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Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

This opens with a full on blast of pine and smoke. Like a wood of burning Christmas trees. After a while, the smoke subsides a little and incense and sweetness comes through, similar to a Comme des Garcons I can't put my finger on right now. I'm not sure why but, having tried so many very nice but quite similar Lutens lately, I wasn't expecting to really love this. I was wrong, it's really nice and will definitely make it's way to my "To Buy" list.
12th November, 2009

Une Fleur de Cassie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Another wonderful Frederic Malle scent. So wonderfully deep and complex, I'm absolutely impressed. It starts out like a far more refined Kingdom but the development is just marvelous. I love it.
11th November, 2009

Iris Poudre by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

A perfect balance of sweetness with a nice masculinity underneath the powder. It reminds me of... something. but I can't quite place it, although I don't get the Chanel No.5 reference at all, unfortunately. I love No.5 but it smells undoubtedly feminine to me. Iris Poudure, despite, yes, probably smelling like rich women of the 20's, never gave me a second thought towards it's suitability for me as a man. This is a revelation for me, perhaps because I wasn't expecting to love it like some of the more talked-about Frederic Malle's but I adore it. Incredibly beautiful in every sense.
11th November, 2009
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Steam Aoud / Oud Hoggar Mota by Montale

I'm sitting here with a new set of Montale samples, almost all have Aoud or Oud in the name (save for Attar) and Steam Aoud is the first one I'm trying. My previous experiences with Montale were very overpowering, too sweet, too aggressive - even for me. All in all, I've been disappointed with everything except Blue Amber, which still suffered from simply being *too* powerful. (It is so strong I can still smell it vividly the following day after a shower.) But, I'm pleased to say I absolutely love Steam Aoud. The transition is lovely and the resulting sweetness is gentle, smooth and very relaxing. If there are claims of amber in this then I can't find it. This is surprisingly fresh and quite lovely.
24th October, 2009

Cèdre by Serge Lutens

Second time around, I love this. It is sweet, yes but it's deep and somewhat complex. The sweetness is never excessive nor dominating and the resinous wood balances it perfectly. Serge Lutens has become, by far, my favourite house.
18th October, 2009

Fumerie Turque by Serge Lutens

Another excellent scent from Serge Lutens. A beautiful smoky concoction, like perfumed leaves on an autumn bonfire. The honey in the drydown veers fairly close to Miel de Bois, which might put some people off but it's never as aggressive as that and it certainly doesn't bear the infamous urine comparisons of that either. The first time I tried this, I thought it was merely nice but too smoky and a little harsh. Since then I've fallen in love with it.
18th October, 2009

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Ridiculously complex and beautiful. I really can't do it justice. It's wonderful.
18th October, 2009

8 88 by Comme des Garçons

I really the first few hours of this. It's very interesting and quite hard to describe since the more I wear it the more I notice about it. However, the final stages of the dry-down (8-9 hours or so) are basically a womens talcum powder and not a particularly nice one either. That's the only negative thing about this. It's far from my favourite CdG but it definitely has it's place.
27th September, 2009

Comme des Garçons 2 Man by Comme des Garçons

The first time I tried this I can't emphasize enough how disappointed I was. A pleasant, bland, safe, dull "male" fragrance. I wrote it off completely, thinking CdG2 was far superior, which, in reality, it still is. However, I recently decided to give it another try and I'm happy to report a completely different experience. What was bland before became lovely, smoky sweet, warm and spicy. The minimal longevity I had with my first test now gave me no problems and I got a good 6 or 7 hours out of it this time. It's far from perfect but for a day-to-day office scent it's wonderful. 2, White, 3 and the original CdG EDP are all probably better but this one has won me over now.
27th September, 2009

Cédre by 06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente

Is it just me or is this basically Dune Pour Homme with absolutely no longevity? It smells better than Dune but it's so inoffensive, so light and bland that it just all seems so.... pointless. It's a pleasant scent but I can't imagine ever choosing to wear this and I regret even spending the $3 on the sample. I'll vote neutral because it isn't unwearable but it's just completely insignificant.
09th September, 2009

