior

I'll tell you what . . . this is a highly unusual fragrance. It reminds me of some others . . . Halston Z14 is one, but also of Givenchy III, for women! It's sure to get comments . . . not for everyone, but it's quality all the way.
11th April, 2004