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Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

This really does smell like fresh orange zest, one of my favorite natural scents. It's older, but I'd say it's too universal and indistinct to call it dated. It's simply a classic. This is as citrus orange as it gets. I hear lots of frags touting their citrus opening, but this stuff can legitimately make that claim. I've also sampled this fragrance's sister, Eau de Guerlain, and must say that this is sharper, more crisp, green, and not so 'household' smelling.

I'd advise you not to blind buy this fragrance because the lack of strength will disappoint some people, and I can see that other reviewers are noticing the same problem. I'm finding myself smelling my shirt all over to find just where I sprayed it. Wear this one only if you'll be close to someone and apply liberally if you want the fresh orange effect, but bring a little decant to reapply. If it wasn't such a damn good, no nonsense, refreshing fragrance I'd give it a thumbs down for it's poor longevity. Thumbs up though.
11th April, 2011

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

I picked up a bottle of Azzaro at the mall for $15 last year. This stuff body slams nearly all other fragrances I've tried in the last few years onto the pavement. I waver on everything else in my growing and already vast collection, but APH always smells fresh, biting, masculine, perfectly sweet and never wimpy. You probably won't get people asking you what you're wearing with this one, since it smells familiar, but people will think you smell amazing and there will be no doubt that you're wearing it because the sillage and longevity are incredible.
As a 29 year old today, I remember my dad wearing this or something very similar back in the early 80's, but who cares? I'm not my father and I've always thought that a cologne can't be penned in by a time period. The sexiest thing I've ever smelled was Chanel no.5 on a young flight attendant on my trip to Europe and yet I've been told by some that it's a "grandma's perfume". To me, it just added vast depth and experience to her physical beauty.
I find that APH smells best in the fall, winter, and spring because something about the chill in the air makes it's freshness come out.
04th September, 2010

Jicky Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Jicky is the front runner in my perpetual search for the ideal personal fragrance. An amazing all around scent, It's as haunting as I imagine life in 1889 to be when the formulation was conceived, and yet it's also bright like early morning sunshine. I've sampled the edt, edp, and a vintage edt from a sealed 1950's bottle.
That vintage liquid is quite different from the modern stuff and to be honest I favored the modern edp of the three, although the two modern concentrations are quite similar to me. I wanted to like the vintage more ( it's absolutely superb in it's own way) which is dirtier, more affecting, and has a sweet and almost edible pastry like drydown that neither of the modern versions have. The modern formulations however are cleaner and more linear from the shimmering citrus start to the soft and melancholy vanilla lavender finish.
I'm a big fan of perfumes that don't give others the impression that you're wearing perfume. Jicky will make you smell as though you just showered with an awesome bar of french soap. It'll bring out your calm and sexy side any time of the day or night. It definitely gives the mystique I yearn for in fragrance and is at once familiar, beguiling, haunting and delicious.
22nd August, 2010
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Mystra by Aesop

I was blown away the first time I smelled a sample!
I remember riding on the back of my Dad's motorcycle in midsummer on hot balmy nights and taking the winding country roads to get places. In the still night air there was a new treat for the nose with each inhalation. Sometimes the road would dip down into the valley where the air cooled significantly. It was in those valleys where the cool shaded air of the hot day spilled out from the creek bed and over the road, giving a brief bone chilling sensation, and an essence identical to that captured by Mystra.
Wicked stuff. 5/5 stars
09th February, 2010

Vetyver / Vétiver by Givenchy

Excellent all around fragrance. I'm somewhat new to being a fragrance connoisseur but after collecting 50 plus samples recently and wearing each one, this is my favorite. I sprayed this on one wrist followed by the Guerlain Vetiver on the other and confirmed what I had remembered, that the Givenchy Vetiver smells much better on me. Green and earthy, luxurious and unpretentious. It doesn't smell like a typical masculine cologne and instead just comes off as an outdoorsy sensation with a bit of woodsy smokiness to it as the top notes transition to the heart. 24 hours later the drydown on fabric is fresh and invigorating. Although I'm picky and thrifty, I'll buy a bottle of this.
30th May, 2009