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Burberry London by Burberry

I despised this fragrance for the first few times that I tested it.
Now I would say that both London (for women) and Brit are the two fragrance(s) that I automatically reach for everyday use. This is a most curious turn of events as my initial reaction to London was that an 1980's fragrances had hit me on the head. I couldn't make out the various notes,possibly as others have noted blackberries for the top notes,but I am definitely appreciative of the base notes such as sandalwood and musk. I was a child of the '70's and have to tread carefully but not wearing a perfume too young for me or even worse,a sophisicated fragrance such as Shalimar which does not suit my chemistry.
Without sounding like an advert for Burberry (believe me, I am last person to follow a particular house I hope to continue to derive pleasure from Burberry for some time. Marks wAAAAAAAy Up.
23rd August, 2009

Cabochard by Grès

oh Cabochard.... such a let down. I had visions of deep rich leather but on me it started off as a very loud "perfumey"smell,I couldn't detect any notes as such.
It dried down to the strongest smell of henna. Maybe the vintage formulation was far nicer. If anyone wants a full bottle of it i will post it no charge. Ah well....
22nd June, 2009