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Guirlandes by Carven

This is almost identical to old Anais Anais (not a new, reformulated one). That is why I rate it 3 stars otherwise it is great, but not very original.
13th September, 2010

Fête by Molyneux

This is similar to vintage Femme Rochas (not a new one), I agree with Brielle87, but even more similar to first Azzaro fragrance from 1975.
Femme Rochas is much sweeter than Fete. Also, Fete has a specific note, something like *detergent* (I don`t know how else to define it, it is not a soapy note like in Ivoire for example) that you can also find in Azzaro and original Rive Gauche.
Retro scent, very beautiful, ladylike, and not bad lasting power for an EdT.
16th August, 2010