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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

This is a rather distinctive scent, and is a fragrance that would be particularly nice in cooler weather. I consider this a unisex scent, and actually know more women who wear it than men. It has good staying power, and seems somewhat mature. It's not one of those weak, squeaky-clean scents, but instead, has a certain character and boldness. Yes, it does seem a bit sweet, but in my opinion, not overly so. It's bold and sweet without being annoyingly so.
14th July, 2009

Swiss Army by Swiss Army

A basic, safe fragrance. No, it's not really going anywhere new and different, but it's good for everyday wear. It's an inoffensive scent, smelling pleasant while not breaking any boundaries. It will probably appeal more to the younger set, and in my opinion, works as a unisex scent.
14th July, 2009

Sculpture Homme by Nikos

I keep coming back to this one. It is a refined scent that is, in my opinion, suitable for multi-season wear. It also strikes me as multi-generational; it could be worn by a younger or older person. It isn't confined strictly to the youth set, as so many of today's fragrances are. It is marketed toward men, but I also know a woman who uses this scent regularly. I've received compliments frequently when wearing this fragrance.
14th July, 2009
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Chèvrefeuille by Yves Rocher

This is a light, refreshing floral scent, good for those hot summer days. It's floral, but is not cloying or heavy. It's a pleasant scent for daily warm-weather use.
14th July, 2009

Organza Indécence by Givenchy

Thumbs up for this one. It’s simultaneously dark, sweet, bold, modern and mature. Yes, there is vanilla here, and plenty of it. If you like vanilla, and like it used in a smart, sexy way, you’ll probably enjoy this scent. It’s a departure from the horde of boring perfumes that all seem to smell alike these days. This is something different. It breaks away from the wimpy, smell-alike crowd to deliver something bold and interesting. It has the strength and staying power of older classic perfumes while still being up-to-date.
14th July, 2009