Daim Blond by Serge Lutens

Ahhh... This is gorgeous. Incredibly sophisticated and perfectly blended. The mixture of apricot and suede far exceeded any hopes I had for this. The faint iris adds a beautiful richness to the leather. This might be my favourite leather ever. So delicate and soft. Truly like a pair of fine ladies suede gloves in cream. I usually prefer the heavier, weighty Lutens perfumes but this is way up there on my list of favourites. It's just so comforting and relaxing. Highly recommended.
28th August, 2009

Rien by Etat Libre d'Orange

I must be missing something here. Something I'm just incapable of sensing, surely? All I get is this weird, completely synthetic smelling approximation of leather. Like an overbearing, fake "new car" smell or the way pleather jackets would smell if they could. There is absolutely no sweetness, no incense, no spices, nothing else to my nose. Just fake leather overdone to the maximum. After 30 minutes I wanted this to just go away. My wife said it was nice and reviewers I trust often give it glowing reviews so I can only assume I'm missing all the nice aspects of this fragrance. As it is, it isn't unbearable but it just seems utterly pointless. A huge disappointment for me. Thumbs Down just because I would never wear this again.
26th August, 2009

Comme des Garçons 3 by Comme des Garçons

I agree the opening is like a continuation of the Odeur's, it sort of reminds me of the cellophane wrapping on a small bunch of flowers. After a couple of minutes the fresh, green, citrus appears - softly sweet and comforting and, like somebody else said, almost juicy. Later a soft wood moves into place which compliments and blends in perfectly. At the moment, I don't like this as much as 2, Sequoia or White but there's something wonderfully comforting and soothing about it. Like White, I find it perfect for days when you feel a little sick or the weather is too humid. I think this is something that will grow, expand and improve with experience. It's really quite beautiful.
22nd August, 2009
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Comme des Garçons White by Comme des Garçons

This one surprised me. Having grown a little bored of Comme des Garcons recently, I'd never gotten around to actually trying White. Slightly hungover one morning, I wanted something light and cool so I thought I'd give this a chance. I'm so happy I did! To my nose, this starts out like dry woods soaked in white wine. My wife says it smells like curry. I didn't get that at all at first. Soon, cinnamon follows and then the rose arrives. The woods in the drydown blend in perfectly. A really pleasant surprise - A beautiful, wonderfully made fragrance.
21st August, 2009

Comme des Garçons 2 by Comme des Garçons

I find this to be almost intoxicating. I'm actually surprised by how much I like it given that 2 Man was simply "good" for me. This is far superior, much more interesting. The ink note is beautiful. I agree that, on first impression, it's probably more of a feminine scent but there's something different about it that makes it perfectly unisex After Sequoia this is my favourite CdG perfume. Dark, sensual and, overall, wonderful.
20th August, 2009

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

This is amazing. Beautifully crafted, dark, smoldering, sensual and elegant. It starts off sharp before quickly developing a strong incense. As my wife pointed out, it smells just like an old Japanese house. This in itself is lovely but within an hour or so Ambre Sultan becomes absolutely intoxicating. Living in Japan, a society mostly devoid of fragrance, especially regarding men, I do tend to stand out and receive a lot of comments from the women I work around. One lady told me I smelled "expensive" the first time I wore Ambre Sultan and that says a lot about this. It is truly beautiful, never excessive, never cheap, just rich and full of depth. Highly recommended.
01st July, 2009

Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

This is very pleasant, a slightly sweet, musty, milk tea. I don't really get the citrus notes others are smelling nor is it particularly bright. On my skin there's a gentle sadness to it and there's a nice sense of refined sophistication. . Great longevity too despite not being powerful at any point. I wouldn't insist anybody buys it but as something a little different it's definitely worth trying.
30th June, 2009

Arabie by Serge Lutens

I must agree with Brielle87, Arabie *is* all things wonderful. Very sweet without being cloying, wonderfully deep and rich with fruits, spices and a little wood. I couldn't stop smelling myself. It's such a beautiful, perfect balance. In one sense I do understand why this would be a challenge for some people but at the same time I can't believe anybody could not love this. Highly recommended.
29th June, 2009

