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Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

Lavender masterful. Incense, a little 'sweetness that blends with menthol notes. Perfect! Persistent and damn good. It might just take a bit of sweetness but it is the "sweetness" that kills. Perfect for a dress for a big day of work.
30th April, 2014

Ballena de la Pampa by Fueguia

Fruity and common. It's not really a good perfume. Persistent but absolutely trivial and certainly not suitable for a man. This house I do not understand ....
30th April, 2014

Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

Great masterpiece of Lutens. Male, dark, elegant, intimate and unique. The open may be unsettling, but just wait for the stabilization on the skin for a perfect mix of blacks woods, incense, spices, and something that is directly "from hell". Not strong but always present. A scent to have.
30th April, 2014
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Guerlain Homme Intense by Guerlain


Overtime, a glorious Guerlain for men. Fresh without being corny, fine without being cutesy, elegant while being modern. A juice very versatile which shows that Guerlain is still able to make excellent perfumes. It beats 90% of niche fragrances. To have, do not ever get tired.

19th September, 2013

M by Puredistance

Imagine James Bond or Gianni Agnelli. All dressed completely bespoke, exemplary in their elegance that is absolutely masculine and charming. M is their scent. M is an absolute masterpiece that gave us to make the classic elegance can still triumph. The cost is high but two- three spray than enough to spread an area of unquestionable charm and masculinity throughout the day. Perfect, combines the greatest leather fragrances of the past - from Bel Ami to Cuir de Russie - and summarizes them to the best of their ability. Irreplaceable. Inevitable.
11th March, 2013

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

A great return! Finally returned to the big 88. The last production for sale (OCT 12) is a perfect synthesis of the first 88 and that produced by Forrester. A magnificent masterpiece suitable to dress a true gentleman with class, elegance and poise. Forget all the latest evidence: this is final and a great come-back.
A must-have. The best perfume ever for a man.
14th November, 2012

Dark Aoud by Montale

After a few milestones of modern perfumery, Monsieur Montale gives us the absolute masterpiece: Dark Aoud. Everyone has a dark side, a black part that is difficult to represent and understand, a deep soul that is fascinating and dangerous. Montale perfume can give a hand to this man; Dark Aoud is the scent of our inner self, of our part incoffesabile and ancestral. Powerful yet elegant, complex yet direct, unique and unrepeatable. A work of absolute genius, and quite possibly a masterpiece for years to come. Its longevity is monstrous, its sillage extreme. Despite this strength, Dark Aoud is highly refined and seductive, too. I am sure that is the scent that wears the Devil.
The final word on the use oud. A door that closes a chapter of contemporary perfumery. The most delicious perfume of the past ten years, the top ten of the century.
Must-have. Totally.
14th February, 2012

Royal Oud by Creed

This time the House of Creed has been the center: there could be no better way to present a balanced and wearable Oud. Far from those vulgar oriental perfumes, Oud Royal is elegant, refined and exudes aristocracy. Opens with a stunning blast of citrus and sits on a beautiful background of cedar and sandalwood. After a little, that enters a magical oud, accurate, balanced and never yelled. Suitable for mature men, will be a worthy complement to a tailored suit and Italian playboy attitude of great taste. Unable to wear before you have thirty years.
10th February, 2012

Knize Ten by Knize

It 'no use to be here to speak for a long time: Knize Ten Golden Edition version is probably the best men's fragrance on the market. Elegant and concentrated covers refinement of aristocracy anyone who tries to wear it. One only caveat: it must be accompanied by a tailored suit and a very distinct attitude. Incredible! A totally must have !
21st October, 2011

Uomo by Lorenzo Villoresi

Simply one of the best and most elegant men's fragrances now. The master Villoresi gave a great display of consistency with his inspiration and with his native country, Italy. This is the scent of an elegant Italian man who wears custom-tailored and knows that he wants the best in life.
13th April, 2011

French Lover / Bois d'Orage by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

We can not make negative comments here because we are facing one of the greatest men's scent of the last thirty years. I tried hundreds of fragrances, and no, I mean nobody, has these characteristics: class, elegance, persistence and masculinity. Perfect for every occasion, beautiful warm and reassuring in its development of vetiver and patchouli with a hint of incense. Never tiring, always accurate, content is truly the ultimate fragrance for men. Besides you can not go. An absolute masterpiece of Malle and Bourdon.
07th December, 2010

Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake

Snob, aristocratic, restrained, regal, luxurious, in few words : Oxford 6 Cambridge, simple the best lavender of the world. Starts with lavender and peppermint and after 20’ is completely balanced by oakmoss and sandalwood the typical notes of C&S. Suggested to gentlemen of distinctions and for men over 35 years old.
21st January, 2010

Patchouli by Lorenzo Villoresi

Simply the best patchouli on perfumery. Masculine, elegant, old in the right way, refined on the right side. Not vanilla, amber or another external sweets elements : patchouli rounded by rose. Quite dark, black point of it. A masterpiece for men.
04th May, 2009
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