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L'Art et la Matière : Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

Lovely vanilla fragrance. When I first tried it, I got pure vanilla extract and thought, why would anyone wanna smell like this? I got a brief blast of the lovely fruity/spicy pink peppercorn, but aside from that just pure thick vanilla. After getting a rather large decant, I've been able to give it more wearings and feel out more detail. The opening is rich in benzoin, which I love. Right off the vial it smells eerily like vanilla ice cream. How great is that?! Once you apply it I get that benzoin, the main culprit: vanilla, and a bit of the spicy/fruity pink peppercorn. As it dries down, the benzoin calls it a day. Once benzoin says goodbye, here comes a wee bit of soft florals to keep the vanilla company. This, a long with cedar keeping tabs on everyone. Not a dry or raspy cedar, but a wet and lively cedar. Definitely full bottle worthy! I hope to get it someday. To think I may have dismissed it as pure vanilla extract.
24th October, 2010

Millésime Impérial by Creed

My first Creed! MI, at the moment, its the cleanest and brightest frag I've tried. MI opens with a gorgeously realistic and refreshing citrus accord; not too sweet and almost a bit sour. As the citrus opening fades the aquatic heart takes over. Now, I've never liked aquatics.. ever. I'm still not sure what makes this one different. Regardless, the heart is beautiful and fresh. The base gets pretty interesting because you're left with Ambergris.. which is a pretty warm accord. However it's not thick or overbearing and it really holds the composition together. Definitely my favorite summer scent right now
22nd January, 2010

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

The first time I tried this I was dissuaded at first from the amount of tea I got. I'm just not a big fan, especially of black tea. So I threw the card away, discouraged because the juice and bottle were both oh so appealing. So I gave it another chance and the tea, once again, threw me off but I wanted to try it all the way through.. thank god I did. It's strong at first.. but once it mixes with the heart notes it becomes so beautiful. It's clean and clear, warm and yet refreshing, spicy and a bit woody. Then the drydown.. just wow. The drydown is what made me sample the cologne 4 times. Eventually I gave in and today I bought it without an ounce of regret. Just an all around beautiful scent
01st September, 2009
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Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

Look at that note pyramid! I can't say I can distinguish damn near any of those notes.. but you really can tell that it's a complex fragrance. It's citrusy, woody, spicy, a bit floral, and also powdery. It has everything! The opening reminded me at first of an all natural store selling incense and herbs.. and then right after that I got a glimpse of a dimly lit street at night time. To me, even though it's a light fragrance, has some sort of darkness to it. I wish I could know what it's from.. but it's just there. I'm definitely buying this in the next week or so because it definitely feels like a Fall fragrance.. maybe even winter.
01st September, 2009

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I'm not usually into ginger.. but in L'Homme it just works. It opens rather spicy and a bit sweet and in your face. Once it dries down for awhile though.. then the magic happens. The spices get mellow and the sweetness fades.. then my friend Amber says hello. Then Amber and the subdued spice and subtle sweetness hang out together and become good friends. It's all one big happy party
01st September, 2009

Zegna Colonia by Ermenegildo Zegna

Seeing this at Bon Ton was rather surprising. Since it's a small store they only have the biggest sellers (Polo, Hugo, Curve, etc.). Then I saw this and got all excited because it was something NEW! Something I hadn't heard about.. but I'll just cut to the chase. At first sniff it was pretty interesting. What I got from it was a bright, clean, scent that reminded me of clean clothes and a touch of citrus. It also had a bit of spice or something and gave it a bizarre notion of an almost effervescence. Unfortunately as the scent progressed.. it didn't go anywhere interesting. Pretty much just ended up being sweet and powdery. Not a bad scent but.. just doesn't do anything for me.
29th August, 2009

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

This scent, despite it's excessive popularity, is a pretty good one! It was one of my first colognes and one that I still enjoy. However the top notes are far too brash for my liking. The latter part of the heart and all through the base is where I thouroughly enjoy this frag. I would probably wear it much more if it wasn't for the idea that so many people have it and know it so well.
15th July, 2009

212 Men On Ice (2009) by Carolina Herrera

Wow! This fragrance screams summer. I just tried this today and I adore it. It's fresh, sweet and clean with a hint of spice. It has an effeminate sense about it which isn't all that off-putting, at least for me. The biggest downfall I had is that when I first sprayed it I got a pretty hefty dose of lemon, but when the spice started coming through it kept me interested. I thoroughly enjoy this fragrance and if you're into summery, clean, and fresh I think you'd love this. I have the feeling when it's on the skin it will really warm it up and make it all the more enjoyable
16th June, 2009

Black by Bulgari

For something I was sure I'd like I was quite underwhelmed. I rarely like any cologne's top notes (I'm very finicky) but this was an exception! Very delicate and simple, it was just what I was looking for. Unfortunately nothing else really came about.. it was really disappointing. It didn't go anywhere or do anything surprising it was all really washed out. I'll give it a neutral because it does smell good, but there's no surprises or originality
14th June, 2009

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

I didn't like this one from the get go.. way too sweet for my liking
05th June, 2009

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

This is probably one of my all time favorites! However that's enshadowed by my lack of experience. I may find one that is leagues better than this one but for now I thoroughly enjoy it.
04th June, 2009