Aomassaï 10 by Parfumerie Generale

This is beautiful, complex, mysterious and perfectly balanced. It's a little tangy at first with a strong vetiver and wood before settling into the wonderful sweet but never cloying mix of vanilla, caramel, nuts and woods. The dry down is extremely pleasant. Staying power seems fantastic with 11 hours and counting for me. I absolutely love it.
28th June, 2009

Touch for Men by Burberry

My wife bought me this on a whim as a gift from a department store. It's a very pleasant fragrance, nice opening with a quick blast of pepper. It smells quite sophisticated if anything, very cool and watery to me but not in the typical aquatic fragrance sense. It is very linear and holds no surprises after the initial burst but it is certainly appealing. My only real problem with it is it has absolutely no real longevity nor sillage. I'm *amazed* at the review that claims it lasts 24 hours. This is one of the shortest lasting perfumes I've ever experienced. I wear it around the house, usually on an evening after a shower: it has a lovely refreshing quality to it. But sadly it just doesn't have enough oomph to make it through the day at work.
19th June, 2009

Sushi Imperiale by Bois 1920

I, too, thought the use of sushi in the name was a strange choice. I live in Japan but I'm not a huge sushi eater. My Japanese wife, however, insists this evokes the very high quality, slightly sweet fish used in very expensive sushi. The type that costs $10-20 per piece. So there you go...

Regardless, this is a lovely scent. At first, it almost reminded me of Sequoia by CdG but not exactly... There's something familiar about the opening that I can't place. As somebody else said, the dry down is exactly like a more subtle version of Opium Pour Homme. I consider it a good warm weather alternative (not to discount it as a winter fragrance, I haven't had chance to try yet but I'm sure it'll be just as good). It has good staying power and smells rich and detailed but it's never overpowering or too aggressive.

Personally, I love it.
16th June, 2009

Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

In a word - horrific. In the past, I've foolishly sprayed on garbage by the likes of D&G in stores out of boredom and then found myself desperate to get to the nearest wash basin to scrub it off but never before have I actually felt sick at the smell of a "perfume". Thankfully I only applied a small amount, just to give a night-before test to see if it would be wearable the following day. There's an odd sweetness at first before the blood and cum become more and more apparent. It's not an intense semen smell, more like somebody had ejaculated into their hands and rubbed them together afterwards. Just horrible and the worst part was, no matter what I did the smell wouldn't completely give in until the following morning when I scrubbed my wrist for the 4th time. To make matterseven worse, the only lingering aspects were the blood and jizz.

I love the rest of the Etat Libre d'Orange products that I've tried. Jasmin et Cigarettes is absolutely one of my favourite scents but this is just terrible. If you must acquire a sample to see what the fuss is then think very carefully before applying it to skin.
16th June, 2009

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

I'm a little confused by all the reviews saying this has no sillage or staying power. The first time I wore it to work, two girls walking in at the opposite side of a fairly large room commented that "someone remembered their perfume today" - This was with only 2 sprays. About 6 hours later I was wishing it would disappear. I think it's actually overpowering and a little headache inducing. Not a bad smell but something about it feels quite old and it certainly lacks any sort of sophistication you might be hoping for based on the name and packaging. I get a peppery spice almost immediately which dies down after a while but as others have said, it seems fairly generic and certainly there is nothing "special" about it. I'll give it a thumbs in the middle just because it is quite nice, just not what I look for in a fragrance.
11th June, 2009

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I certainly get the underlying smell of dung initially, then it becomes very leathery. After a few minutes though it settles into a soft, smoky sweetness. Very delicate, intricate and quite beautiful. Don't buy it blindly but absolutely a work of genius which I like a little more every time I wear it.
09th June, 2009

Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d'Orange

This opened with a very sweet smoke for me followed quickly by mostly jasmin with the sweetness cut off the top. A bitter-sweet smoke returns quite quickly. The combination of notes is a wonderful blend. Never too sweet nor too harsh. Never cloying. I actually think it lies more on the masculine side of the fence. Anyway, I really, really love this.
08th June, 2009

Costume National 21 by Costume National

Absolutely beautiful. Warm, creamy and relaxing. I love it and my wife loves it on me. Great longevity too. This will be with me for a long, long time.
22nd May, 2009