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    Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    Give it second chance.
    Even third.
    Ask ladies.
    Take time.
    Imagine warm night, full of lust.
    Take a deep breath.

    18th November, 2011


    Polo by Ralph Lauren

    Too much brutality, even for 1978...
    I really think that chemical recipe for this scent is wrong - it should have been smoother, but somebody made a mistake in writing, and it entered market like it is...
    Please note: it is not outdated - this scent is timeless in its rude appearance.

    18th November, 2011


    Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

    So smooth... Labeling Jaipur as an "old lady" or "not enough manly" scent is at least superficial, not to say - wrong IMHO. This is the scent for THE man.

    Jaipur is an extraordinary choice for all (both business and casual) occasions where you need luxurious, warm, hedonist, exotic, romantic... aura. More clean than Opium, more smooth than Pasha.

    Truly oriental. Long lasting and optimum sillage. Not for younger crowd, definitely.

    18th November, 2011


    Santos by Cartier

    Vampire Weekend - Diplomat's Son (2010):

    It's not right but it's now or never
    And if I wait could I ever forgive myself?
    On a night when the moon glows yellow in the riptide
    With the light from the TV's buzzing in the house

    Cuz I'm gonna cut it where I can
    And then I'm gonna duck out behind them
    If I ever had a chance it's now then
    But I never had the feeling I could offer that to you

    To offer it to you would be cruel
    When all I want to do is use, use you

    He was a diplomat's son
    It was '81...

    10/10 for Santos

    11th August, 2010


    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

    I am not such a big fan of modern scents, but I was just amazed when I tried DHI.

    Strong, long lasting, yet not overwhelming and cloying. There are lot of negative opinions due to its powdery and sweet top notes, but be patient please! It transforms into a masculine, dry, even bitter frag, with very sharp and aggresive projection. Perfect for autumn / winter season, but I find it even suitable for summer night out. Signature scent? Hmmm, I'll take this into consideration.

    We can discuss formulation and top notes for days – whether iris and ladies make-up are OK or not, but at the end of the day - DHI depends a lot on wearer's appearance. So, if you have enough masculinity in your attitude and you do not like uber masculine trash – you should try this.

    05th December, 2009


    Lalique pour Homme Equus by Lalique

    Definitely an unconventional, extraordinary formulated fragrance.

    I felt so strong black tea note at the opening, and it lasted quiet a while, then slowly turned towards more sweet (like a tiny drop of honey in a cup of tea) accords and progressed towards some even floral moments... I am quiet impressed with the effort, but the scent unfortunately did not hit me... Not my cup of tea. Therefore - neutral for me, but an excellent frag.

    05th December, 2009


    IL by Lancetti

    Basically, IL by Lancetti and Egoiste by Chanel are more or less same to me. There are some nice memories linking me to IL and I will put thumbs up, but actually I am not so fond of this kind of scents.

    What is my impression then?

    If I would describe weather this scent remids me of – it is hot weather. Very hot. And humid, too. Therefore I could've never wore this scent in late spring/summer/early fall.

    If I would describe what occasion this scent reminds me of – it is night club. Very hot and crowded night club.

    Notes? Sweetness is excessive, but you can feel some herbal (maybe fruit?) notes in there. Reminds me of some Turkish delight in liquid form. Longevity is great, sillage is good if not great.

    I somehow do feel sorry for it's discontinuitment.

    13th October, 2009


    Pasha by Cartier

    Truly a masterpiece of oriental scents! So warm, yet so refreshing and minty!

    As we all know - ladies usually love tales of oriental princes. This fragrance is an oriental prince in the bottle. Much more erotic scent than dozens of uber-masculine aggresive liquids. If you are inviting a lady to a home made dinner – make no mistake, wear Pasha. If you are sure that she will wake up in your appartment – take out all other bottles from your bathroom (she will surely check out what was so good in the air last evening).

    I will always be regretting why, oh why, they never made an EdP version... Projection is gone in an hour, longevity is slightly better, but wait a second! If you do wear for special purposes (as I mentioned before) – it is one of the best frags in the world.

    13th October, 2009


    Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

    Such a nice bottle indeed. However, the fragrance does not impress me. I must say that reminds me strongly of "Diavolo" by Antonio Banderas. This is not quiet nice or exciting reminder in my opinion.

    And the name "Chic" is miles away from this frag, but again - matches bottle perfectly.

    I can not judge longevity or sillage because nothing attracted me to put it on my skin...

    11th August, 2009


    Ungaro III by Ungaro

    Dark and mysterious, but not oriental.

    Floral, but not fresh and boring.

    Elegant, but not that much formal.

    Brilliant, but no doubt.

    p.s. even more hard to define than Antidote.

    03rd August, 2009


    Tokyo by Kenzo

    Now, this was a tough quest - how to judge such a nice scent with such a light appearance? I decided to put thumbs up.

    I can write nothing new regarding ingredients - yes, there are grapefruit, lemon, pepper etc... Tokyo is fresh and slightly spicy, no doubt. I like it. If you do not like this idea - skip it.

    Due to its very (extremely?) light appearance, you have to try it first. Then, you have to try it in different time of the year or different climate.

    So, if you are patient enough, you will realise whether you can wear it or you can not detect it at all?

    02nd June, 2009


    YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration by Yves Saint Laurent

    Dear friends,

    I never ever intended to attract your attention by voting opposite to vast majority anywhere on this site. However, I realised that my review will be the only thumbs down here. Sorry, but I really can not find anything attractive in this scent. Such strong, aggressive, in-your-face lemon smell is far far away from anything desirable. I would even say that is even more grapefruit than lemon due to its bitterness.

    Due to very big respect I have for YSL, I will stop here. Thank you for your understanding.

    Sincerely yours,


    31st May, 2009


    Lacoste (original) by Lacoste

    Game - set - match!

    Everything is just perfect for me here - the name (the simplest as it can be), the bottle (white and green colors, reminding me of tennis court of old times), the scent...

    Yes, I agree - citrusy opening, transforming into clean laundry smell, rich guy aura, lasts forever with nice sillage, perfect for mild to warm weather in all occasions...

    Not for someone looking for "hot" and "naughty" scent, definitely.

    Just one note for the end - I was completely shocked when I realised that this scent is not mentioned at all at the official Lacoste fragrances web page. I just hope that there is no smart guy out there contemplating "out of production" status for this gem.

    31st May, 2009


    Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

    I always had (more) sillage and (less) longevity problems with fragrances. But not with this one. Antidote runs 18+ hrs on my (normal to dry) skin with really strong sillage!

    On the other hand, it is very hard for me to define what this fragrance smells like, but just take a glance on the structure! One of the most complicated descriptions on the whole site...

    Therefore - you have to try. It is kinda oriental, but not so cloying as an oriental can be. I have not "matched" with the notes of Antidote and I am very sorry about this :( but I could wear him (except summer). However, my wife had almost headache being near me... :(((

    In my opinion - neutral, but can be someone's signature very easy, as well as someone's cause of headache (as I already saw...)

    29th May, 2009

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