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Reviews by YouCanCallMeMo

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Miss Dior (previously Miss Dior Chérie) by Christian Dior

I first sprayed myself with EdP from a tester, mistakenly thinking it was my beloved original Miss Dior....not even close. I also found it overly chemically sweet. Meh.

Then, I was given a bottle of the Parfum for Mother's Day...smells like an entirely different scent. Still more floral than I usually choose, but nice for summer. Gets lots of complements.
27th October, 2014

Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

Cherry Chapstick. At 99c a tube, a worthy purchase, seeing as it also prevents chapped lips.

Jungle L'Elephant? Smells the same, but x100 price point, and does nothing to keep your lips kissably soft.
23rd December, 2009

Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

Poor Youth Dew, with its Baby Jane bottle and name evocative of bathing in virgins' gets such a bad rap. Nonetheless, taken on its own, it's a truly beautiful fragrance that garners compliments and husbandly attention every time I wear it. I use the original formulation: a vintage bottle of the bath oil....I apply a few drops of bath oil on wet skin before towelling off, and get a day of good sillage and unbeatable longevity. Be careful with spraying an EdT or EdP, it's potent! But, give this classic a try. Don't listen to the ageist cries of the great unwashed, Youth Dew is a modern wonder!
26th September, 2009
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No. 23 by Ava Luxe

I also get incense and amber notes in No 23. The sandalwood takes enter stage, but these other marvelous warm notes only serve to enhance the main scent. No 23 is Delicious, rich and delightful. Yes, a cousin to Tam Dao via the Sandalwood....but I get a slightly more feminine vibe from No 23. Both are excellent unisex fragrances, but I'd say Tam Dao leans masculine and No 23 more feminine.

I sample and wear various wood and incense scents to bed every evening...and No. 23 is the only one that ALWAYS has my husband sniffing my neck and exclaiming, "You smell really, really good!"

A gem of the niche fragance world...accessible and unique all at once!

02nd August, 2009

Wood & Spices by Montale

I'm torn...the first day I wore it, I really enjoyed the long-lasting spiciness. On the second day, all I could smell was cherry flavoured Pipe tobacco. I am missing "wood" altogether....
01st June, 2009

parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Sequoia by Comme des Garçons

Wow....what a sharp, fresh blast of pine and cedar! Very foresty...I like to put a little on before bed, and then sleep with a breeze from the's like camping, but without the bugs and dirt and with a comfy bed and indoor plumbing! A win! Great smelling fragrance for people who aren't fans of "perfumey" fragrance, as it's very natural and organic smelling.
31st May, 2009

Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works

This is an amazingly complex and balanced fragrance for what it excellent floral choice for those of us who don't usually like florals! Clean and soft without being cloying or overly powdery, probably due to the well chosen woods at the base. Available in many, many formulations for both personal and home fragrance. Bath products are a nice non-clashing solution for wearers of most woody oriental fragrances.
27th May, 2009

Fendi (original) / Fendi Donna by Fendi

This was my "signature scent" for over ten years, and I'll always love it, no matter how "dated" it may seem. A lovely, warm, sensual fragrance with excellent longevity. Be careful with the layering and formulations, as a too-heavy hand will do you in! A quick spritz of EDT should have you covered for hours! Full-strength parfum, especially if layered over the lotion, can give a very harsh bug-spray like chemical note that should be avoided. Also, the lotion has a pearlized sheen to it that always annoyed me.
27th May, 2009

White Linen by Estée Lauder

This is one of those scents that is just perfect for a certain time and place...and is completely wrong for just about everything else! Perfect for wearing a sailor dress or sitting on a daisy-bedecked folding chair at a garden wedding. Just right for a girls' school baccalaureate or punch and cookies on the lawn at the yacht club.

In other words: any sexless WASP gathering in the summer months wouldn't be complete without White Linen's soapy brightness. It does feel out of place almost anywhere else, though!
27th May, 2009

Love's Baby Soft by Love's

Simple, basic, and completely bland...I never would have chosen it for myself, even at 13...and, yet, I owned at least 20 bottles, because apparently there was some secret law in the early 1980's that said you had to give your babysitter a bottle of Love's Baby Soft every Christmas.

A simple, baby powder fragrance that is suitable for a tween's first scent, but not much else.
27th May, 2009

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

I tried this at the behest of the shop girl at my local Sephora. "Oh, you like woody Orientals? This is my favorite, and it's listed as one! Everyone says I smell so good when I wear it!"

OK, I don't know HOW Sephora decided to classify this swill as Woody or Oriental! It smells like sugar and bug spray! It's like they bottled sweat from the Welcome Run at fat camp.

NOT. A. FAN. I suppose it would appeal to many, it definitely has a similarity to Angel...and it does last.....and last....and last.... If only it weren't such a scrubber for me!
27th May, 2009