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With Love... Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff

I get a very different result than others have with this, so I'm giving a neutral rating. It's not for me, but apparently HD and I just really, really don't agree. All I got was pepper - spicy, sharp, freshly ground black pepper. I eventually washed it off after a few hours because I was getting ready to go out and didn't want to smell like I'd scented myself with a pepper mill. I was actually shocked when I read the notes list and didn't see any pepper, or the ubiquitous (nowadays) pink peppercorn, because the note for me was so overwhelming, I couldn't detect anything else. No fruits, no sweetness, no vanilla...just pepper.
31st October, 2009

Love's True Bluish Light by Ava Luxe

This may very well be my favorite fragrance - it's a beautiful, sensual, extremely wearable perfume. It starts with a lovely vanilla note and, after a few hours, settles into a warm musk with a slightly sweet, almost milky, tone. LTBL settles in close to your skin but has enough sillage that somebody standing close can still catch a whiff long after application. Everytime I wear this, which is pretty much daily, my husband always seems to find an excuse to sniff me.
07th July, 2009