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Nirmala by Molinard

I can't imagine this being a fragrance released in 1955. It's far too fruity (but good fruity) and modern.

But, aside from this being a different version (as opposed to a reformulation) of a classic, this is grand. It's Angel minus the vulgarity. I love Angel's vulgarity. It's a love-it-or-hate-it scent but I see Nirmala as being the go-between. It's sweet but not a bomb. It's fruity without being a giant berry. It's sexy without being all plastic and saline breasts.

I smelled it at The Perfume House in Portland today and I had to buy it. I'm a guy and I can totally wear this. It's just a great pick-me-up and it makes me smell wonderfully lovely. Nothing more to it. Great all-around.
18th February, 2010

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

A sweet (not cloying), semi-spicy, sexy scent. I love it. First out it's spicy with a hint of vanilla. After it starts to settle down the vanilla and the earthiness start to mingle and it's great. One of the few vanilla scents I don't think is too sweet. Great longevity and sillage. Go easy on the sprayer lest you announce your presence to everybody within a 50 ft radius.
21st December, 2009

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

After spending a couple of days with this I can certainly say that this is an awesome fragrance. I was a little leery about the first spritz. After reading through all of the reviews I was almost certain that I would end up smelling like I had grown a pair of testicles on my chest and that those testicles need a good washing.

I spray it on and the first thing I smell is honey. Extremely rich, tasty honey. I didn't get any of the horrible funk and I certainly (thank goodness) didn't get balls. Small spray to the inside of the elbows and dab my wrists in each and I certainly start to get a little funk but nothing that is off-putting. It's a very sensual, slightly skanky note but it's not very heavy at all. It's blending in very well with the honey notes and it mellows out the sweetness of this frag.

This would actually be too sweet to me if not for that note. It reminds me of the smell of the inside of a woman's thighs. But, then again, everything reminds me of that so it's not at all surprising to me. I've embraced my overly sexual nature and, most oftentimes, cherish it. If it wasn't for my constant tail-chasing I probably wouldn't care how I smell. Loving women brought me to this wonderful hobby of mine and that hobby led me to this richest of perfumes.

This is a very (to myself at least) sweet scent. A delicate application is definitely in order. It blossoms very well with my skin. It also smells very expensive. That's a very nebulous term to use when describing a scent but some smells are cheap and other smells are expensive. This has an expensive smell to it. I think to say it smells of luxury, refinement, sophistication, and it does smell a bit naughty in a tenderly flirtatious way.

I was expecting the bastard lovechild of Kouros, Eau de Hermes, and a Mongol raider but instead (happily) received a honeypot. Take that any way you choose. :)
19th December, 2009
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Elixir des Merveilles by Hermès

I love this scent. I bought it on a whim from a person who didn't like it much. It was his wife's and she says it just didn't agree with her. She said it smelled like a men's fragrance. He should have taken her word on that and kept it. This is a wonderful frag and I see it as entirely unisex. Either he didn't like it or the power of the marketing gurus was too powerful and he just couldn't see it as a masculine scent.

The initial blast is candied orange peels. Very sweet but tempered by a spicy undertone that mixes wonderfully. I can catch the faint chocolate goodness and the vanilla. Not normally a fan of vanilla in men's frags but this is so subtle that it doesn't mess with my senses at all.

The first time I wore it I received compliments from both guys and dolls on it. Of course when I stated it was designed as a women's frag the guys were immediately turned off. Their loss.
01st July, 2009