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Tabu by Dana

Tabu smells cheap and nasty. something you would wear if you couldn't afford a proper fragrance.Absolutely vile!
08th July, 2009

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

It's very odd...and not very nice! It has a strange smell ..sort of like vegetables cooking(possibly turnip) and rotten grass-cuttings mixed with a thick petrol cloying 'scent' trying to break through..and then some stale things(not sure what) added to this satanic all smacks you in the face and you think 'what the hell is this??' it has to be petrol or rubber... and it gets weirder the longer you wear it.It's not like a fragrance, it isn't uplifting or sensual ...but i don't really know what it's like! Fortunately it isn't about much these days!Quite vile!
11th June, 2009

Escada Moon Sparkle by Escada

Smells of (mostly raspberry) sweets and dewberry oil. Quite nice if you are about 12 and it's your first shot at wearing perfume...otherwise way too sickly and sweet. Smells cheap, sugary, synthetic and totally overpowering.
10th June, 2009
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VU by Ted Lapidus

PLEASE BRING IT BACK! VU was gorgeous,mysterious and strange.Sweet, dark,and wonderful.I have looked for it for years...but alas!!.Still i remember it's beauty! FANTASTIC! A MASSIVE THUMBS UP FOR THIS ONE!
10th June, 2009

Solo Loewe by Loewe

Solo smells of lavender/ herbal talc.It's very subtle but not very interesting just a bit sickly due to that talc smell that wont quit! It's soapy and leathery and probably quite classy in the scheme of things but it still smells of talc!
10th June, 2009

Yatagan by Caron

I read the reviews and thought it sounded interesting...unfortunately it's not that's actually quite horrid in my opinion. The first thing that struck me was the over-the-topness...followed by a cheap synthetic smell, and something animalistic!!. then, straight after this assault.. burnt wood (which i like around bonfires but not on the skin) and a 1970's male talc smell (hope this is making sense)..which knocks you out with it's macho-ness! The fragrance is too unsubtle for me..way too much fragrance! and not in a good way either!...reminded me of Tabac.Vile!
10th June, 2009

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

Interesting fragrance.A bit unusual..initially powerful without smashing you in the face.The first thing i got was dried fruits, a bit 'odd' but it worked...then quickly the pipe tobacco comes through making you feel all warm and cozy...followed by suede, incence and all the changes in various interesting ways by the minute..then holds on in quite a subtle way and the sandalwood hangs around for hours..but you get all the rest breaking through from time to time in a playful way.
Don't think i'd buy it again but i quite enjoyed the experience
10th June, 2009

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

FABULOUS! A TRULY GORGEOUS FRAGRANCE. From the start quite wonderful.Clear,clean,intersting,sexy..smells great hours later.I love it!
10th June, 2009

Joop! Homme by Joop!

From the moment it came out i loved it!...and i still wear it 20 years on it's hold is that powerful...for Joop! has a kind of magic! It doesn't matter what anyone says(and people love or hate it in equal measure) Joop! hooks you in if you allow it to...because you will either fall for it or you won't. i can't describe the smell but it makes me swoon.JOOP! has warmth and depth and plenty of individuality.FABULOUS!
10th June, 2009

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

I wore this when it first came out and bought it again last month. It doesn't smell as good as it did back then...but still a really nice fragrance.A 'young' fragrance somehow. That is what Drakkar Noir is...nice and youthful!. It's got that clean, clear, just got out of the shower kind of vibe to it...the lavender is there and it stays, but all the other notes are there too and hang around for a fair while.It does get 'darker' the longer you wear it.People always say it smells good...and it does...the only thing it lacks somehow is a certain depth...but it is a fine scent for everyday use...inoffensive and charming without being overpowering.A very good overall fragrance.. i think would suit many men and women.
10th June, 2009

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Oh Dear!..when i tested this i couldn't wait to get home and scrub...(yes scrub) it off.. and even then i could still smell the putrid stuff! It's hideously cheap smelling...sickly sweet ,like an old chocolate pudding left in the oven for 20 hours and you can't wait to open a window. It's as unsubtle as a lime green neon sign displaying the word 'unsubtle' in ten foot high letters. It's love it or hate it. I HATE it!
10th June, 2009

Tweed by Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics

Probably still the weirdest fragrance i have ever experienced! Not very nice in any shape or form!... much too sharp. Doesn't smell like a fragrance... smells like some cleaning product that could double as paint-stripper. Truly hideous!
10th June, 2009

White Linen by Estée Lauder

Yuk!...this is awful. Like old granny style soap left in a drawer for 20 years. Not sexy...not anything...except a revolting brew of nastiness.Sickeningly bad!
10th June, 2009
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Chunga by Weil

I found this somewhere outside Paris when i was about 14...and have been looking for it sometimes ever since! Reminds me of my other favourite Vu by Ted Lapidus.
18th May, 2009